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So ive been working on this map all day, only to find when I upload it I'm met with an error saying I'm not the creator of the beat map. My name is in .osu and it is the same as my username. Ive tried multiple fixes involving changing metadata values but nothing has worked. I downloaded the song through megashare as the publisher doesn't charge. not sure if that matters but ive run out of ideas.

Edit: If I go into setup the "creator" box is greyed out but it still has the exact name as my username...

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20170222.3 (latest)
If it doesn't work you should go into editor and open .osu file in notepad, now set in author line everything you want (like random letters or something) and save. Restart osu! go to editor > song setup and in author set your nick. Try to upload map now.
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