SMT Monthly 12: April | Winner: UFRJD + Juck Fumps

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Looking for team :>
Looking for player add to the our team.I want one only My team is Juck Fumps. ^^
Hello Tiddielovers!

Anime Tiddles is recruiting! Now is the time to join our team!

Anime Tiddles is an Osu team with lot's of experience over multiple tourney's. A few accomplishments so far are:
First place SMT#6
First place SMT #8
Third place SMT #9
Second place SMT #10 (team B)
Third place SMT #10 (team A)
We also have experience with bigger tournaments like SMT Winter, OHC, and lot's of other tourneys

We are looking for Active people with a good amount of time over the weekends. ACTIVITY IN WEEKENDS IS A REQUIREMENT
We are looking for both 1k-10k AND 10k-50k Players!

Always wanted to join a fun team with a big community?
Always wanted to get better at osu?
Are you ready to fight for your win and feel the oh so sweet euphoria? ;)

Send me a message ingame, here in the forums or PM me!

See you soon!
[ Yong ]
Looking for someone to compete in the 10k-50k category (need 1 person to complete the team).
5k player LFT, can play everything(low ar, tech, hd/dt/nm) fairly well except hr/ar10.3

Send osu pm or message on discord (same name, Doughy, can see on smt server).
looking for team....
not good enough on previous.....
hi, looking for a team im 15k
LFT 23k
Can passing Ar10 maps
Better in streams\doubles
Searching a team, check my profile for info. Can play with u on mp for test. My discord #5822 Mone
Looking for team 25k hmu
Lookin for a Team, 12k can pretty much everything, except ar8 and 200+bpm very good at technical shit and stamina
Hello i am currently looking for max. 2 people for my team >,< you're welcome to pm me if you're interested ;3
Looking for a team for any month
Rank 3.9k and good at stuff
Lft 13k hmu
Looking for a team rank 13k pm me plox :p
Looking for team rank: 16985

[ Lily Black ] wrote:


Hello, our team ''Juck Fumps'' Is still searching for a 3rd and 4th member, We both are around 10-12k rank

NikolasM2453 Is the other player.

Well Hi there Lily, want two players for this tournament or you gotten already?
Looking for a team. 14.5k player :>
Looking for team aswell, ~15k player :3
To all the people looking for a team, this tournament is already ongoing, please sign-up for the may tournament instead: t/583465
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