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So there's the pic. I didnt get a single pp for this. I was kinda proud of it but bancho thinks this play has never happened. I can't even export the replay because there isnt one lol. :o:o:o

Video or screenshot showing the problem:


osu! version: 20170222.3 (latest)
If the connection is slow, it can take a while for the play to go through.Just don't close osu! or the play will never be submitted.

Also, check to see if your firewall is blocking osu!
nice people in #osu did suggest staying online until something happens but osu! just crashed on me so there's that.
I don't really care about geting the pp anymore but it still sucks you know. And even if the submission is slow, I should still be able to watch my own replay right? Or idk...
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