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Problem Details:
When I open a replay or try to spectate somebody, it will show the the spinning ring as if it was loading but never does. This also happens on the auto mod. It will then be stuck like this and cannot be closed without the help of the task manager. Because of the nature by which it is closed, the screenshots made using the client are not saved.


The creator of this thread had a similar issue.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:
Screenshot not possible in client
Screenshot in full screen using print screen produces a blank image
Screenshot in windowed possible

osu! version: Stable Fallback

P.S. this is my first forum post please don't kill me
I thought I should say that even without all the processes I was running in the background, I would get the same results.
your osu! version says it's Stable Fallback -- are you actually running on it? If so, please update to latest
I think I can't run it because I have problems with OpenGL but I'll try. Thanks.
It didn't work. It wouldn't even let me switch to Latest.
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