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Haseo wrote:

I meant the battle music you tap to the beat to.
yeah, I know. That's what I was getting at. Mother 3 did the same thing. I'm only ~6 hours in, but it hasn't gotten boring/repetitive yet because they mix it up.
I'm actually glad they repeat the music over and over again.
It makes it more recognizable that way.
Reportedly, Theatrythm is going to have more than 50 songs, so it shouldn't be too repetitive
First footage:

Man, this game looks terrible.

I keep forgetting this is a site for a rhythm game, though.
It actually seems better than I was expecting.
Although I wasn't expecting much...

Quaraezha wrote:

A Final Fantasy Rhythm Game? That's cute. lol
The character design makes me sad face, is it supposed to be chibi? Just looks derp.
That... Didn't look good to me. Seriously, they made a minigame for walking?

Ivalset wrote:

Man, this game looks terrible.
you couldn't possibly be more correct

I was expecting something closer to Mother 3 but with a bigger emphasis on timing and rhythm, and instead it's a touch-based rhythm game similar to osu! with final fantasy themed storyboards/videos

I can accept the art style for what it is (when there IS an art style and it's not just some FMV from the 90s) but that really looks dull as a game
Meikyuuiri Tsumi
Big FF nerd here so this is wonderful news :):)
Well, i hope that is the easy levels shown in the video, else there isn't that much fun about it ;(.
Fanboy Nostalgia feat. Rhythm
Oooh Eyes On Me... that brings back memories.
Emiya Shiro
I would love if someone has made skin for osu from those also ported all the music for our osu so I can play this on osu ^^ (Don't have 3DS sadly :/ )
How about we judge it when it's out.
It looks interesting.
This game is basically Dissidia: Music Rhythm Game Edition. Still looking forward to it. Loved the boss fight music from FF6.
So game is out. It's pretty fun, but they suck at timing.
Just mentally add 15 ms to each note, It's what I do to get perfect Crit chains.

Progress so far:

100% basic and expert series
7% ultimate series
40 dark notes cleared

Current party consists of Terra, onion knight, vaan and lightning.
Pre-ordered it because it comes out here on July 6th. Looking forward to it~
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