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When I am opening :?::( .rar files like MSI Afterburner it always opens with osu! and it's been bugging me for the past few weeks especially when i'm working on a project or video for my friends so it always slows me down when i'm trying to do those things. Please help me out on this.

osu! version: 20170222.3 (latest)
What the- How did this even happen in the first place? This sounds like more of a problem on the side of Windows. You gotta change the default application in order to solve this. Right click on a .rar file > Open with > Choose another application. Select in the list the program you want to use to open .rar files and check below Always use this application. This should solve your problem. The steps to follow might not be the same depending on your version of Windows. Hopefully this should help.
Thanks for replying I tried it I don't necessarily wan't to open it with anything I am trying to download something not open it with another app I tried resetting it to the default but i can't seem to find out why and it still also opens with Osu. Thanks for the answer. Windows is definetely the problem it set it to a default app once I downloaded Osu! It has also been affecting some other games I try to download.
You will need to open .rar files to access their content, as they are archive. osu! isn't supposed to open .rar files (osu! doesn't even support extracting skins/maps that are in .rar archives). If you have no program to open them, then download winrar, and let it link .rar with it. If you already have winrar then use Koopa27 reply to link .rar files with it.
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