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Introducing C3 SFX Pack. A skin containing only sound effects created by me. I'm a small EDM producer and my dream is yada yada yada you get the gist .

The effects aren't too simplistic, but they aren't over the top either. They are designed for tactile response and satisfaction of hitting a wood block circles and no whistles.

All feedback welcome.


Categorized same as on
  1. Welcome Screen Done!
  2. Keys Done!
  3. Clicks
  4. Hover
  5. Drag
  6. Multiplayer Sounds
  7. Countdown
  8. Gameplay Done! (Do I need to make comboburst.wav? :P)
  9. Pause Screen Done!
  10. Hitsounds - Drum Set Done!
  11. Hitsounds - Normal Set Done!
  12. Hitsounds - Soft Set Done!
  13. Hitsounds - Spinner Set Done!
  14. Taiko Hitsounds - Drum Set
  15. Taiko Hitsounds - Normal Set
  16. Taiko Hitsounds - Soft Set

So basically I have hitsounds for osu!Standard +some. :P

Tools used

  1. FL Studio
  2. Harmor
  3. Sytrus
  4. Fruity Reeverb 2
  5. Fruity Parametric EQ 2
  6. Gross Beat
  7. Arturia MiniFilter V
  8. East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra
  9. Maximus
  10. FL Studio Speech Synthesizer
  11. Vocodex
+ samples:
  1. FL Studio's stock samples
  2. Black Octopus Future Funkstep
  3. Black Octopus Wicked Drum Hits
  4. Black Octopus Eveloving Textures

Also this video: Cherry MX Blue Sound Test - (CM Quickfire Rapid)


  1. Added key-press-1 through 4, delete, movement and confirm.
  1. Fixed spinnerspin.wav and spinnerbonus.wav
  1. Added welcome.wav, seeya.wav and heartbeat.wav.
  2. Added a limiter on master and re-rendered everything. Should fix some volume issues.
  1. Released WIP

Installing in your skin

If you plan on using these SFX in you skin remember to:
  1. Credit me
  2. Put "SpinnerFrequencyModulate: 1" and "LayeredHitSounds: 0" in your skin.ini


Hope you like it!

OMG it's awesome! Great job, really!
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AlekNirov wrote:

OMG it's awesome! Great job, really!
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