Saika-'s STD NM / M4M modding queue [CLOSED]

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  1. I'm no professional modder, don't expect too much, still amateur
  2. First ones to post gets the mod
  3. It may take a while, please have patience
  4. I'm very, very lazy, don't mind me
  5. You can also PM me in-game if you want
  6. M4M open now here's the map: t/610156
  7. I do timings now!


  1. Always check last post
  2. If you already recieved my mod, don't post here for about 3 months!
  3. About 2 NM open per round, it depends
  4. For M4M, you mod first then I will mod soon after
  5. If you don't mod my map in a week then you can kiss goodbye to my mod to you
  6. I'll mod anything from 4-7*
  7. I'll mod 1 Diff
  8. I will not mod any maps that recieved more than 3 pages of mods or over 20 Star Rating
  9. Those who didn't read the rules will be ignored without warning
  10. No Marathon maps ((>5 mins)prefer <3 mins)
  11. No troll or meme songs
  12. If you have read the rule, please name your favourite anime character and from what anime somewhere in your post(manga are fine too), but if you neither watch anime or read manga just name someone from a serie or movie or whatever in the post. Just so I know that you have read the rule
DeRandom Otaku
NM ~ Mod any diff except hyper zz
I like kurumi from data a live w
I Hate Smoothie

NM thanks;)
hope u like it ;)

i love chino kafu from Is the Order a Rabbit?
Sakurauchi Riko
NM please
my favorite anime character is riko sakurauchi from love live sunshine :)

thank you!
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still open, not sure yet what to pick :p
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