When did you start playing osu!?

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[- LenoxHD -]
March 23, 2016

i dunno how many days have passed already
A friend of mine showed the game to me late 2011. Only times I played was when I visited his place. Didn't take much interest in osu! until I could start passing Hard difficulties my buddies couldn't beat.

I made my account March 3, 2012. It took me a few months before discovering the forums and community.

Haven't been able to get around to playing much as of the last few years but I still enjoy revisiting my old favorite maps.
After two and a half months of constantly playing I finally reached my first milestone: finishing a 100pp play.

Feels good.
My account here been registered since the beginning of 2016 but I didn't really catch what could I pay for do its been about one year useless. I really started playing on November of 2016 ( you can check it in the historical graph)
Pyro Wolf
According to my profile page, I've been here since December of 2010. As for how much I've improved? I have no idea(though I would hope I've only improved). I took leave of osu! around 2012, then only stopped in every blue moon to see what was happening.

I've only just recently started playing maps with the intent to actually improve. Back when I first started I would only play the approved beatmaps with the occasional map I could actually pass thrown in so I never got better at the game, then eventually I just gave up. Plus my hard-drive crashed around the same time, losing all my stuff as well as windows, so I didn't really bother seriously trying to come back for the longest time.
I started playing Osu 2 weeks ago after a friend irl told me it was pretty neat back in April and I started playing on his account at his house like every weekend for about 5 months (which is back in April) until I finally replaced my dinosaur aged computer so I could play Osu and for how much I've improved I cant really tell because well lol my stats from 5 months ago aren't accessible because its on my friends account lol but recently I've gotten much better and I guess that's it lol :)
About one year ago but I just started playing the game seriously! ;)
I discovered osu back in 2014. Had a nice amount of playing before I went inactive for a year and I've been back recently again and I'm glad :oops:
2 years ago, but I didn't play until like 4-5, maybe 6 months ago
Pretty much exactly 3 weeks ago I started playing :)
t e a r r a i n 2 0 1 5
I've started playing osu for quite a while using a friends account and computer. Then I wanted to actually be able to participate in the osu!community so yeah I made my own account >.<

no idea if this shit is allowed though because i found nothing on it
Exactly on my school's Graduation day [Around March] and my PC's driver got some errors and haven't been able to play for 3 months until June 28 xd but now I'm back on track
[ Defy ]
I've had another account I played on , on and off. I would say 6 months.
[ Kushi ]
Started playing 3 years ago junior year in high school, been playing on and off ever since.
almost 10 years ago to the day ♪

awp wrote:

almost 10 years ago to the day ♪
you're still here ovo big fan!!
worst fl player

awp wrote:

almost 10 years ago to the day ♪
omg hey :D
Looking back at my intro thread, around two years and two months by now.

Never imagined that I would actually get decent at Mania. I still suck, but it's been a fun ride so far~
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