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Problem Details: Recently I made a play that beat an older score, and it didn't submit I assume. So, I played it and beat my old score again (though not better than the first), and still didn't get any pp. Is this because I wouldn't have gained any pp vs the first score?

Video or screenshot showing the problem:
(it's in a vod on my stream http://www.twitch.tv/valliuhm, but i think a screenshot will suffice)

osu! version: 20170222.3 (latest)

Kao wrote:

Method 1: Antiviruses or Firewall
  1. Try checking if your antivirus isn't blocking osu! From connecting

Method 2: IP conflicts
  1. Try turning off your router by unplugging it and wait for 5 minutes before turning it on again.

Method 3: Reset adapter
  1. Try disabling ethernet adapter then enable it again

Method 4: DNS Cache
  1. Try clearing DNS
    1. Open up run (Windows logo + R)
    2. Type cmd and press enter
    3. Type ipconfig /flushdns and press enter

Method 5: Try using a VPN
  1. You can try using a VPN like [lucky:1337]Psiphon[/lucky:1337] and see if it works from there
    Just download from the website and open it, after it connects try again.
...It's only with these two plays, I've received pp for plays before and after this. None of these solutions help.
At this point, the plays will never be submitted if they have not already been. What happens if the score is not instantly submitted is that Bancho tries to upload the score for up to 2 hours after the play, at which point it gives up. This process is also interrupted if osu! is closed.

And those scores are not that much better than your original one, so you would not have gained that much pp from it anyways
That's why I made this thread. There's nothing that can be done, even with vods and all? Kind of crazy how that happens.
There is no way to upload a play manually, unfortunately.

Actually, you know what it may have been? There was a change made this year where your top score in the global rank could be different from the score in your top plays if you were using a mod. This way you could get pp from your highest pp play and not be afraid to beat it with a lower pp but higher scores (This happens because of acc). So the top play on Granat is probably actually the highest pp play that you have and if you were to have upload the other two plays, then you would have lost pp
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