When did you start playing osu!?

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Around 2012/2013, I discovered it by myself as I watched some videos on tutube .3. ~
zero manners
3 days ago, I just really like being in the forums when playing games
since 2014 and i still suck at every mode except catch the beat lmao
tbh i still suck at that too
2013 and im still super bad but i did take a large break and have now swapped to tablet ! lets hope it goes better :lol:
Fleure De Lapin
first play Dec 2014
make account Jan 2015
Arctos Sagittario
About 3 or 4 days before I create this account.
Play count, time, and current pp don't reflect all my skill level, but I'm still quite noob, especially for a 6-year-veteran.
6 months ago, or January entering February. Playing 4* maps with HDHR atm.
I created my acc 66 days ago apparently. Reached 1k pp around 5 days ago, so yeah I'm still well in the scrub-zone lol.
Haven't really played rhythm games before other than Frets on Fire but I'm having heaps of fun with osu! right now. I'm a dancer so anything based around music is a-ok in my book.
I started playing osu on 1st Jan 2016 on midnight (California time) as a new year resolution (maybe?)
So now it's easy for me to tell since when I play that game (now 1 year, 7 months, 19 days, and 5 minutes)

Yeah I'm kinda wierd.
few days ago i suck XD
I started playing around 24 December 2016 if I remember correctly ;p
I'm still shit tho.
I have played inconsistently on and off (mostly off) since January 2015.
I started taking osu seriously and playing it again near the end of April.
Any time before that, I was a rubbish noob who can only ar 7 up until one day on May 12th when the game started to make sense to me.
And from there, I started grinding and I got out of the 6 digit club in 53 days.
Now I can AR 9, My aim on jump maps are alot better and I am just learning to stream efficiently.
[ Pingu ]
october 2013 apparently, when i was 12 (according to my old profile page that was left to rot for god knows how long). but i took like a year or 2 break so i basically play like i'm brand new again.
3 years ago, some online friends introduced me to it.
Got into ctb but eventually stopped because of computer issues
Got a new computer and started playing Taiko...
In January 2016.
zero manners
like a month ago

this game is old. props to it for still being alive
The fall of 2010, so freshman year of college.
[- LenoxHD -]
March 23, 2016

i dunno how many days have passed already
A friend of mine showed the game to me late 2011. Only times I played was when I visited his place. Didn't take much interest in osu! until I could start passing Hard difficulties my buddies couldn't beat.

I made my account March 3, 2012. It took me a few months before discovering the forums and community.

Haven't been able to get around to playing much as of the last few years but I still enjoy revisiting my old favorite maps.
After two and a half months of constantly playing I finally reached my first milestone: finishing a 100pp play.

Feels good.
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