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does this mean i can actually rank this :D
I still do not fully agree with this as it will just result to a bigger gap between the normal and the hard, hence the easy is the hardest easy possible lmao. Nevertheless I don't want to by any means be a burden in the process of ranking this map so I will follow your advice and try to simplify rhythms here and there.
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Battle wrote:

yikes, at least the colors are aesthetic af tho so it's yea i love the color scheme ;D

00:38:055 (3,4) - tbh you could make aesthetics sliderly better by rotating 4 a bit so it mirrors 3 a bit better 2 degrees? xdd
03:16:680 (2,3,4) - rhythm sounds awkward but i don't really see any way to improve it because this measure is kinda awkward with all the things going on lol, if you could find a way to make it less weird that'd be cool but if not I don't blame you it's the least tricky/weird rhythm i can do for this part imo, but i see what you mean.

00:59:055 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) - tbh I prefer what you did at 02:14:055 (1,2,3,4,5) - where the piano was followed just because it's the thing that stands out most in the pre-kiai build up imo, if you don't you should probably change the other one I poiinted out to follow the vocals changed, see if it's alright or not lol
01:08:618 (2,4,5) - manual stack pls yessir
02:24:180 (4,5) - Maybe ctrl + g these, it makes 4 easier to see and the slider will fade out a bit by the time 5 comes by, just for readability agreed

00:15:743 - I kinda expected you to follow that whole rhythm in the bg that hits 00:15:743 - 00:16:118 - 00:16:493 - , you get what I mean, since you followed the kinda bell-like things at the start of this section. imo it would be a lot better to follow it since they're nice, unique sounds i have mixed feelings about this, because i primarily mapped the drums in this part lol i only follow the bells if there's no drums, hence why it's like this.
01:20:243 (1) - is this supposed to be ctrl g'd cuz it kinda looks awkward when it doesn't look like 01:16:868 (5,1) - lol it's intentionally like that because i want the movement to well... be like that o.O the difference between this one and 01:16:868 (5,1) is hard for me to explain, but they both have a sharp, yet smooth turn in the movement of the cursor.
01:46:305 (2,3) - Since both of these beats are fairly weak, maybe use a slider instead? yea
02:22:680 (6,7) - tbh if this gets ranked with this off stack ima die WAIT WHATS WRONG WITH THAT? I did it so many times in my previous maps and it was alright and went ranked LOL
03:08:055 (1,2,3) - I don't really hear what this is following, I can kinda make out something on the blue tick, but the rhythm here just seems odd to me i agree, but don't look at me man, it's the song xd. 03:08:430 - vocal 03:08:524 - drum
03:54:368 (1,2,3,4,1) - tbh you could nerf this down a bit since it's pretty unexpected lol AGREEE
don't mind how ugly it looks, I freehanded it lol

I pretty sure this is the first map that I wasn't triggered at a specific diff in a non-low diff mapset, this is nice
thanks for the mod, battle <3

Yuii- wrote:

normal yes, hello
no kudos
i said no kudos, bearizm yessir :(

insane diff not again
02:01:305 (3,4,5,1) - this is ewbnfuaiuas i'll just stack them
02:06:555 (6,1) - don't break with consistency nerddd changed, see if it's better xd
04:18:805 (1) - yes this is unrankable due to volume, you know how this game works already bear, k? k! no volume = no feedback = what am i following ok? ok! what do you mean? it's 5% :^) and it's following the guitar string thingy HEHE nvm fixed, 20% now across all diffs

ah, but the rest? absolutely lit, it has my approval 8-)
thanks dad :D

edit: LowComboFC's difficulty's issue regarding the density matter has been properly adjusted, hitsounds are fixed (hopefully)
hi mom i'm on #tracker

2017-06-18 23:54 Bearizm: ok i changed some stuff
2017-06-18 23:55 Bearizm: can i get a recheck? :D anytime you're not busy, that is
2017-06-18 23:55 Bearizm: and thanks for the help. I appreciate it
2017-06-18 23:55 Battle: did he simplify the stuffs
2017-06-18 23:55 Bearizm: not sure
2017-06-18 23:55 Bearizm: i didnt read his mod LOL
2017-06-18 23:55 Bearizm: he told me he's gonna do an update on the rhythm
2017-06-18 23:55 Bearizm: but not sure what
2017-06-18 23:56 Battle: did he like
2017-06-18 23:56 Battle: edit his post or wh
2017-06-18 23:56 Battle: well actually he didn't since
2017-06-18 23:56 Battle: it would've said he did
2017-06-18 23:57 Bearizm: is it about density
2017-06-18 23:57 Battle: ya
2017-06-18 23:57 Battle: also I get what ur saying for 03:08:055 (1,2,3) -
2017-06-18 23:58 Battle: but my issue is the fact 2 is a slider lol
2017-06-18 23:58 Battle: and I don't rly hear anything for the slider end
2017-06-18 23:59 Bearizm: vocal? and it's to help players click 03:08:805 (3) -
2017-06-18 23:59 Bearizm: it's like a guidance thing
2017-06-18 23:59 Battle: but if u make a 1/4
2017-06-18 23:59 Battle: the slider end is actually on something lol
2017-06-19 00:01 Battle: i saw that the sr for normal dropped by .01* or something so I don't think he's changed any of the densities yet lol
2017-06-19 00:01 Bearizm: ur not gonna bubble if he doesnt change the density right? xd
2017-06-19 00:01 Bearizm: i kinda agree tho
2017-06-19 00:01 Battle: i mean
2017-06-19 00:02 Battle: i could technically overlook
2017-06-19 00:02 Battle: but I'm pretty sure yuii would end up bubble popping it lol
2017-06-19 00:02 Battle: or the next bn
2017-06-19 00:02 Bearizm: yep i understand
2017-06-19 00:02 Bearizm: hold on lemme talk to em
2017-06-19 00:04 Bearizm: ok he's gonna do it
2017-06-19 00:04 Bearizm: anyways, about the 03:08:055 (1,2,3) -
2017-06-19 00:04 Battle: also 4 degrees tbh for the easy lmao
2017-06-19 00:04 Bearizm: how else should i do it?
2017-06-19 00:04 Bearizm: ok lemme add 2 more
2017-06-19 00:04 Battle: I think a 1/4 works better
2017-06-19 00:05 Battle: since 1/2 doesn't land on enything, 1/4 slider still gives ppl a relative idea of how 3 is supposed to be clicked
2017-06-19 00:06 Bearizm: actually i cant make it 4 degrees cuz it fucks with the symmetry
2017-06-19 00:06 Bearizm: and placement of the next slider
2017-06-19 00:06 Battle: 01:09:180 (4,5) - wasn't what I meant in the hard but it works so lol
2017-06-19 00:06 Bearizm: LOL
2017-06-19 00:06 Battle: the whole degree things isn't like, too triggering so it's fine if u keep it like that lol
2017-06-19 00:06 Bearizm: oh u mean the stack of the circle and the slider
2017-06-19 00:07 Bearizm: ehh whatever
2017-06-19 00:07 Battle: no like u know how when u have like a really big stack and u try to put it on a slider and it fucks up
2017-06-19 00:07 Battle: u just
2017-06-19 00:07 Battle: manually make it "look" like it's stacked
2017-06-19 00:08 Bearizm: yea ik
2017-06-19 00:08 Bearizm: but meh this one's fine too i cba with it anymore LOL
2017-06-19 00:08 Battle: lol ya it's fine since it's kinda w/e
2017-06-19 00:09 Battle: oh and u might wanna just make the last slider on the lunatic 10% volume
2017-06-19 00:09 Bearizm: o
2017-06-19 00:09 Battle: since like, even tho yuii was being triggered and w/e
2017-06-19 00:09 Battle: like it's still technically "inaudible"
2017-06-19 00:09 Bearizm: alright then i'll make all the diffs 10%
2017-06-19 01:59 Bearizm: dunzo
2017-06-19 02:04 Battle: well
2017-06-19 02:04 Battle: it's a lot better in terms of density
2017-06-19 02:04 Battle: the only thing is 00:36:743 - is pretty lol as a section
2017-06-19 02:04 Battle: since it's basically as dense if not denser than the kiais
2017-06-19 02:04 Battle: and it's like, the calmest calm section of the song
2017-06-19 02:04 Bearizm: TRU LOL
2017-06-19 02:04 Bearizm: lemme mod it
2017-06-19 02:04 Bearizm: again
2017-06-19 02:04 Battle: like it's legit denser than the first kiai
2017-06-19 02:04 Battle: LMAO
2017-06-19 02:05 Battle: other calm sections r fine tho
2017-06-19 02:05 Battle: cuz like, there's a lot more additions that kick in for those
2017-06-19 02:07 Bearizm: yep yep
2017-06-19 02:13 Bearizm: aight
2017-06-19 02:13 Bearizm: updated yet again
2017-06-19 02:13 Bearizm: should be much better now
2017-06-19 02:16 Battle: oh yeah
2017-06-19 02:16 Battle: i still haven't gotten confirmation on whether or not there's a slow down from like bonsai yet lol
2017-06-19 02:17 Bearizm: what do u mean?
2017-06-19 02:17 Battle: like if it needs any timing changes
2017-06-19 02:17 Bearizm: ahhhh
2017-06-19 02:17 Bearizm: the ones in the end huh
2017-06-19 02:17 Battle: mm
2017-06-19 02:17 Battle: from my timing experience
2017-06-19 02:17 Battle: I think it doesn't
2017-06-19 02:17 Battle: so I think it should b fine lol
2017-06-19 02:18 Bearizm: x)
2017-06-19 02:18 Battle: i think im experienced enough considering I've timed entire songs that were just timing changes at this point lol
2017-06-19 02:18 Bearizm: i'll bet on it
2017-06-19 02:20 Bearizm: hold on
2017-06-19 02:20 Bearizm: lemme adjust this particular object first
2017-06-19 02:20 Bearizm: just recurving this 04:10:868 (7) - ok lol
2017-06-19 02:21 Bearizm: any other suggestions you'd like to point out before i update? ;D
2017-06-19 02:21 Battle: uh
2017-06-19 02:21 Battle: 00:41:243 (1,2,3) - straight line lul
2017-06-19 02:22 Bearizm: wut
2017-06-19 02:22 Battle: cuz it's like slightly to the left
2017-06-19 02:22 Battle: and it bugs me
2017-06-19 02:22 Bearizm: ohh lol
2017-06-19 02:22 Bearizm: some of my sliders are done like that
2017-06-19 02:22 Bearizm: changed
2017-06-19 02:22 Battle: also I've been meanign to ask but 01:01:118 (1,2,1,2,1,2) - do these jumps feels a lot more intense than the one before the second chorus
2017-06-19 02:22 Bearizm: better if i remove the slight curve anyways
2017-06-19 02:23 Battle: if anything tho removing the ncs is probably better since the other one before the second chorus doesn't have nc spams
2017-06-19 02:24 Bearizm: kind of i guess, due to the the uhh horizontal movement? or is it vertical idek anymore
2017-06-19 02:24 Bearizm: i'll nerf it slightly
2017-06-19 02:24 Battle: im pretty sure it's the ncs that really give it the impression that it's rly big jumps lol
2017-06-19 02:24 Battle: but yeah nerfing it slightly and removing ncs would be cool
2017-06-19 02:24 Bearizm: i think it's the movement
2017-06-19 02:25 Bearizm: because the second one is more flowy
2017-06-19 02:25 Battle: tru
2017-06-19 02:25 Bearizm: so i'll nerf the first one very slightly
2017-06-19 02:25 Battle: also r u sure u still don't want this as a 1/4 slider for 03:08:524 (2) -
2017-06-19 02:25 Battle: like there's sth on the white tick to make it less awkward sounding lol
2017-06-19 02:26 Bearizm: 1/4 slider on blue tick would be awkward
2017-06-19 02:26 Bearizm: real awk
2017-06-19 02:26 Battle: hm
2017-06-19 02:27 Bearizm: it's rare enough to see a 1/1 slider followed by a 1/2 slider on blue tick let alone 1/4
2017-06-19 02:27 Battle: i guess lol
2017-06-19 02:27 Bearizm: and it leads to the circle on the white tick
2017-06-19 02:27 Bearizm: so i used 1/2
2017-06-19 02:27 Bearizm: it's much safer imo
2017-06-19 02:27 Battle: maybe silence the slider end then
2017-06-19 02:27 Bearizm: in terms of readability at least cuz the rhythm's weird there
2017-06-19 02:27 Bearizm: i had to make a choice
2017-06-19 02:27 Bearizm: can i do that?
2017-06-19 02:28 Battle: slider ends don't have to b audible
2017-06-19 02:28 Battle: lol
2017-06-19 02:28 Bearizm: O
2017-06-19 02:28 Battle: as in
2017-06-19 02:28 Bearizm: aight
2017-06-19 02:28 Battle: you can put a green line with 5%
2017-06-19 02:28 Battle: lmao they wouldn't ban 3/4 slider 1/2 slider patterns
2017-06-19 02:28 Battle: cuz u know
2017-06-19 02:28 Battle: usually 3/4 sliders end up being silenced
2017-06-19 02:28 Bearizm: true i guess
2017-06-19 02:28 Bearizm: aight silenced
2017-06-19 02:29 Battle: now we have the best of both worlds lol
2017-06-19 02:29 Bearizm: \:D/
2017-06-19 02:29 Bearizm: anything else? :D
2017-06-19 02:30 Battle: uh
2017-06-19 02:30 Battle: i think that's all
2017-06-19 02:31 Bearizm: aight imma update
2017-06-19 02:32 Bearizm: done
2017-06-19 02:33 Battle: 01:01:118 (1,2,1,2,1) - ur gonna keep the ncs?
2017-06-19 02:33 Bearizm: iyea
2017-06-19 02:33 Bearizm: i dont think it's the issue with the big jumps and all
2017-06-19 02:33 Bearizm: it's the movement, so i nerfed it slightly
2017-06-19 02:33 Battle: 02:16:493 (3) - 02:16:868 (5) - wanna nc these then
2017-06-19 02:34 Battle: the issue was more with consistency lol
2017-06-19 02:34 Bearizm: nope cuz that's a star
2017-06-19 02:34 Battle: mmm
2017-06-19 02:34 Battle: ok i guess it's not that big of a deal then lol
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i updated once more cuz there was a drum whistle missing on normal and lunatic, specifically on 00:12:368 -
- _ -
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- _- thank u ;D
grats \o/
hey this guy is still alive
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pkk wrote:

hey this guy is still alive
yea i'm lucky that my dirty tap water hasn't killed me yet
wow nice
i helped
grats on qualify~

but on Lunatic, 04:16:118 - seems like you missed a circle there? 03:58:118 (2) - 04:10:118 (2) - you did similar so yeah, felt weird to me cuz it's following same rhythm as other parts and music don't really change imo.
tbh I think it's a pretty nice indicator toward the end of the song, it's a sudden change of rhythm that helps players identify something is changing, and in this case it helps lead up toward the feeling of the song slowing down as it approaches the end
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