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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on martes, 23 de mayo de 2017 at 2:22:34

Artist: Dreamcatcher
Title: Chase Me
Tags: minx rock krock k-rock poprock kpop k-pop 지유 수아 시연 한동 유현 다미 가현 Ji-U Su-A SiYeon Handong YooHyun DaMi Gahyeon Happy Face Entertainment pan p_a_n rock
BPM: 200
Filesize: 31417kb
Play Time: 03:06
Difficulties Available:
  1. Easy (1,74 stars, 244 notes)
  2. Extra (5,25 stars, 633 notes)
  3. Hard (3,2 stars, 451 notes)
  4. Insane (4,28 stars, 553 notes)
  5. Nightmare (7,18 stars, 802 notes)
  6. Normal (2,27 stars, 355 notes)
  7. Pantsu's Extreme (6,3 stars, 716 notes)

Download: Dreamcatcher - Chase Me
Download: Dreamcatcher - Chase Me (no video)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
GOOD NIGHT: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/603905
Chase Me: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/586144
Fly high: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/645657
Sleep-walking: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/645655
Lullaby: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/605622
Wake up: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/645662
super speedy fast kpop PogChamp

Artist : 드림캐쳐

tag : 지유 수아 시연 한동 유현 다미 가현 Ji-U Su-A SiYeon Handong YooHyun DaMi Gahyeon Happy Face Entertainment
don't chase me

I didn't even map that part yet, it's just the rhythm.
quickly post here now.

00:02:068 (1) - bad timing for nc. Start at 00:02:668

edit1. What da...
omg is it pantsu real again!?
  1. Don't forget to make your mp3 192kbps, it's currently 320.
  2. Resize your bg? The current dimensions are pretty strange.

  1. 00:26:068 (1,2,1,2,1) - the rhythm choice here could be improved imo, right now there's a click on basically every sound in this part which makes the rhythm seem confusing. I think a nice way to fix that would be to just delete 00:27:118 (2) this note, then the section seems to follow vocals nicely which is what you were following earlier. also has a nice buildup to the jumps coming up soon.
  2. 00:50:518 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) - I have a pretty big problem with this in that the jump pattern should start 00:50:668 (2) here, instead of where you have it currently. Because of this the pattern does not follow the music like someone would expect it to, and is very offputting. I honestly even think a rhythm like this would be better, because at least then the circle spam starts on the more intense vocals. Anyways I highly suggest finding a fix for this, as it does not follow the music.
  3. 01:00:118 (1,2) - same suggestion as earlier, applies to any place in the map you used this kind of rhythm/ patterning (won't mention anymore)
  4. 01:46:768 (3,4,5) - Emphasis on the leadin to the first chorus was much better here, I would nerf the spacing between 3 > 4 because currently 5 isn't getting the power it deserves.
  5. 02:34:318 (4,5,6) - Don't think this wide angle fits very well, you haven't used any super wide angles like this before so it seems pretty out of place.

  1. 00:50:518 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) - Same as Natsu's diff. Also your current increasing spacing pattern implies that there's an increase in intensity throughout this section... but there's really not. Seems unwarranted to me.
  2. 01:00:118 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) - Again, will stop repeating myself
  3. 01:38:068 (1,2) - Why the sudden use of red node sliders? Doesn't look so nice, I would just use the ones you've been using.
  4. 01:52:918 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) - The type of patterning you were using earlier (though I complained about it as well) is completely different than how you patterned here. Earlier it was increasing spacing, here it's just wild star jumps. Try to be consistent with you you use patterning to express the same sounds.
  5. 02:13:543 - There's no sound here and overmapping it doesn't add anything to this section so I just reccomend deleting the note.
  6. 02:30:268 (4) - Why skip over the kicks here? I reccomend just using a 1/2 slider for the lyrics like you do in the next combo and trying to incorporate the drums more here.
  7. 02:50:518 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) - Back to the increasing spacing thing here xD

Pretty nice as usual, I just really disagree with the thing at 50 seconds. Other than that I like the set so far, good luck.
M4M from your Q


MA says: "Unused hitsounds: drum-sliderslide.wav"


Check AImod, there is insnapped end of slider on 02:49:018 (2) -
Turn off widescreen support?

00:14:368 (1,4) - Stack?
00:18:868 (1) - Strange slider imo, too curved
00:23:668 (1,2) - Nazi They are not on the same straight line https://puu.sh/vdR1K/f2321767fb.jpg
00:24:868 (3,4) - ^
00:32:068 (1,5) - Stack?
00:49:018 (3) - I would turn it into 1/2 slider and circle, that's better rhythm imo
00:52:018 (4,5,6,7) - I would recommend this rhythm https://puu.sh/vdRuu/6dcc2c7e8e.jpg
^ both of these suggestions for all kiai parts
02:38:668 (1) - I think 1 circle would fir here better


00:06:568 (1) - Don't feel like placing slider here really, maybe just put tap on 00:06:868 - and stack it with 00:07:018 (2) - ?
00:14:368 (1,2,3) - Inconsistent spacing here feels strange
00:28:468 (1,2) - There are 2 not similar parts in music, why map them similar? It is Hard, you can replace 2nd slider by two circles, it will fit better I believe
00:35:068 (1) - Ctrl G for flow?
00:56:518 (1) - 1/2 slider would fit better here
02:19:168 (1) - Remove nc?
02:19:918 (2,3,4,5,2,3,4) - I think you should map beats here, not vocal
02:38:668 (1) - Same as in Normal


Check AImod
Turn off Widescreen Support

00:11:068 (4) - Feels like 2 circles
00:45:418 (2,1) - Fix blanket
00:52:768 (3) - You can emphasize vocal by placing 3 circles, this slider is really strange though
02:11:518 (5) - 2 circles
02:19:918 (2,3,4,5,2,3,4) - Again, you better follow actual beats here

Extra; Pantsu's Extreme:

Check AImod
Turn off Widescreen Support

Cant mod high diffs or they are perfect ;)

Interesting song, GL!
Hi. Here for M4M from your queue. This is a high quality mapset and most of these suggestions are too subjective to really matter, but I hope this helps!


Unused hitsounds: drum-sliderslide.wav


02:49:018 (2) – Slider end not snapped

00:18:868 (1) – I prefer less curvy sliders like: http://puu.sh/vebUx/380495d124.png

00:29:668 (1,2,3,4) – Maybe just for my sake, what are the advantages of the current structure compared to a more triangular one like: http://puu.sh/vebZG/40012cf119.png

01:56:518 (3,5) – get these guys to blanket?

02:11:068 (3,2) – give a little more space?

02:26:068 – You're clearly going with the vocals, so it feels odd that the really strong note here isn't clickable. My best suggestion if you need one is to change the reverse to a ½ slider and make this a circle.


01:12:268 (1,1) – stack looks odd

02:09:868 (1,1) – Try giving these more distance. The visual spacing kind of makes it look like a ½ rhythm, so try making the visual spacing be the same as the visual spacing at 02:14:668 (1,1) -

02:19:468 (1,3) – These are very close. Try moving (1) to 337, 279 and then moving 02:18:118 (1,2,1) – down and to the left to compensate.

03:07:168 – end the (1) slider here


00:16:468 (3) – unsnapped slider end
02:47:218 (2) - ^

00:26:068 (1,1) – The first slider head is close to the other slider which looks a bit odd. Consider a rotation: http://puu.sh/ve5Xb/4a73b1405f.png

00:29:518 (1,2,3,1) – It's possible to weaken the DS to give a calmer introduction to the new rhythm by reposition ing stacking – http://puu.sh/ve67Y/a797cff1a5.png

01:20:218 (2,1) – This really read as a 1/1 gap to go with that strong drum on (2). If you want to pick up that white tick, try making a ½ reverse slider where (2) is.

02:02:518 (1,2,3) – The melody's note on (2) isn't all that strong. Since you go with the vocals a lot, I think it'd be nice to weaken the DS into (2), which can be done with a blanket like: http://puu.sh/ve6y8/b22be9d364.jpg

02:04:468 (3) – Consider moving to ~116, 296 since this played a bit as a ½ jump. I think more DS can't hurt.

02:13:618 (5) – This note doesn't feel that strong to me. Consider moving up to weaken the DS. (Try 256, 248)

03:05:068 (1,2) - I realize that having this be a copy paste of similar sliders is good aesthetically. However, the flow into (1) feels uncomfortable for an unclear reason, so a rotation like this would play better imo.
03:02:668 (1,2) – similar issue of flow between these guys, and you can make it so that there is a rotation theme among these sliders, like, every one is a 30 degree rotation from the previous one


02:49:618 (1) – unsnapped slider end

00:30:868 (3) – this seems like a much stronger note than 00:30:568 (2) - , so I wish that had the high DS into it and not (2).
01:35:368 (2,3) – similar

01:16:768 (1,2,3,1,2,3) – Maybe I'm a bit biased coming from Insane since it worked better there, but I liked how 00:14:968 (1,2,3,1,2,3) – were the same direction. Forcing that repetition gave this sound a very distinct feel, and not being consistent here kind of disrupts that feeling. I realize that's inconvenient because you'd have to rework things, but I think it's possible and it will make this nicer.

01:39:868 (1,2,3,4) – This felt a bit too strong. Consider stacking (1) on 01:38:968 (2) - .

01:28:768 (1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,1) – Compare this to 01:22:168 (1,2,3,4,5) - . They both use the same flow, but one of them is much stronger than the other, making these two parts feel different in the music. I know they are following the same style of rhythm, but the parts feel different enough to me that I wish the flow were in some way more distinct to contrast the two intensities of these parts.

02:48:718 (3,1) – This is a tough transition mentally from drum to vocals because the drum really wants to rest after it's intense section making the ½ rhythm feel a bit much. I can't find a great way around it, but it might be nice to stack (1,2) to keep it somewhat restful: http://puu.sh/ve7Xp/7c65dd3dcc.jpg

[Pantsu's Extreme]

I'm glad you used large spacing since I like maps like where that is the main form of engagement.

00:00:268 (1,2) – this jump is large enough to not work well with the low SV and the following low spacing at (2,3,4). Try moving (1) to 80, 80.

00:29:518 (1,2,3,1,2,3,4,1,1,2,3,1,2,3,4,1,1,2,3,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4) – This part felt boring since we differ on opinion on where the engagement of the song is. Because 00:27:868 (1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1) – is so so more intense in the map, the following weak DS section feels very very calm. It feels like you're baiting me with fun to play jumps, raising my expectation, than making me sit through a Hard until the fun comes back. It seems like you feel 00:29:518 (1) – etc is weaker in the music, but I actually feel the opposite in that this part is stronger. Possible alterations could be to do what you did at 01:32:668 (1,2) – since this is much more engaging spacing and still fits your intentions, and/or you could also weaken the jumps at 00:27:868 (1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1) –

02:53:818 (1,2,3,1) – Make the spacing between these guys bigger. It feels a bit too calm of a spacing for the last intense kiai of the song. Stronger finishes in the map feel better to me.
02:55:018 (3,1,2,1) - ^
02:56:218 (1,2,3) - ^ (particularly into that (3) note since it is quite strong)


00:23:668 (1) – petition peppy to make these small sliders more circular instead of polygonal.

00:29:518 (1) – see what I said in Pantsu's diff about this since that also applies

00:57:868 (1,2) – I was kind of upset by how low the DS feels between these. These are strong notes that I think could be emphasized more. I understand why you chose this DS, but idk, I think the player won't be upset by big ¼ spacing.

01:01:318 (1,3) – blanket could be better if you care

01:21:118 (3) – Similar issue as Insane. This syncopated drum note makes the DS/emphasis feel awkward since you do follow this drum track in the section before it. Consider going with that track of the music more. One possible thing: http://puu.sh/vea3b/1732d89a9f.png

01:23:668 (1,3) – consider moving (3) to stack on (1)'s head instead

01:29:968 (4,1) – consider moving (1)'s head to stack on (4) since (1) is a strong note and should not be emphasized in a weaker way than (5).

01:35:668 (3,1) – If it's possible to give these a tiny bit more space between them then please do.

01:56:518 (1) – ctrl + G. Changing to counterclockwise flow here will contrast with 01:55:468 (5,1) – which emphasizes this strong downbeat in a nice way. You may have to readjust the following pattern and do another ctrl G at like 01:57:118 (1) - , but you should at least experiment with that.

Good luck!
offset could be +8, I felt the current offset is generally off a bit during a testplay on highest difficulty. I know it's a high od but I still can play high od maps so not a just saying lol. you would be nice to ask someone else to make sure if the offset is actually correct though.
00:13:768 (9) - would do a ctrl+h because in the case you don't need to map the part with an anti-flow slider.
00:17:368 (2) - you could pick a farther distance here as this could look like a 1/1 jump and ehh. I don't say this is hard to sightread, though having a spacing gap between 1/1s and 1/2s should be much more interesting to play. just slight change can work well.
00:45:425 (2,3) - I disagree with this distance, the flow suddenly goes opposite circular movement here and this spacing is too much for this which makes it playing bad. I would map a equal triangle with 00:45:275 (1,2,3) - since 00:44:825 (1,2,3) - is it, this could be much reasonable pattern in playing. or you still could keep the vocal emphasis like you did at 00:44:075 (1,2,3) - but the distence between 2 and 3 is still too much as is.
00:50:518 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) - I don't care too much but this plays really hard compared to patterns around here, I mean this is kinda overdone in the first kiai, shouldn't be easier? also ncs every 2 circle is pretty for this lol.
01:19:768 (1,2) - I think it's the same problem with 00:17:368 (2) - I feel this map is having no 1/2 and 1/1 distance gaps overall, though you can improve them easily since there's not much of 1/2 blanks. moving them to the upper top isn't messing the flow while the distance makes more sense imo.
01:27:118 (1,2) - I don't see the reason to not swap the newcombo as this is a jump onto (2), and new phrase is at 01:27:268 - so why not. although I don't know korean so might be wrong the phrase part ^_^
01:29:518 (1,2) - same here.
02:15:868 (6,1) - as I said several times this looks pretty much like a 1/2.
02:26:368 (7) - stack on 02:25:618 (3) - because the flow is questionable to me. the distance between 02:26:368 (7,8) - suddenly got closer even though the music doesn't change really much, at least to affect the spacing hugely. also this would be a repeat of 02:25:618 (3,4) - so would be fitting here more.
02:38:668 (1,2) - eh, what, this is like I'm not going for the break! and there actually is a break after. probably extend 02:38:068 (1) - to 2/1 and insert the break to fit with vocals, or you should map the rest. this is strange o_o. https://puu.sh/vedlK/95555e6e95.png same goes for the all difficulties btw.
03:02:518 (4,5,1) - I would say no, this should be stacked or downward triplet here. this is too uncomfy for actual play wise because for noobs like me it's almost impossible to stop the aim slightly to fit the cursor to the triplet okay.
03:07:018 - snap the sliderend at here because the guitar actually stops playing, I don't think you had to follow the echo.
add the tag pantzu
00:35:068 (1,2) - larger spacing can express the vocals going a bit higher pitch here.
01:01:618 (2) - I would just do a 1/2 slider and then a circle at 01:01:918 - since 1/2 reverses are usually odd in playing, and it's the case that the reverse slider doesn't work best as 01:02:068 (1,2) - is a circle jump. https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/7776945
02:09:868 (1) - why a single nc here lol.
03:06:268 (1) - same as the highest diff.
00:38:068 (1) - I don't know but this isn't the best to differentiate the sound between 00:37:468 (1,2,3,4) - and 00:38:068 (1) - I would just place it at next to 00:37:468 (1,3) - which looks cool. https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/7777029 adjusting the pattern after the slider doesn't take much so worth a try at least.
00:51:268 (4,6) - why would just you overlap them instead of a stack lol.
02:49:618 (1) - sliderend is unsnapped (while this would be pointed out already)
03:04:918 (3) - it's completely my preference but this could be one more cross jump, which means stacking it on 03:04:168 (2) - is a great idea as it suits to your mapping well.
01:07:318 (4,5,1) - could give a try a spaced triplet here. the drums are stronger in comparison, and the distance of patterns around isn't high so not that hard to play it. probably around x1.0 would work nice. http://osu.ppy.sh/ss/777711
01:35:968 (4) - I'd like to put this next to 01:35:668 (3) - as I thought this would be something repetitive pattern of 01:35:068 (1,2) - and you still can place 01:36:718 (1) - where is suitable with the flow.
02:47:743 (2) - this is overmapped if I listened to music properly. there's the drum roll over the beat but I don't hear any particular drum sound at the blue tick. therefore only 1/4 reverse slider is enough to catch the drum roll and no complain in play.
00:49:318 (2) - um, isn't a 1/1 enough to follow the vocal and a circle at 00:49:768 -? ignoring the vocal at 00:49:618 - isn't the smartest choice.
03:02:593 - since the triplet sound is really loud I'd say a triplet here. this is the last part of the song/map, and you literally haven't used any circle triplet in the difficulty so it's good for spike. or you would rather care of consistency then a slider triplet is cool here.
uh, I know there'll be an easy difficulty though it still seems the slider verocity is too high. as bpm is also high people would be having a hard time to sight read those slider moves. also you should consider to add a spinner since never able to take the #1 on ranking once somebody did a full mod SS.
00:32:068 (1,2,3) - I would map a equal triangle here because this currently looks a bit ugly.
00:45:718 - take the vocal here, you did it on 00:44:518 (3) - but this. a circle or 1/2 both could work nice here.
01:32:668 (3) - isn't this like bottom left of 01:32:368 (2) - at least I felt it should be to fit the song better. also this could do a blanket with 01:33:268 (4) - so why not.
02:49:018 (2) - unsnapping.

lool after 4 years I still mod your map :thinking:
■ 00:28:468 (1,2,3,4) - Personally feel like the intro isnt too suited for fullscreen jumps, as most of the other jumps are rather tame as well. Drums yes, but maaaaybe not as much. This way it'd be easier to see that the buildups and kiais are stronger, etc.
If you did the above, you might also want to change these

■ 01:39:868 (1,2,3,4) - Similar as above, less spacing wouldnt hurt.

■ 00:59:968 (3,1,2) - I'd prefer if the beginning of the jump section would sit on 01:00:118 (1,2) - or 01:00:268 (2) - as 2 has the dominant beat on it. 00:59:968 (3,1) - doesnt feel like it should be one. Idk if you do these things, but either a Kickslider or Triplet on 01:00:118 (1) - would work.
If you did the above, you might also want to change these

■ 02:02:518 (1,2) - Not as much of a problem here, but if you changed the previous one to have the jump on 2, you'd probably want to do it here as well.
■ 02:50:518 (1,2) - Same here, except that 2 is alot stronger than 1. Idk how to deal with the previous combo though. It feels like 1 should be more clear that it's a part of the Slidercombo, but that'd kill symmetry and shit.

■ 01:52:918 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) - Having this like 00:50:518 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) - would be much better I feel like. Jumps like that are rather uncommon and I feel like they're easier to read/play if they're not stacked. At least that's how I feel on https://osu.ppy.sh/b/431957 's 01:38:359 (1,2,3,4,1,2,1,2,3,4,1,2) - .
■ 02:34:318 (4,5,6) - Angle is extremely tough here for a buildup, might want to sharpen it a bit
■ 01:14:068 (1,2) - 01:18:268 (3,4) - The spacing on these kinda buggs me. I'd prefer if they had spacing like 01:20:668 (1,2) - since theyre effectively the same thing ()
■ 01:20:668 (1) - Has its beat on the red tick before the current Sliderend.
■ 02:25:318 (1,2,3,1,2,3) - I feel like this is too cluttered so I tried a bit; How'd the following be? Having a directional change on the vocal change suits too.

Idk man, I didnt note it since it's kinda consistent, but having a jump combo start on the beat before it actually starts in the song triggers me. Both Nightmare and Pantsu D:

■ 00:28:168 (2,3,1,2,3,4) - 01:39:868 (1,2,3,4,1) - If you changed the jumps in the others diffs, you might also want to lower the spacing here a bit. Otherwise ignore.
■ 00:49:018 (1,1) - Spread these two just a tiny bit so that they dont touch :<

Both, Extra and Insane are generally not my style, but they're pretty consistently styled in pair with the other Extras. Good job!

■ 00:01:318 (3) - Rhythm's pretty odd here. Technically the Slider works like that, but I'd prefer something like the following for easier .... uh, less confusion? Idk.

■ 00:18:268 (2) - I feel like this is more of a general problem with how the NCs are set, but I feel like this one should have the NC on the Slider so that there's a visual difference on the stack (since 00:17:968 (1) - is part of 00:17:068 (1,2,1) - as a combo). Otherwise newish people might confuse it with things like 00:38:668 (1,2) - .
-> Alternatively, place it like 01:12:268 (1,1) - .
■ 00:33:568 (4) - Move this one just a tiny bit away to avoid the touch as well? :<
■ 00:49:018 (3) - I feel like there shouldnt be a repeat on this one, the beat is too strong to have a Sliderend there. Maybe you can fiddle around and place a Circle on 00:49:318 -
If you did the above, you might also want to change these

■ 01:51:418 (3) -

Not so up-to-date with the rules, but Normal is quite clicky and fast, you might want to include a simplistic Easy in the set, too.
Hi, M4M

00:15:418 - i know you represent the vocals with the reverse sliders here but before you mapped this kind of sound, and since this sound is really strong it feels weird not to map it

00:16:168 (4,1) - im not a fan of this object placement in easier diffs. especially on reverse sliders the player follows the flow of the slider pretty accurately, and as you can see the slider tends in a very different direction than the next object. so this movement from the slider to 00:17:068 (1) - is really awkward for newbs

00:26:068 (1) - this slider has basically no sound on the slidertail but at the following slidertails 00:26:668 (2,3) - there is a sound on the tail. so this rhythm is inappropriate imo because you use same objects for different things, just a circle on 00:26:068 - would work i guess

00:29:668 (1,5) - can u manage to stack this? it would look more structured

according to 00:44:518 - you'd have to map 00:45:718 - aswell since they are pretty much the same.
01:48:118 - same here of course

00:52:318 (5,6) - i'd nerf this angle a tiny bit so the (5) rather points to (6)
02:09:568 (6,7) - would do the same here, i can just imagine but im pretty sure (especially for the fast 1/2 sliders here) that this is hard movement for new players and less straightforward

01:36:268 (5,1,2) - although theres a 2/1 gap, i think this "back and forth" movement is awkward for newer players

02:26:068 - this is pretty heavy emphasized vocal if you ask me, it is kinda wasted to just map a sliderend on it, sliderhead would justify it more

02:53:368 (2,3) - let the slider point more to the circle for more straightforward(-ness? lol)

is it possible to do a spinner anywhere? i know a non-spinner diff (especially low diff) isnt recommended
00:32:968 (2,4) - this is almost overlapping, think its aesthetically better if you make more space between them, kinda you did for 00:32:668 (1,3) - but maybe even a bit more for both, since you dont use this close object placing before.

00:33:568 (4,1) - little unintended overlap

00:44:668 (3,4,1) - this would flow better if you place 00:45:268 (1) - on the opposite site from 00:45:118 (4) - and ctrl + h like this http://puu.sh/venRn/db7588ea50.jpg

01:02:068 (3) - remove the reverse and place circle on 01:02:368 - since both white ticks have same emphasis in the music its kinda weird that you make the first clickable and the second not. and since theres no vocal and just music (unlike 01:01:618 (2) - ) i tihnk you should make this emphasis-wise the same

02:27:718 (1) - this NC is enough to indicate the rhythm change imo, 02:28:018 (1,1,1) - look pretty unneccessary. i'd say the same on similar spots. its just.. it makes no sense to me to NC every object although they represent the same thing, at least for lower diffs i tihnk this should apply but i guess its fine because you can argue against that xD
00:26:668 (1,1) - fix stack

00:59:818 (2,1) - has bigger ds than 01:00:118 (1,2) - although 01:00:268 (2) - is the most emphasized sound
01:00:568 (3,4,5) - same ds emphasize issue here, 01:00:868 (4) - is stronger than 01:01:018 (5) - but the sldier has bigger emphasis in spacing, i dont know if you care about that but i thought im gonna mention that

01:06:118 (3) - move this up until the sldierend lines up with 01:05:818 (1,2) - (in first place because of the ds emphasis again)

01:21:568 (2) - the sliderhead has basically no sound so it doesnt really represent anything in the music, i think you wanted to represent the vocal that is noticeably delayed so yea.. idk really. just something i noticed

02:04:018 (2,3) - in the first kiai this wasnt a problem because the 1/2 spacing was less, but here you have the same or even a higher visual spacing for the 1/1 gap, so i would just make the visual spacing a bit clearer that this is 1/1

02:14:368 (2,1) - i dont know if you should stack this aswell, i mean you did this stack always at "chase me!!!!" so i would just keep it only for that to be consistent

02:19:918 (2,3) - the rhythm works here but as the vocal disappears for 02:20:818 (5) - it doesnt work anymore imo. 02:20:518 - has only a really weak vocal compared to the other vocals that feel way stronger. id suggest to make 02:20:218 (3) - a reverse slider and a circle on 02:20:668 - . i think this rhythm represents the music better

02:33:868 (1,2,3) - this feels very sudden because it comes pretty much out of nowhere after the slow part, to make the transition a bit more pleasant i'd reduce the spacing for a fair amount
01:22:468 (3) - make this straight on vertical axis aswell maybe?

01:39:868 (1,2,3,4) - i dont think the music calls here for such a huge spacing, i mean it has kinda the same spacing like in the kiai but the music isnt that intense here. especially because you use a low spacing for 01:38:668 (1,2,3,4) - before

01:43:468 (3) - i dont know if you can manage to do this but it would be cool if you make this sldier ctrl + g, it just fits better for the vocal because the vocal isnt exactly the same (the objects are the exact same curretnly) but they are really similar and just slightly different, so this would work pretty well imo :D

according to this huge spacing 02:34:168 (2,3,4,5,1,2) - here, this 02:35:368 (3,1,2,3,4,5,1) - feels very low although the sounds stay the same, there are just vocals added. i think both links i mentioned should be somewhat the same in intensity - because of the sound that stays the same
im really bad at modding high difficulties as you probably noticed in my extra mod xD so i just give my impressions as a player

00:23:668 (1,2,3,1,2,3) - i love this so much

00:28:468 (1,2,3,4) - the continuous horizontal jumps are really awkward by the time, the music indeed calls for a change at 00:28:468 (1) - so maybe represent this with a different jump pattern/placement that is more vertical? i tihnk it would fit pretty well here

00:50:368 (3,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) - you are so evil, no matter how oft i try i cant hit those xD

01:00:118 (1,2,3) - i dont think a large spacing fits very well because you have only the sounds (that are not really special), with the beginning of the vocal spam for 01:00:568 (4,5,6,7,8) - a large spacing fits well. currently both are mapped the same but imo it is important to make a difference here because the vocals are different
the same idea applies of course at similar spots

02:34:318 (4,5,6) - this wide angle jump comes pretty much out of nowhere, you dont use them here in the jump pattern at all (and not on similar spots with teh same build up aswell). you usually use sharp angles so i would try to avoid this wide angle

really fun diff, i enjoy playing it! :) well done

Ok, thats it for me, I hope i was helpful :)
good luck further progress!!
Yo, M4M thing.

- 03:07:018 - Ending the final slider on this beat seems to feel better to me (so it doesn't end after all the sound is gone). Also the Hard diff has this final slider at an inconsistent length for some reason.

- 00:45:718 - 01:48:118 - I feel placing a beat here would be appropriate since you had already mapped 00:44:518 (3) too.
- 01:03:568 (3) - Making this a 1/2 slider would follow the vocals more closely and also add some tension to circle 4 to emphasise it better in my opinion. This combo being the only one in the kiai that's full 1/1 for some reason feels underwhelming.
- 02:02:668 (1) - Head seems to be missing hitsounds.
- 02:26:068 - I would make this an active beat to emphasise the louder vocals better.
- 02:30:568 - The 2/1 gaps feels out of place since it's the only one in this section of the music. I would continue mapping this by maping 3 a 1/1 slider or 1/2 reverse.
- 02:36:118 - Active beat thing again if you wanted.

- 00:13:768 (5) - 01:16:168 (5) - I would put this lower down or move 1-2-3-4 higher up so the pattern lines up better.
- 00:49:318 (2) - 01:51:718 (2) - I'm not to fond of missing the vocal beat on the red tick personally. I would shorten the slider to be 1/1 then place a circle on the red tick immediately afterwards.

- 00:26:068 (1,1,1) - I'm not sure about making these 3/2. The first slider I understand follows the held vocals, but the vocals stop at about the blue tick at 00:26:443 so it feels like this is extended for too long, plus the next vocal beat is on the red tick where the slider tail is, which I feel is more appropriate to an active beat. The other second slider misses a distinct sounds on the white tick 00:26:968 and the third slider has the same issue as the first one with the vocal sound not being as long as the slider.
This applies to some higher diffs too I guess.
- 00:36:268 (1,2,3,4) - This kinda feels too repetitive compared to the previous combo. Maybe make it so circular flow goes in the opposite direction starting on 1?
- 01:33:268 (3) - A Ctrl+G might work so it keeps with the theme of opposing sliders through this section like at 01:32:668 (1,2).
- 01:35:968 (4) - Similar thing here if you wanted, though this will be a little more complicated to change.
- 03:04:768 (2,1) - It probably doesn't matter too much because of leniency but the implied flow looks uncomfortable here to me.

- 00:44:818 (1) - 01:47:218 (1) - I don't think a single note combo is necessary here since nothing is being highlighted.
- 02:53:368 (2) - Minor thing, the blanketing around 02:53:968 (2) could look neater.

Pantsu's Extreme
- 00:26:068 - Same thing as mentioned in the Insane.
- 00:35:668 (3,4) - This seems inconsistent with the previous combos since at 00:30:868 (3,4) and 00:33:268 (3,4) the final two sliders aren't arranged as a repeat to 1-2, while this does which seems out of place.
- 00:44:668 - The NC should be here I believe. Either that or 01:47:068 (1) - is inconsistent.
- 01:45:868 (1) - 01:47:068 (1) - Are these missing finishes?
- 02:03:718 - 01:01:318 - These parts are mapped differently despite the song being the same, whether or not that was intentional or not.
- 02:04:168 (3) - If you keep the second combo then I would recommend moving this further to the left since the right angle between 1-2-3 seems out of place for this section.

- 00:33:268 (3) - A Ctrl+G on this would give the opposing sliders feel like at 00:32:068 (2,3) and the angle would add more emphasis on this beat.
- 01:27:868 (1,2,3,1,2) - I would continue expanding the pentagon pattern especially since these beats are more significant than the last combo.
- 01:35:068 - 01:38:668 - The compressed sliders feel kind of out of place since they weren't used at all at 00:32:668 so you could use them in the previous section if you wanted.
- 02:10:768 (4) - I would try to make it so this either has larger spacing between 3-4 or break the circular flow here to emphasise the louder vocal sound better.
- 02:36:268 (6,1) - Reducing the spacing all the way seems kind of underwhelming since slider 1 is still a significant beat to me.

Personally I think offset sounds fine to me.

Good luck.
I would've modded, but I just shot a star instead bc u probably wouldn't have found my mod useful lmao
nice !!
where Euny?
Yo, as requested.

  1. Just make sure you don't forget this kinda stuff when you move it to pendings.
  2. Modding Assistant detects an unsnapped object on Normal/Insane/Extra. Might wanna check that.

  1. 00:29:968 (2,3,4,5) - compare it with 00:34:768 (2,3,4) - and try to polish the first one? I am sure that in this case it is quite noticeably off.
  2. 00:49:018 (3) - at this BPM these sliders might get a bit confusing when they are this short. Keep 1/2 sliders straight for readability purposes?
    Note: 00:51:268 (2,4) - or make sure that their sliderpath is visible just like it is here.
  3. 01:22:168 (1,3,4) - minor - try to keep this kinda stuff parallel, not just 2 out of 3 sliders but the whole combo, they follow the same part of the song, after all.
    Note: this applies to some similar patterns, it would an extra layer of visual consistency, which is nice.
  4. 02:33:868 (1,3) - minor - try unstacking to make things more readable. At this BPM everything else is big enough of a challenge.

    Pretty cool, yeah.

  1. 00:26:068 (1,2,3) - according to the way you space things (2) is the strongest beat, being approx. 2 times stronger than (3). That's not really so, I believe. Let's try to even the spacing? example
  2. 00:52:768 (2) - being pretty much the only slider of that kind in this part it feld out of context.
  3. 02:28:018 (1,1,1) - a single new combo would be enough to indicate the speed progression.
  4. 02:35:818 (2,3,1) - spacing is visually uneven. It happens when you space things according to DS but there is a velocity change. Space it further, as to avoid misleading placement?

    I like this one.

  1. 00:02:068 (1,2,3) - 00:03:868 (1,2,1) - what spacing implies is that 00:03:118 (3) - 00:05:068 (1) - are weaker beats (since they are given less emphasis).
    Note: 00:18:868 (1,2,1) - same will continue later on. The best way to solve that is to space the last of the three objects further, so it would get more spacing emphasis.
  2. 01:30:568 (1,1,1) - just as it goes on Hard, you don't really need a new combo for every individual velocity change, just one would be enough.
  3. 02:49:318 (1,1,1,1) - yeeeeeeah ♥

    Looks cool.


  • It's pretty nice, actually. the only thing I'd mention is the comboing, just like it goes for Insane and the other difficulties, you know.

[Pantsu's Extra]
  1. 00:56:218 (4,1) - can i have a kudosu for complaining on sliders not being parallel?

    Same thing about combos I have already mentioned here and on the hardest difficulty. Otherwise, it's all cool.
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