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i tried stable fallback version and the scores are not being retrevied even when i update back to the stable latest

it wont let me screenshot

osu! version: 20160403.6
Please never use Stable Fallback unless you have to. It is very outdated and is no longer being supported.

Make sure your firewall and antivirus aren't blocking osu! From doing anything and when waiting for a score to submit don't restart or close osu! at all or the score will be completely lost. Make sure you have a clear internet connection and if that doesn't work try using a VPN
thank you for helping but i just waited around 12 hours then it started working again
well it happened again because i thought it was just me messing up the password so i tried the fallback because I'm stupid and it said that bancho needed to check my authenticity before i even logged in so after i did i went right back to the latest and now same problems scores not received, osu direct breaks, and scores don't submit so i don't think its my ip because my brother's osu is working fine so does fallback break osu that much? and if so why hasn't it been removed if it does break it that much?

osu!status wrote:

we seem to be getting hit by some dodgy traffic, working to subside.
score submission is unaffected, it will just take a while to display.

edit: nvm. This was a different issue.
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