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hello nice map <3
01:18:791 (1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3) - feels forced Lol
01:23:714 - the 1/8 repeat sliders r kind of inconsistnt (btw this kiai looks v diff from the other ones)
02:38:791 (1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4,5,6,1,2,3,1,2,1,2,3,4,5) - a bit heavy on 1/2 compared to preceding (also th doubles feel a littl weird,)
03:45:560 (3,1) - Fuc Lol 2 big, ; /
06:36:944 - u could use this hitsound a bit more in this section TBH

normal-hitwhistle sounds kinda out of plac Lop
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i actually changed the normal-hitwhistle already LUL

im not sure what you mean about 01:18:791 - ; also i might go through and tweak the first kiai yea

reduced spacing of 03:45:560 (3,1) - , and i'll change th doubles (again)
btw the fade in ur sb at 02:42:483 - jumps
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im gay

  1. From automod:
    Wave hitsounds with possible delay > 5ms:
    Unused hitsounds:
  2. 07:42:636 - custom set conflict
  1. 01:13:252 (5) - would fit music much better if you use a circle+slider from 01:13:406 -
  2. 02:22:175 (1,2,3,4) - 3 4 stack kinda break the flow, id recommend a square here or at least try some other jumps
  3. 02:46:791 (7) - 02:51:714 (7) - NC
  4. 05:53:944 - should map this triple
  5. 05:54:329 (4,1) - 1 is downbeat and with spacing like 05:54:329 (4,1,2) - this isnt emphasised, i think u can increase ds here

Rest seems quite same so yeah
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ranking criteria wrote:

Tracks created by composers belonging to doujin circles should list the circle's name as the main composer. The sole exception to this is when a composer of a given circle is well-known enough by their own name. In this case, their own composer name may be used instead.
pretty sure An is well-known enough as An (and also "AcuticNotes" is literally just An + a designer)

changed stuff except:
02:22:483 (3,4) - using a jump would make 02:22:791 (1) - feel slower by comparison which I don't think I want
05:53:944 - it sounds way too faint to me, compared to the 1/2 there
01:42:868 (1) - this spinner is way too short tbh, even auto can only spin 1000...also there are some strong beats that you can map and they are much more noticeable than 01:42:560 (2,3,4,5) - . imo it's better if you could map it rather than use a spinner
02:22:637 (4,1) - still think ds should be increased compared with 02:22:329 (2,3) - due to the downbeat
03:27:868 (1) - the reverse slider isnt following anything
03:28:791 - 03:29:252 - 03:31:252 (4,5,1) - inconsistent rhythm?
04:24:637 (3) - idk whats the reverse slider following
wen u get ur 2nd bubble call me for approval
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01:42:868 (1) - I am not inclined to change this spinner, here are a few reasons (since this is probably the most salient point in the mod)
- most importantly, I think it fits the sudden rising sound in the music very well
- the sounds in the music you hear are snapped to 1/3. Using a 1/3 circle pattern would arguably be more jarring than a fast spinner, so I'd have to use slider(s) to account for them. But that would completely fail to convey the feeling in the song.
- it is near the beginning of the map, so it is not incredibly mean
- I showed the map to some people and they considered the spinner one of the best transitions (so it feels like something valuable to the map would be lost were I to change it)
- 01:23:098 - the reason I didn't use a spinner here also is because I wanted the start of the kiai to be clickable

02:22:637 (4,1) - I increased the spacing, but only slightly, because in practice the stacking of (3,4) already serves to make (1) stronger, so significant additional spacing is unnecessary imo

03:27:868 (1,2,3,4) - I changed this pattern a bit
about the rhythm in that section: there are two layers in the music that are somewhat conflicting--I chose to follow the lower-pitched one more, while trying to account for the higher pitched one with slider-ends, etc. If you listen to the timestamps you linked about rhythm, the differences are accounted for by different behavior of the lower-pitched layer

04:24:637 (3) - I used a 1/2 repeat slider here because my alternatives here were:
- to use a 1/1 slider. The problem with this is that I want much more emphasis to be on (4), since the piano is stronger and the woosh sound in the music is reaching its peak there. In order to achieve this, I don't want movement to be on (3). I could also use a 1/1 slider with significantly lower SV, but that would stick out like a sore thumb considering I don't (nor have reason to) do that elsewhere in the section.
- to use a pause. There are a number of problems with this too: while I want less movement on (3), I definitely don't want it to be empty, because that would go against the woosh sound in the music. If I took this approach, I'd also want to put a circle at 04:24:944 - (to properly emphasize (4) and I guess also for "polarity" as charles would call it), but having that faint note be clickable is also kind of weird.
All in all, I don't think the "empty repeats" are much of a problem since they're not being clicked, and it achieves the purpose that I want.

thanks for checking!
Amazing map as usual. <3
oh shit
oh shit

it's RLC
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@kibb: message me on discord when th time comes; i might want to make a few small changes

edit: qualified

edit2: whoops fixed icon

07:24 RLC: are u rdy 2 meme
07:24 Kibbleru: yea
07:24 RLC: alrit
07:24 RLC: shid
07:24 RLC: osu broke
07:24 Kibbleru: its lik 7 in the morning to u
07:24 Kibbleru: u hav tim
07:24 Kibbleru: to irc?
07:25 RLC: yea
07:25 RLC: i woke up at 3am for some reason l o l
07:25 Kibbleru: np me ur map again, i forgot the nam x d
07:25 *RLC is editing [ An - OrVid [Unity]]
07:25 Kibbleru: and im too lazy to search through 207 results of 'rlc'
07:25 Kibbleru: ok
07:25 Kibbleru: do i need to redl this btw?
07:25 RLC: uhhh
07:25 RLC: probably not, depending on when you dl'd
07:26 RLC: i was going to say "should do it anyway" but then rembmered cn internet
07:26 Kibbleru: XD
07:26 Kibbleru: actually its not bad
07:26 Kibbleru: have fibre optics here LOL
07:26 RLC: damn
07:26 Kibbleru: op
07:26 Kibbleru: nvm
07:27 Kibbleru: nvm
07:27 Kibbleru: k i cn dl
07:27 RLC: nice
07:30 Kibbleru: 03:29:406 (5,1) - wait shudnt nc b swapped here lol
07:31 RLC: good point
07:31 RLC: actually i think i'll add 03:29:406 (5,3) -
07:31 RLC: nc's on both of these
07:31 RLC: because of the neighboring measures
07:31 Kibbleru: ok
07:32 RLC: 03:34:944 (3) - also going to replace this with two circles, i think it feels less weird
07:33 Kibbleru: 04:08:483 (1,3) - just a nazi thing but u dont usually overlap a slider through the other body o-o
07:33 Kibbleru: lik that
07:34 Kibbleru: 04:18:483 (1,2) - makes more sense to me here if nc was swapped (again)
07:34 RLC:
07:34 Kibbleru: thats gud :d
07:35 Kibbleru: since i feel 04:18:175 (9,1) - shd b on the same combo
07:35 RLC: hmm
07:35 RLC: that green combo feels a bit long
07:35 Kibbleru: ya i guess so lol
07:35 RLC: maybe i should move the NC as you suggeste
07:35 RLC: and add one on 04:17:560 (7) - ?
07:36 RLC: seems to make sense
07:36 Kibbleru: i think i wud add on 04:18:175 - or wat u said works too
07:37 Kibbleru: 04:25:560 (5,1) - 04:44:021 (8,3) - som nazi overlap stuffs
07:38 Kibbleru: 04:55:098 (5) - u kind of do it differently here 04:35:406 (1) - o-o
07:39 Kibbleru: 05:19:714 (5,4) - maybe u cn stack this, not too important lol
07:40 RLC: the imperfect overlap of 04:25:098 (4,1) - is intentional but the (5) is unfortunate
07:40 RLC: hm
07:40 RLC: i'll lower the (4)
07:41 Kibbleru: 05:39:252 (6) - imo circle and slider would fit better here kinda like 05:29:406 (5,6) -
07:42 Kibbleru: oh, it seems like u dont really do anything special for that place consistently
07:45 RLC: ya it/s w/e
07:45 Kibbleru: did u fix anything else
07:47 RLC: 05:26:329 (2,3,4,5) - gonna nerf this slightly
07:47 RLC: because the double is somewhat unexpected
07:47 RLC: so i'll let the spacing b easy
07:47 Kibbleru: ok
07:47 RLC: 05:19:252 (3,4) - do u think this is 2 big
07:49 Kibbleru: if u can make it smaller then feel free
07:49 Kibbleru: i wouldnt really bother if its a bit hard to do
07:51 Kibbleru: 10:30:482 (1) - lol nazi but can u make this a bit smoother
07:51 Kibbleru: just rly stood out to me lmao
07:52 RLC: sure
07:52 RLC: oh wait
07:53 RLC: actually i think i want that one to be especially curvy cuz of the thing in the music
07:53 Kibbleru: oh
07:53 Kibbleru: ok
07:53 Kibbleru: did u
07:53 Kibbleru: do anything to 04:54:791 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,1) -
07:54 RLC: no but i changed the previous one
07:54 Kibbleru: oh ok
07:54 Kibbleru: ok
07:54 Kibbleru: fuck im finally done
07:54 Kibbleru: aight
07:54 RLC: ok i will updt
07:56 Kibbleru: im gunna
07:56 Kibbleru: assume
07:56 RLC: updated; gonna listen through it once with small music vol and high hs vol
07:56 RLC: to check if i missed anything
07:56 Kibbleru: im gunna assume those unsnapped timing lines dont affect anything lol
07:57 RLC: only kiai start/end have to be snapped as far as green lines go
07:57 RLC: iirc?
07:57 RLC: they're unsnapped because i had to do a timing/mp3 change
07:58 Kibbleru: yep
07:58 Kibbleru: only kiai
07:58 Kibbleru: and
07:58 Kibbleru: obv dont fuk up ur slider velocity
07:58 RLC: ya
07:58 Kibbleru: but just kiai start and end hav to b snapped
07:59 Kibbleru: ur checking hitsounds?
07:59 RLC: yea
08:16 RLC: updated
08:16 RLC: added some normal-hitfinishes that were missing
08:16 RLC: 09:06:943 (4,5,6,7,8,9,1,2) - adjusted this pattern
08:18 Kibbleru: ok
08:18 Kibbleru: so can i qualify now
08:18 RLC: ya
08:18 RLC: im
08:18 RLC: read y,
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