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I'm not sure if anyone's noticed, but there's a lot of multiplayer games lately (over 4,000 at this post). Problem is many of them are empty rooms, and I'm not sure why/how they are there. As shown here below, they all appear to be hosting the same song, and the room titles are also the same. I'm just wondering what happened, hopefully it's just a glitch, but I feel it needed to be pointed out.

(Image is 1280x800, so it's in spoilers.)
[12:18] ppy someone was messing with the server
[12:18] ppy trying to break it
[12:18] ppy putting up a fix now
[12:18] jericho2442 good old kis failing at hacking
[12:18] jericho2442 kid*
[12:18] nickopet2007 Oh, well in that case ignore my thread in Help nd Support

Should be fixed in 2 minutes :P
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