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Problem Details: I have cursor lag when i run with my GPU but i don't have cursor lag when I run with my CPU, is there any way i can run osu with my GPU and get no cursor lag?
GPU - 960m
CPU - i7-6700hq

Video or screenshot showing the problem: -

osu! version: 20170222.3 (latest)
Can you describe your lag a bit more? Is the whole game stuttering or just the cursor?
There is this very known bug from microsoft side, they mentioned that in their recent Windows updates, people that use Windows 8 or higher have this problem:
Whenever you have your computer running for like 5-10 hours straight, your computer will have something like frame drops, but it's not only for one game, it affects the whole system, and it only does that whenever you move your cursor arround. So one of the solutions I would say is to restart your computer, but there is also a permanent solution to this, but I would need to find it first if you are interested in it.

Ofc, this whole thing applies if you have the same problem that I imagine, if it's not, then sorry and just ignore what I just wrote.
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