When did you start playing osu!?

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I'm really interested on this topic to see how much they have gotten better on the course of their time here.
Mid-August 2014 (osu!droid) and late November/early December 2014 (osu!)

I was a decent player back in 2015, if I should say so myself (especially in taiko), but it has gone pretty downhill since last summer, because I don't play it very often for now. But somehow I'm still getting better at Mania o.o
started 2 months ago xdd

also i literally spent $1700 for a new pc and because i set it up incorrectly, i cant play anything on it LUL (including osu)
(tbh i could set it up again but right now im 2lazy2do that)
I made my account two (ish) years ago.
I played off and on but I only really started playing about a year ago. I would guesstimate 15 months. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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