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Will name it later!!


Welcome to another week of osu!Forums. I recently started playing Guild Wars 2 with a few friends, and I'm hoping that we can stick to it, this time. Most games that those guys play get dropped from the group pretty quickly... So here's hoping for the best!

The weekend was pretty nice. A few customers coming in for long periods of time, so I'm starting to get some money flowing through the internet cafe haha. I really looking forward to the day when I can finally move into an actual shop in the city center!! Wish me luck.

I'm a crowd-pleaser, so try to give me what you want. I'll take all suggestions into consideration and choose where/when to add it in.
Hey guys! It seems there ARE people out there who are willing to read my story! I'm so excited! Every creator gets more motivated with every new viewer. This can't be more true in my case. That being said, please continue to support me by visiting this thread every once in a while. I've decided to take the suggestion to show how often the chapters will be coming out. I'll be putting that info right at the bottom (after the chapters section). I reckon it'll be a pretty good place to put it - it'll give off the "To be continued..." feeling!!

A quick notice about my situation in real life: I'm still looking for a job in a call center environment. I'm really hoping that something will turn up, soon. Money is a big deal, and I'm kinda running on noodles and water... Student life? HAHA!! It's not like I can't afford to eat; I can! It's more like I'm trying to be as frugal as I can, so that I don't have to feel uneasy when I DO need the money for something. The internet cafe that I started isn't bringing in too many customers, yet, and I'm hoping that'll change quickly! If you're in Porirua, Wellington, New Zealand, you may wanna come check it out :D

Currently watching Hokuto no Ken. This anime is so old, but it's GOLD!! I had started watching it around the 2005-2007 area, but never got around to finishing it. I'm gonna try watch it all, this time haha. If you have any recommendations on anime (not that I'm a newbie) please feel free to comment on it, and I'll check it out!

Thanks again for reading the story! I know that there hasn't been much progress, yet, but if you guys have name suggestions for the story, I would love to hear it!
Phew!! Finally managed to bust out another chapter for you guys! (whoever's actually reading this...) I've been writing these chapters while I'm working at the internet cafe, so it's been a little difficult at times to keep on track. I hope that there weren't many - if any - typos and grammatical errors in them! If there are, please do let me know by posting a quick reply!!

Things are shaping up to make this story into one of those tsundere goddess types, where the MC does the bidding of the goddess or something haha I'll try to avoid it, as it was never my intention - though I AM reading a few light novels that have the MC low-key trying to save the world in their own way after coming back to life or going back in time. Those are always so interesting!!

Just wanted to say that I welcome all feedback. I've had my share of good and bad feedback, and I've always tried to take it all in, and improve on my own ability to write. Completely ROAST me, if you feel like it. I'd love to know that there are people reading this story!

Hope you continue to enjoy the story as it comes out!
So... Rather than a graphics workshop or an art gallery, I thought I'd do some writing! It's mainly because I can't draw for shit hahaha!... I'll be writing in the same way as most of the web novel/light novel authors do, so readers will have no problems with the writing style if they are fans of WuXia or XianXia. I'm not sure if there are character limits on these posts, but I'll find a way around it should I hit the problem. Feel free to comment on the story, or talk about it in this thread. I'm not a complete newbie to forums and BBCode, but there will be times where I'll hit a snag due to inexperience. I just hope that it won't affect your enjoyment of my writing.

A bit about me? I'm currently between jobs, and I'm stuck looking after an internet cafe. I'm really hoping that I'll be picked up by one of the places that I've applied for! I used to do post-by-post role playing on another website. Things got super stale, and I left it very quickly. There were always people who would show a lot of interest in your ideas, but bail on you as soon as you start - wasting all the time that you put into preparing the settings and such. I didn't really like that kinda of environment, and I opted to leave.

Though osu!Forums doesn't really seem like a place that people would want to share their literary works, I'm gonna give it a try to see if there are people here that would take a bit of time every now and then to read my writing. Who knows? It might actually turn out well!

A lot of this will be touch-and-go, so please bare with me! Feel free to point out the typos and the grammatical errors. I'm quite responsive!

Thanks for reading!
What?! I Died Again?! But, wait! There's more?

Welp! There goes all my hard work...

Spend all your life trying to be a successful person, and what happens? Some jealous guy comes along and stabs you in the back. Literally.

Well, I guess it was only a matter of time... I should've been more careful of those around me. Even if they seemed to be good friends with me!



Maybe I should just give up on this reincarnation thing... But that darned witch of a Goddess!! Why did I agree to her just so I could live again?! I'm so STUPID!! I was conned! CONNED!! I should've known better than to believe that there was no price to pay for another chance at life!
"I will give you the chance to live the life you've always wanted..." MY ASS!! Sure, I was always successful, and I had plenty of 'friends' and family who loved me, but it was all for naught when I got stabbed!! AHHH!!! My life was just a sham, in the end...

Being born handsome... Remembering all the experiences of my past life... Getting ahead of all in the same age group as myself... Being recognised as a complete genius before even reaching my tenth birthday... Getting into college at the age of fifteen... Graduating only a few years after that, with a Masters degree... Being scouted by the big names in the TeleCo industry, and becoming an Executive in the same year, leading the company to new heights... Finally being stabbed in the back as I get out of the company limousine for lunch... I HADN'T EVEN HAD SEX, YET!!


Being successful sucks... Maybe I'm just not cut out for that kind of lifestyle?... The first life I can remember was unsuccessful, and I managed to live a lot longer than I did in my second life... Maybe that's the secret to longevity? Aim to be unsuccessful?! ... Nah...

I wonder what will become of the people that I left behind?... Will they miss the me of that world?... Will I be remembered in the years to come?... Will my family be pitied by others for having lost a genius son?... What of my Twutter followers?! They won't have me to make them laugh with my original rage comics! I get the feeling my priorities aren't in the right place, here...


Haaaa... Alas! It is only human to be greedy enough to fall for such a thing. Next time - if there is a 'next time' - I'll definitely decline the offer to live another life. I'll never be so stupid, again!

Oh? So you don't want to have another chance to live the life you've always wanted, Jun Long?


Dammit... Why am I so stupid?!!!!!
The Goddess, Guanyin a.k.a. The Bully of Fate

For some, an arm is a small price to pay to meet an idol. For others, their livelihood for family overseas. Even death is but a currency when it comes to matters involving Gods. That said, those situations were where the people had agreed to paying any price to achieve what they wanted in life. Why is it, then, that I'm, once again, sitting opposite this same white robed Goddess awaiting the new life with which she will bestow upon me?!

Sitting across from a noble figure, clad in dazzling white, was a timid looking young adult man. He slouched forward putting his elbows to rest atop his thighs, the palms of his hands covering his reddened face from the view of others. Why am I naked?...

He was naked.

Despite there being a completely naked man sitting in front of her, a solemn smile appeared on the face of the lightly glowing figure. It seemed to be that this wasn't the first time that she had seen a man naked.

Jun Long. How was your most recent life? Was it what you've always wanted?

Her voice was that of a Goddess - literally. Each syllable caressing the ears of those who were blessed enough to hear them. Harp strings wouldn't even compare to the beauty that is the voice of a Goddess. Were Rachmaninoff given an eternity, he would not have been able to compose a piece one-tenth as enchanting as the gentle vibrations that echoed throughout the space these two completely contrasted figures were sitting in.

Did you achieve all that you wished to achieve?

She continued asking questions with her eyes closed, and her head tilted forward slightly. That same solemn smile, ever able to clasp onto the hearts of any man who were to glimpse it, filled her face with a look of tenderness.

It was everything I thought I would ever want.

The feeble mumbling of a disappointed man resounded in reply. One would almost assume that there was no reverence, in the voice, completely disregarding whom this person was talking to.

It was? Was it not, then, dear Jun Long?

I was considered a genius! I was never in need of money! I was popular, and people genuinely loved me! What more could any normal person ask for?

The man took pause, as though he were thinking of what to say next.

However, I must have been spoiled by the constant attention, for I had become numb to the feeling of ecstasy that came from it all. It was no longer what I wanted - what I thought I wanted...

It is only human nature to want that which you do not have, dear Jun Long. Desire is the center of personal growth. Shun not the new desires that sprout within your heart. Let blossom those goals and dreams of yours, so as to create a better world for yourself. This is all that I wish for you in your lives to come.

That's some nice crap you're spouting, there, Miss Goddess!

Standing up to point at the one in front of him, Jun Long looked like an iconic defense attorney. He was, however, still naked. Sitting down to cover himself, he looked at the Goddess in disdain. Knowing that the tenderness displayed towards him was a complete farce, Jun Long was in no mood to continue pretending that this 'higher being' in front of him was anything like what a Goddess should be.

A Goddess should be kind, caring, and loving; all-knowing and all forgiving. A Goddess should promote peace between all, and purity. A Goddess should always take into consideration how their subjects are feeling and show mercy. If that's the case, then what the HELL is this thing sitting upon a sparkling chrome white chair in front of Jun Long?!

Oh, my dear Jun Long, whatever could you mean?

What once was a solemn looking tender smile, on the still lightly glowing figure, slowly creased itself into a slightly sinister looking smirk. She held her right hand out, her slender fingers waving through the space with an air of magic about them. Jun Long grunted aloud, and was raised into the air as though constricted by an invisible snake.

The tender figure of the Goddess approached Jun Long with a gliding motion, and caressed his face with the back of her gentle hand. She raised her lips to reach Jun Long's ear, and blew on it ever so gently, causing Jun Long's face to dye itself in a slight blush. The deadly smirk on her face slowly opened to nibble on his earlobe.

My dear Jun Long, you wouldn't be thinking that I were being unfair to you, would you? I, Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion?

Jun Long tried to resist the intense waves of pleasure he was feeling from the delicate nibbling and light puffs of air as the Goddess, Guanyin, breathed in and out of her nose. Hopeless to the sensations given to him by the playful actions of this merciful being, Jun Long soon let out a deep moan as he completely gave in and became the dispensable play-thing for this supposedly kind and caring Goddess.

Now you're being more honest, my dear Jun Long. Surely you've seen the light and have begun to desire an eternal life of servitude as one of my loyal followers? Praising my name atop tranquil mountains with fellow devout believers? Does this life not feel to be a life complete to you, now?...

Mmm... NO! I will not give in to you, you shitty Goddess!! A life of abstinence, and a constant sausage fest atop some random mountain?! You must be kidding!

Finally managing to struggle and break free of the seductive advances of the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, Guanyin, Jun Long shouted out what he really desired from the bottom of his heart:

I want to live a life of freedom!! One where I don't have to care about the restraints of this biased society that believes that everything is set in stone; that everyone should all aim towards the same goal of success and riches! I want to travel, and see new things - new people!! I don't want even ONE day in my new life to feel stale or old!! Grant me my desires, Goddess of Mercy and Compassion!

A more tender smiling face now looked at the still flustered Jun Long before smoothly gliding away.

My dear Jun Long... May this new life that I shall bestow upon you bring you the joys and wonders that you truly desire from the bottom of your heart... Use the knowledge from your previous lives to bring you prosperity, and share the morals which I have come to love you by to the people around you... Find love... Find happiness... Most of all, find meaning in this new life of yours... I hope, this time, it will be many a decade more before I am to see you, again...

NOT Hahahahaha!!!

With a powerful wave of her slender hand, the Goddess, Guanyin, pushed the terrified Jun Long into the white abyss that had surrounded them from the start. Jun Long's naked body shone brightly and disappeared from the space.
A Whole New World, With Dazzling Things I've Never Seen! ♪♫

Sitting at rest was a child with his back against the trunk of a tree. He had a head of light brown hair, which was swaying to the gentle breeze, tilted to the side slightly. His breathing was soft, as he was snoozing the afternoon away on the outskirts of a forest. This was Jun Long. The new Jun Long. Seven years in this current life had passed since he last saw the Goddess, Guanyin. He is now a handsome youth with healthy tanned skin and a well-toned body.

In this life, he was birthed to Jun Wei, his father, and Jun Yin, his mother, which were part of a big farming family. Between the two of them they had 250 acres of farm land, some of which was used to build housing upon, and plenty of farm-workers to tend the fields and raise their families on the land. This collection of families naturally banded together to become the Jun Clan. Jun Wei was currently in a position to take on the role of the next patriarch from his father, Jun Long's grandfather, Jun Feng. This said, it is easy to note that, in this life, Jun Long is considered a Young Master of the family, and is living an easy life. This would be a misconception, however, as this new world was one where one's strength and connections were everything.

With every new life, Jun Long's body would also be a new one, and his brain was no exception. Having experienced the same thing as he did during his last reincarnation, Jun Long quickly organized his knowledge from his previous lives and made room for new information and knowledge to pour itself into his brain. He was conscious of who he was, and all that was around him, from the moment he opened his eyes to gaze upon his beautiful mother.

Though his family was one of farmers, they were not exempt of the power struggle that held the nations within its grip. The Jun family members would all practice martial arts and send their talented youths to martial arts academies all over, based on the level of their talent. Every direct descendant of the Jun family would have their aptitude tested before the young age of ten, as the required age to be enrolled into any of the martial arts academies was ten, and have their lives decided by the elders from that point on. The talented children would be sent to the best academies, and they were given a full scholarship, whereas the not so talented children would either be lucky enough to be still be sent to an academy - which their own family had to pay tuition for - or forced to a life of servitude under the Jun Clan.

The Jun Clan's aptitude testing only happened once every four years. This year would be the last chance that Jun Long would have before the course of his life is decided by the clan's elders. Though he was a potential heir to the patriarchy of the Jun Clan, he was not exempt from the clan's traditions and rules. He, just the same as everyone else in the clan, had to be tested. The test was only a few days away.

Thus, with Jun Long having done all that he can to prepare for the day, he was resting against the trunk of a tree not to far from the forest.

A small distance away, one of the farmers noticed Jun Long's presence and called out to him.

Young Master! Young Master, Jun Long!

Opening his eyes slowly, Jun Long looked toward the one that woke him from his calm slumber. He stood up, patting himself of the dirt and grass, and waved at the farmer in the distance with a broad smile across his face.

Yo!! Working hard, Uncle?

Dropping his waving arm to shield his eyes from the afternoon sun, Jun Long smiled towards the horizon with a thoughtful look.

This place smells like cow shit.

Update Schedule
2 - 3 times per week depending on Chapter lengths

Please look forward to the next Chapter!
Really nice to see something different in the Art section than just avatars and stuff, looking forward to this! :D
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Thank you for the support, @Calibus! I really appreciate you coming by to check this out!

I'm always at work, so I try to spend any free time I can on doing things I like doing. Story-writing is something I've always been keen on doing, and it's just a lovely pass-time.

I hope that you, and all the others that come to read my story, enjoy it! I'm not J.R.R. Tolkien, but I'll give it my best!
Oh hey this seems interesting, cant wait for new chapters
I love reading translated japanese novels especially reincarnation ones. This one has a japanese style of writing and also a smutty feeling, correct me if I'm wrong :3

I hope you make a separate box for identifying what kind of genre you are writing. Some others look for what kind of genre is the writer doing. Is it fantasy? Romance? Shoujo? and etc. Also include what day is the update 2 times a week? Saturday and Sunday? and so forth.

Because I'm a reader and like you I started writing, I update it once a week in my tumblr acct. Hope your story will be good, I wish you all the best. And also continue writing even though few people is reading your stories. Even if it is few they are also a reader that looks forward in your stories. Well if you made a website for your stories can you message me, I will be happy to follow your website or your page XD

And also your stories are interesting by the way, and it's also so new to see a story post in the art forum, I didn't see it coming but I'm happy. I support you ;3
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-Jukke- wrote:

Oh hey this seems interesting, cant wait for new chapters

minibethangel wrote:

I love reading translated japanese novels especially reincarnation ones. This one has a japanese style of writing and also a smutty feeling, correct me if I'm wrong :3

I hope you make a separate box for identifying what kind of genre you are writing. Some others look for what kind of genre is the writer doing. Is it fantasy? Romance? Shoujo? and etc. Also include what day is the update 2 times a week? Saturday and Sunday? and so forth.

Because I'm a reader and like you I started writing, I update it once a week in my tumblr acct. Hope your story will be good, I wish you all the best. And also continue writing even though few people is reading your stories. Even if it is few they are also a reader that looks forward in your stories. Well if you made a website for your stories can you message me, I will be happy to follow your website or your page XD

And also your stories are interesting by the way, and it's also so new to see a story post in the art forum, I didn't see it coming but I'm happy. I support you ;3
Thanks for the support, guys! I'm not really wanting to get into the smutty side of things, but fan service is always a must haha!

Thank you for the suggestions, @minibethangel. I'll take them all into consideration and make it easier for people to know what it is they're in for!
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Hey readers! Chapter 3 is out! Let me know what you thought about it!
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Another week, another few chapters! I hope you're all looking forward to chapter 4, 5, and possibly 6! Be sure to tell your reading friends about this, and try to get some attention for me? Thanks!
Always good to see something new in the Art subforum, as it tends to be primarily focused around the GFX-side of things. Had a quick read of it, and it looks good!

is that an exo avatar? hehe
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