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Pre-ordered it because it comes out here on July 6th. Looking forward to it~

Azure_Kite wrote:

Just mentally add 15 ms to each note, It's what I do to get perfect Crit chains.

Progress so far:

100% basic and expert series
7% ultimate series
40 dark notes cleared

Current party consists of Terra, onion knight, vaan and lightning.
Damn, when did you get this? I thought I was playin it a lot since I have like 17500 rhythmia in like 2 days. My party is warrior of light, cloud, Bartz, and zidane. Bartz already has 255 agi at like level 45.
I got it on the 2nd :D

Don't worry, I have been playing the hell out of it, myself. If you want a 9999999 score and anything higher than an S rank, you need to remove all abilities from every party member. No Items.

In doing so, it also removes all the Feature Drives in songs, so expect no Esper Summons in BMS, no Chocobos in FMS, and no Extended Versions in EMS.

I have 7 yellow shards and 13 trophies.... so close, but so far D:
Oh I knew about that, but I equip them for dark shrine
I played this at PAX East a few months ago, it looked fun from the trailer but I was pretty disappointed with the demo (although that might also have to do with the fact that we had to wait in line for like 45 minutes to even play it...)

I'd consider getting it with a price drop eventually but it's not worth a full price tag for me sadly, even though the art style is adorable
Hmmm the notes started spinning, that makes this a little harder
All my dark notes have been tame :(

6 level 99's now
So uh, do you know why the time bar in the dark shrine is colored? I can't figure it out and it isn't in the manual
I believe it has something to do with route progression, however that's just a suspicion.
Went to EB yesterday to get this game but they had sold out, unfortunately. I'll be waiting till Wednesday when they get more copies in.

Dieathan wrote:

Went to EB yesterday to get this game but they had sold out, unfortunately. I'll be waiting till Wednesday when they get more copies in. ... y-game-3ds
I'm slightly confused of the sliders' timing, those circles with an arrow in it. For me a slider consists of start and end, so I don't really know if I have to start sliding at the correct time, or be in middle of the sliding motion already.
Basically, they're "end the hold note with a slide in indicated direction".

Current progress:

Unlocked Minwu, Cid, Aerith, Vivi and Ashe so far. Almost unlocked Faris and Locke, with 6/8 shards. Onion Knight, Terra, Tidus, Shantotto, Vaan, Lightning and Ashe are level 99 :3

25 trophies, 63% of the collection finished. 48719 rhythmia. This game really is a grinders dream, lol.

Azure_Kite wrote:

This game really is a grinders dream, lol.
Good to know I shouldn't buy it.
I'm enjoying it so far, though I'm not very good with the arrows. =S
Not very far, 10k Rhythmia in.
It is a little too "grind-ish" for my liking, but meh. Kinda hard to avoid the FFs that I'm less fond of such as 2, 3 and 12 (at least Music wise).
11 and 12 are actually my favourites, lol. I don't find popular tracks like one winged angel very fun to listen to. My opinion, it is. Don't hate meeeee
I never played 11 or 12, but just playing their songs on this game doesn't give me an interest in the music from them. Might be because I never played them, who knows.
Battle music tends to be my favourite straight out and if you wanna unlock everything, from the looks of it, you can't stick to such. =(
I never really played ANY of the final fantasy games, but this actually made me start. -.-
Field music is probably my favorite, as it's relative easy since it's just one line and not in multiple rows like battle music. Unfortunately, all songs must be played at one point or another if u wanna unlock everything. :|
That's actually a common tactic in games.
Do you need to unlock StreetPass features somehow before you can swap data with players? I made a ProfiCard and got three people in my Mii Plaza who were playing the game, but haven't found anything unlocked from them.

Also, I really recommend playing with the hitsounds off if you haven't tried it already. Those chimes are kind of distracting compared to EBA and Ouendan.
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