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For Singaporean players, but mapping is open to anybody
Play maps you have not seen before the tournament
Maps are all unsubmitted (till the tournament)
osu!Standard tournament
1st edition of the tournament
The initial idea that came about for this was to encourage mapping, especially for those in my country. It's now expanded to all for mapping but the idea is still the same nonetheless, to encourage mapping, especially those new to it. To have some people around during the process and ultimately see others try them out, at the end of it all. For the players, it's to just have fun and try something most others have not. It is just Singapore as of now, because it is to allow more opportunity for more people from Singapore to just participate and mingle.

Mapping Stage: 26 Feb 2017 -
Player Registration: 9 Dec - 20 Dec 2017
Tournament Dates: 22 Dec - 24 Dec 2017

If you are interested in contributing to the maps, please contact either me or handsome
Registration for players will be done after the mapping stage, interested players can still join the Discord server for updates before the registration window is open
Mapper and players should join the Discord server made for this tournament for updates and discussion

Head to Head, 8 players in a room
Scoring will be based on their position in the song (1st gets 1 point, 2nd 2, etc.)
Depending on the number of player registrations, it will either be 4 groups of 8, or 8 groups of 8
Mods will be applied to some of the maps (Hidden, DoubleTime, FreeMod)
Maps will be given to the players in the multiplayer room
For the First Round, grouping will be made such that each group will have 2 from the highest ranked 8/16 of the playerbase, 2 from the lowest ranked 8/16, and 4 from the rest of the playerbase, all chosen at random
For 32 players: 2 Rounds, 2 in each group of 8 will make it for the 2nd Round (Final Round)
For 64 players: 3 Rounds. 4 in each group will make it for the 2nd Round. 2 in the 2 groups in the 2nd Round will make it for the 3rd Round (Final Round)

Final Round
The Final Round will be somewhat unique. It will be team vs team 4 v 4
Based off the scores from the semi they are ranked
The top 2 people from the semis to pick their team, except they have to pick 1 from seeds 7 and 8, and 2 randomly from the other 4
Thue-Morse sequence will be used, and the order of picking people will be 011010
Best 3 in the Finals gets rewarded but as a team the winning one might get something as well


Open to all, not just Singaporeans
Maps are above 4* in Star Difficulty
Preferably longer than 1:30 minutes
Has to be unsubmitted and not on any site where it can be downloaded before the matches
You can only show your maps to other staff members before the matches
Any kind of song/genre is accepted (songs are of your own choice)
Disclaimer: Changes might have to be made on maps for this tournament, if you wish to have your map used, you would have to comply to this
We will still have to decide whether to accept the maps once they are done, that they meet certain criteria and standard
It is not certain that all mappers will have their maps in the tournament, but it is something we are trying to work to
Any addition of maps will cease when the mapping stage is over
Basic requirements of the maps: Fully mapped, at least a BG added. Hitsounds are optional (unless playability is affected too much if not present)
You can no longer participate as a player once you have expressed that you want to map


This is a tournament for Singaporean players
Registration will open around the time the mapping stage is over
Please ensure you are free to participate in the tournament
In the event where we cannot hit the 64 player target, and there are more than 32 interested players, those who registered first will have higher priority, and the rest will be placed under reserves should any of those already in fail to show up
Ensure you can download the maps during the match itself

osu! Supporter for the top 3
Breakdown tbd

If there are any questions regarding the tournament, feel free to reply to the thread or contact any of the staff
If the tourney is for Singaporeans only, you should probably note that down in your title

Something like osu! Singapore Sightread Tournament 2 (OSST2) would be more informative

wait a second

For what ranks is this tournament? I know maps is supposed to be above 4* and that it's only for Singaporeans, but I'm still curios about the specifics ^^

ErroTheCube wrote:

For what ranks is this tournament? I know maps is supposed to be above 4* and that it's only for Singaporeans, but I'm still curios about the specifics ^^

There is no range, it was opened to all Singaporean players that were interested and hopefully, able to play such maps for the first tournament. Slots are based on first-come-first-served basis.
Came here because of osu!weekly, but sadly my country is 1km away from joining this :(

Several maps have been added to the mappool.

First Round

A Himitsu - Adventures [Explore] by Rtyzen for NoMod
Kenshi Yonezu - MAD HEAD LOVE [Insane] by neonat for FreeMod

Second Round

CHiCO with Honeyworks - Heart no Shouchou [Resonance] by _Meep_ for NoMod
Honeyworks - Ima Suki ni Naru. ver.Capi [First Love] by sinn for Hidden

Final Round

Himeringo - World Lampshade [Illusion] by Lumision for NoMod
USAO - Night sky [emili] by Emilia for FreeMod

Stay tuned for more
Dates for registering and tentative match dates have been added. More maps will be added in time to come.
so sad i can't survive beyond 4.5*+,but still wants to join nonetheless.
Registrations are now open, the link to the form can be found within the Discord server
In the event that there is inadequate sign ups, the tournament may be postponed till next year, and other format changes might be made. List of current registrants has been added. Registered participants can fill in form for their available timings on the dates.
Registrations are closed, thanks for all those that signed up, groupings will be made soon
Matches will be tonight at 9pm GMT+8! Pools have been updated and Groupings are all up
The tournament has concluded! Congrats to GSBlank for coming in first, with LanJay a close second. Thanks to all that helped out and participated as well, and I hope to see everyone again for the next tournament.
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