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we all know that the much hyped nintendo switch came out recently
now i myself personally am quite unhappy with the switch though, and here is why:

1. the console`s accessories and games are reallllllyyyy expensive.

the $300 price tag isn`t much yet, but it only has the joycons, the console and the dock (and few irrelevant accessories)
so, you probably are going to need at least some games, which easily adds $100 dollars, and while that still may still not be too expensive, the real costs come in with the spare/other accessories. the pro controller is $70, a joycon pair is $80, a dock is $90 etc.
the big issue here is how pricy all the accessories are, considering what they really are. (the dock is nothing more but big plastic box with tiny little chip inside)
so, that`s just one thing that really gets me away from this console.

2. console defects and how nintendo handles them.

now this is my main issue with the console.
i honestly expected the switch to possibly have a defect or two in the launch, because just launched consoles pretty much always has some problemos.
but instead, the switch has probably more known launch issues than most of the other consoles, with the left joycon issue being the most common.
other issues of it are consoles failing to read cartridges, the screen flickering or glitching, and so on.
and then we have the badly designed dock and some consoles having dead pixels right off the bat.

3. uninteresting game library (TO ME)

this is more of a personal issue, and the final reason why i won`t get the switch
if the game library was more interesting, i prob would ignore the issues above and actually get a nintendo switch.
and why do i think the game library is uninteresting? simple.
quite a lot of the launch games are just ports/rereleases of other games, and most of them are not interesting to me.
and of course, the original titles doesn`t interest me much either, and titles like 1-2-switch really should`ve been demogame that comes with the console like wii sports.

well, thats all

kthxbai lul
I agree with this so much.
Nintendo thinks all of us are rich pieces of shit smh
PS4 still the best :D
But, Zelda
Nice bumps, dood.

To be honest and fair: The switch isn't perfect, but no console was that at the begin or ever was. I hope they fix the weird sync problems of the joycons in the next months. And you may or may not complain about the offer of games but if you're really bothered by it, then you shouldn't buy it yet. There will be good games and it will be a good compensation for the Wii U.

Anything like hardware issues, scratches on the screen or the poor material quality didn't happen to me, maybe also because I know how to take care for my devices and not let a dog walk over the screen.
I don't really care about Zelda and all but I have a friend who owns one and we had a sleepover with around almost 12 people in the house. We spent 3 hours playing the party games that came with the Switch while drinking alcohol. It was really fun, to be honest.
I'm not a fan of Nintendo anymore, honestly. They've just gone downhill.
Still a Sony girl.
i was hoping after the wiiU disaster nintendo will release a console with some nice/upgraded specs.
and then they release the switch with a mobile NVIDIA processor.
I can't agree more about the uninteresting game library, even though I'm a massive Nintendo fan.
but i'm definitely not buying a switch just for a minigame game, a port of a wii u game and zelda (i have yet to finish Spirit Tracks), especially because Nintendo games, accessories and Amiibos are expensive as shit in Denmark

i'll wait until Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2 gets released, then i'll consider getting the Switch
If the console would have the ProController boxed instead of the joycons the console would be nice.
I mean, we have this video to showcase the flaws of the Switch:

YouTube embedding is broken so I have to post a hyperlink instead

And "Uninteresting game library"? Well, yes, counting 1-2 Switch in that category is valid, Super Bomberman R less so, Just Dance a little 50/50...

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has gotten some rave reviews though. Definitely worth the pickup.

The one game that should go to hell, though? ****ing Shitlanders. I give it the middle finger every day.
Nintendo switch is a bit small for a controller :/
most people dislikes nintendo switch anyway
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