When did you start playing osu!?

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I'm really interested on this topic to see how much they have gotten better on the course of their time here.
Mid-August 2014 (osu!droid) and late November/early December 2014 (osu!)

I was a decent player back in 2015, if I should say so myself (especially in taiko), but it has gone pretty downhill since last summer, because I don't play it very often for now. But somehow I'm still getting better at Mania o.o
started 2 months ago xdd

also i literally spent $1700 for a new pc and because i set it up incorrectly, i cant play anything on it LUL (including osu)
(tbh i could set it up again but right now im 2lazy2do that)
I made my account two (ish) years ago.
I played off and on but I only really started playing about a year ago. I would guesstimate 15 months. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I've had mine since maybe about 5 months ago now? (Incoming wall of text watch out ehhh)

I started off mouse-only, and did pretty well. Over time I began to improve, from playing 2* maps to doing something around 2.8*. Soon enough I learned about zxzx'ing (and alternating in general), and decided to try it out. Unfortunately, my laptop didn't support this and decided "Im gonna disrupt mouse movement and make it all choppy". So maybe a month after starting, I'm playing at about 3* at best. It took a lot of time, but I started learning how to stream and alternate, I found out that I was really good at jumps and began to get a feel for the HD (Hidden) mod. I found my playstyle (HDHR), and would often play 2* with HDHR and get a pretty good score, occasionally achieving an FC. I even played 3* with Hidden, and got pretty good as mouse-only. I then tried to get into the mapping scene, trying out the editor and learning as I create maps. I used some of my favorite songs and had tons of awesome ideas ready to be practiced. So here I am, I just passed my first 4* as mouse-only, and passed #300K on rankings. I'm getting really good at my HDHR mouse-only playstyle, and I'm also getting a lot better at mapping. I'm hoping for the best in the near future, maybe something else will come along. When it comes by, I'll try to take the opportunity.

Uhm, yeah! Thats about it for my summary of progress, I guess I'll be goin now. .w.

(k ill go thnx bye)
I had my acc since 2013 I think and I only had like, 5 beatmaps and never got into the game.
Later on (Dec 2016) I figured I could do a better job now so I restarted. I likey.
In 2 days it will be 6 months. Played some Hatsune Miku games before I got into osu! and very long ago stepmania.

Always mouse+kb, I have a tablet, but mouse is more fun.

Cirno9 wrote:

In 2 days it will be 6 months. Played some Hatsune Miku games before I got into osu! and very long ago stepmania.

Always mouse+kb, I have a tablet, but mouse is more fun.
6 months 4kpp?

my dream D:::::
I started 3 months ago, in mid december of 2016 ^^
Reaching the 90 day point on my graph today...
I started about 3 years ago and though ive been off and on, (you can see by my rank and my play history) but i've just recently gotten into a giant bench playing of osu again and quite frankly i didnt know taking a break from a game would inevitably make me better at the game. I've always played osu! as a Mouse player but i click with the keyboard. Im very reluctant upon buying a tablet only from the fact that im so used to the mouse that i feel i would'nt be able to ADAPT to the change :lol:
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