Locher's Tea Time Thread (The RELAX-Mode exists for a reason

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Hello viewers.
I am sorry to disappoint you but this is not a forum game, so please don't misunderstand anything.
Anyways, I'll just begin my solitudary speech as if nothing happened and as nothing will ever happen here.

Every day begins with a nice cup of freshly made tea.
It's only common sense that drinking tea relaxes the body and soul, leading to a more healthy lifestyle.
That's why I abuse this thread for my own satisfaction.
Some might say i am addicted to tea but well, who's not? In some extent we are all drawn to a drink.
That's why I will encourage all the viewers to post the tea of their choice as I listen to some relaxing and also unknown music.
Just so that you know, this thread is not only a "tea" thread. This thread is also dedicated to all refreshing drinks so if you happen to like coffee or energy drinks, don't hesitate to mention them as well. What can I add? Well, of course. Cheers~

YGGDRASIL (Asgard Version) will be my first song while i sip my
So I'm supposed to drink tea while listening to music?


DeathxShinigami wrote:

Sleep Powder
I like your style.
see this is a thread

and it happened

soon, consequences will follow
I highly approve of drinking tea whilst playing (or listening to) osu! as it helps soothe the body with the rich aroma of the tea drifting through the nostrils, seeping into your very soul . It's rather rewarding getting to the breaks in beatmaps and then taking a delicious sip of tea that's just been lingering around.

My choice of tea is the delightful Earl Grey.

Do approve.
I have never liked the taste of tea.

What types of tea would I enjoy, in that case?
I've always wanted to try bubble tea...
Jasmine. Always an easy tea to start
Why would I want to drink tea when I have my unlimited supply of soda next to me~
Trader Joe's Lemonade Iced Tea.
I must say, I really enjoy just water. Or SmartWater.
I don't like tea...

I'll drink some green tea (I think) if I need to stay awake for the next 8 hours though. Something about caffeine sensitivity.
Just drank some milk tea with boba. :3 Delicious.
"One large green tea, please."
"How would you like that, sir?"
"Uh, green?"

More accurate answer would've been "black", but usually people don't have other stuff in their green tea...
Green tea, or rather oolong tea. x)

Or LemonWater, if you get what I mean. ;)

Also, did anyone think of Soaprman when they saw the OP's avatar?
I'm actually glad there are still people who play these Atlus games.
The OP's avatar is Rose, a cat-like familiar from a the game Riviera: The Promise Land.

And the only kind of tea I ever drank is Iced Tea (And Nestea) So I never did experienced the kind of tea you people drink.
N-no vodka?

LunaticMara wrote:

N-no vodka?
Sorry, but your vodka is in another castle.

Slavic style: Drinking day for day just Ice Tea at my screen.
Normal style: Drinking green or red tea on a fullmoon night.

I'm honest.
When I start, I cannot stop, so I tend to abstain from tea.

I generally prefer tea without milk, I find sipping it much easier and enjoyable because I take a bit and it doesn't leave any particular aftertaste in my mouth.

I veer towards hot chinese/japanese tea.
I see 4chan in your tab list.

Also I lurve coffee... coffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffee...
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