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how much do u procrastinate

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and i am the laziest person on the universe so i procrastinate the most :^)
i have a $1700 pc and i still havent set it up to play games, that should explain enough
i'm graduating highschool this year and i might not grad just b/c i didn't turn in few works required for graduation.................. procrastination is art. :^)
Im 21 and about to graduate high school :^)
yo holyshit, i thought i was bad LMAO

ciara wrote:

yo holyshit, i thought i was bad LMAO
I procrastinate almost everything to the last point in time possible, its so bad...
My mind is full of the things to be done, but i cant get myself to do the things to the point in time i HAVE to do it, cause it would be too late otherwise ^^
By the way: Last year in high school and final exams some weeks ahead, still havent learnt anything for them, ehh, hehe
- Musix -
It's 10:30 PM and I'm still doing HW I was assigned 2-3 days ago ;)
Too much
As much as I'm here
Enough to be replying to this instead of working. 👌
I Love Chiaki
I have not left my house in 10 days if that even counts for anything :^)
Plastic s2
i need to eat yet i refuse to..sooo
ask me again later
a lot lmao haven't even done this essay for english and i was given an extra 2 weeks. only started it now rip
i didn't pay too much on tuition in the end of schoolyear i fully paid instead of having too much balance...

procastinating of saving money for 2nd gen build...
Comfy Slippers
rarely, am diligent af
Hai Tai
Unfortunately, a lot.
All. The. Time. The only chance of someone actually getting me to do something is by having me do it right then and there.
I never did homework at home, I would always do it the class before or on the bus if it was my first class. Plans cannot be for anything if I'm involved.
I am replying to this thread when i should be doing an almost two week due essay assignment.
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