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I only take three maps at a time. Please, if you see that three maps have already been posted after I said the queue was open, don't post your map. If you do I won't GD or mod it.

  1. NM : closed
  2. GD : closed
  3. M4M : closed and probably won't ever open
  1. i prefer to GD short maps, i probably won't GD maps over 3 minutes because i'm lazy
  2. i will mod any length map
  3. my favorite genres of mapping are anything EDM
  4. if you post when i'm closed i won't give you a mod or GD
  5. i reserve the right to not give someone a mod or GD due to certain reasons (posting when closed, not reading rules, etc.)

if you read this, put this emoji thing at the end of your post. :shock:
[ XSpec ]
NM please, thanks :)
Title: Astral Walker
Artist: Station Earth
Genre: Electronic / DnB
Length: 5:18
Hi, may I request an NM?

Thanks :D

I Hate Smoothie
Chibi Maruko
does anyone read the rules these days
@ethan might be a good idea to put the text outside the box else people will just skip it, doesn't take up that much space
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Jesus H Christ no one reads the rules

Only the first three people who posted get a thorough mod + a star. Rest just get a quick mod and no star. Thanks.

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