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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on dimanche 23 décembre 2018 at 21:41:48

Artist: Brookes Brothers
Title: Songs Compilation
Tags: drum and bass dnb best duo
BPM: 174
Filesize: 17806kb
Play Time: 06:41
Difficulties Available:
  1. Infinity Gates (5,4 stars, 1424 notes)

Download: Brookes Brothers - Songs Compilation
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Tracklist :
(mp3 by me , marathon done by me also!)
Last Night (Original Mix)
GoodBurger (Original Mix)
Dawn Treader ft. Futurebound (Original Mix)
Not Just Yet (Original Mix)
Daybreak ft. Tasha Baxter (Original Mix)
Corpse Bride (Original Mix)
Souvenir (Original Mix)
Tear You Down (Original Mix)
Timing Request
+5 pour ton taf en compilation audio.
That's very kind :D

Frickin done with it already!

waitin for touhou's will to hs it :D
As promised, here the hitsounded map:
I've used the samples from Brookes Brothers - Not Just Yet (Original Mix) as requested.
Custom 1 is used for the main rhythm, you could add more futuristic sounds by using custom 2 and so on on top of the main rhythm.
Overall a very enjoyable map, good luck!!!!

00:26:057 (2,3,4,5,6) - drums in background (streams)
00:35:368 (1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4,5) - drums in background (streams)
Recommendation: silence these kind of sliderends 01:03:514 (1) -
01:22:480 (4) - circles
02:12:135 (3) - kick sliders
02:27:307 (5,6) - kick sliders
02:54:262 (1,3) - circles to the rhythm
02:56:331 (6) - stream
03:36:887 (3) - rhythm issue
04:56:768 (2) - shorten for rhythm
05:34:921 (5,6) - objects overlapping
05:12:558 (1) - to 05:41:649 (1) - isn't hitsounded!!!
06:06:231 (2,3) - rhythm issue
06:21:576 (3) - rhythm issue
06:30:369 (9) - kick sliders could
Tear You Down is such a good song!
Indeed! I love it

Imma make some changes but ty for the hs overall

(bout the rhythms ill check them later c:)
Found brookes brothers through ya'. Thanks man, takes me back.
Awesome!!!!! Glad I could share you my favourite drum and bass duo!!

Hi, random modding from #modreqs!
  1. The audio quality is too high, I encoded it to rankable 192kbps for you :)https://puu.sh/xhNMb/f2771a2527.mp3 no offset change needed
  2. 00:08:298 (2,3) - I don't like this 3/4 slider, imo there's no need to place it here and there are no sliders like this in this section (before 00:10:195) so there's no consistency with this pattern ;)
  3. 00:14:678 (1,2,3,4,5,1) - You could try to distinguish this pattern from the previous section with 1/4 sliders (00:12:608 (1,2,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4)). Maybe replace them with "default" 1/2 jumps?
  4. 00:26:316 - 00:26:660 - That's quite interesting you omitted these drum sounds, consider including these notes in your map!
  5. 00:37:695 - This drum sound hasn't any counterpart in the map, consider putting an object here, for example you can try to replace 00:37:781 (4,5) into a short stream starting at tail of 00:37:437 (3).
  6. 01:52:049 (8) - Try to make spacing equal.
  7. 02:05:325 (8,9) - This is a noticeable spacing change in this five, you should change it to ~0.68-0.69.
  8. 02:48:658 - Add a note before the slider? Just like you made it in next sections.
  9. 03:01:503 (2,3,4) - I'm not the fan of short sliders with different directions, it's always confusing me :( Maybe try to reverse 03:01:676 (3).
  10. 03:12:538 (2) - This slider doesn't really fit to these strong bass sounds, try to make some nice jumps or anything like you made at 03:18:055 (2,3,4,5) or 03:15:296 (2,3,4).
  11. The part from 05:12:558 to 05:18:012 needs more quiet hitsounds. Now 80% with soft sampleset emphasizes the lack of any hitsounds. Try something like 40% or even lower.
  12. 03:46:370 (3) - Can you move this circle a bit right for better pattern? :^)
  13. 03:53:784 - Add clap sound, it seems you missed it.
  14. 03:54:128 (3) - 04:01:025 (4) - Shouldn't these sliders have a new combo?
  15. 04:57:229 (3) - This slider should be snapped to 1/4, I can't hear anything at 1/6.
  16. 05:21:649 (3,4,5,6,7,8) - I'm pretty sure you can improve the shape of this slider :)
  17. 05:22:649 (4,5) - Is this spacing intentional? I don't think there's a very significant note in music that should be interpreted with higher spacing.
  18. 05:34:921 (5,6) - Same here. In this case you should change this as the spacing is between red and blue tick , that can be very confusing for players! It would be fine if the spaced note was placed at downbeat, just like you did it at 05:29:921 (13,1).
  19. 06:08:645 (1,2) - Hm, why I was thinking while playing that the first slider is 3/4? Try to increase spacing between these sliders.

Really fun map, though if I were you, I would map longer parts of songs if possible (maybe 1 minute per song?) :p

edit: are you gonna revive this? i didnt notice this is in graveyard xd
Well , I tried to make it kinda fast for a minimix!

if that were just about me , i'd map the whole album ;D
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