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I really need some tips or help. :lol:

So I can play 4k pretty good, Im trying to get s or ss and I got some s's. but when I go to 5k or higher, I really suck and it just overwhelms me. :x

any advice? I really wanna start doing harder maps! :cry:
You can play 4k forever if you want to.
The majority of people don't bother with the higher key modes and stick to 4k only.

Now, if you actually want to play them, go straight to 7k (or higher, you choose) and play it for like a month or two.
By the time you're comfortable playing it, you'll automatically be able play 6k and below.

As for me, I enjoy playing 6k and higher. :D
I'm trying to master 8k atm
If you want to learn to play the other keymodes, stop playing 4k and play whatever the highest key mode you want to play is. So if you eventually want to learn to play 9k, or 10k, start with those.

It's going to feel like a completely new game, and you will struggle a lot. Progress will be slower than 4k. But if you keep playing, you will start getting better at those keymodes.

Don't go back to 4k until you've spent at least 2 or 3 months playing only the high key mode (or even longer if you don't play regularly).

Don't worry about 4k, even if you have a bit of trouble when you go back to playing 4k and other keymodes, you'll very quickly get back to your old skill level, and maybe even get better.
That's because anything higher than 4k actually takes effort to learn :^)
It took me around three days to get used to hitting four keys and around a month and a half to get used to 7. Unfortunately, I'm having to repeat that experience all over again because I'm trying to learn 9k. As the others above me have said, start with the highest keymode you plan to play because it automatically gives you the ability to play the keymodes under it.
Yep. Always easier in the long term to start higher key mode then go to low keys.
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