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Ever17 wrote:

4 dollars.
At least you bought em. I'm too lazy to buy new ones so when my headset with mic crashed I put my mic together with another pair of headphones instead so I didn't have to travel quite a bit to get a pair of new ones.
For short amounts of time:

I was originally going to get Sennheisers, but these were 60%, so I got them instead. They're good for an hour or two, but then they start crushing my head.

For long amounts of time:

They're fairly good for $20, but at times, they seem to be loader on the side opposite the ear.
Colin Hou
AKG K450, works quite well with my Iaudio 9 player on classic and new age.


2 years of wear and tear on 500 dollar headphones

yes that is my ceiling. i live in australia after all.

Ephemeral wrote:

500 dollar headphones
This thread has a distinct lack of Grado headphones.

(stock photo directly from their site :P)
They look kinda lame, but the sound is really great. My GF payed for them, but the list price is $120 CAD. Only problem is that they are not that comfortable for extended listening, but after breaking them in, they have definitely improved since I got them.

Ephemeral wrote:

500 dollar headphones
Sounds like you'd got fisted. The 555s have always been mid tier.

Grados seem to be cool, but their lack of ergonomics and their mid-high spike makes them not what I'm really after.
People do actually use headphones to listen to music at home.

My world got turned upside-down.
cheaper to buy a pair of good headphones then to buy a good sound system
Kuran Deus

and a normal Philips too(?
I have these weird headphones.


loe4boe wrote:

I have these weird headphones.
Yay for generic airline headphones.

Daru wrote:

Sony MDR XB-500
The ear cushions feel like giant marshmallows. :D
wooo headphone buddies

Though I find that they start hurt my (outer) ears after wearing them for a few hours. My ears toughened up after a few weeks, but I still find myself having to take brief breaks from wearing them every so often. Love the bass though.

Yeah I really need to buy some decent headphones but I hardly use any so meh.
Kyonko Hizara

Admire the stain on my chair
Updating this thread.

Prolong borrowing these AD700s. I might look a little silly but my stuff sounds pretty nice~

Firo Prochainezo
Nice bra/pajamas

Nekoroll wrote:

Updating this thread.

Prolong borrowing these AD700s. I might look a little silly but my stuff sounds pretty nice~

i came
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