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Problem Details:
When I run OSU i could usually run it over 100 fps and have an average of 8 or 7ms input lag. However, If I play different games on my laptop instead of OSU for like about 1 hour, and thne I go back to start playing OSU again. It will have degraded its performance SIGNIFICANTLY. It looks like Im running it through a potato. even though my laptop is pretty beast.

Same problem occurs, If I leave my laptop around and not playing anything for 1+ hours and then start playing OSU. Latency and Frame LAG just becomes unberable

Video or screenshot showing the problem:
When OSU goes to crap:

When OSU is in top performance:

osu! version: 20170222.3 (latest)
Check to see if any applications are running in the background. Typically the input lag is highest outside actual gameplay (loading screens). Try pressing F7 a couple times for unlimited framerate and that a decrease your input lag. Even still, some players are capable even at vsync which is 17ms. Don't worry about it too much :)
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