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help i want to know how can i creat a combo burst
Louis Cyphre
How do I make a skin?
Oh boy. If you have to ask, it's going to be tricky. First off, download the "template skin for skin makers" through Osume, and read the readme.txt and all the notes in the skin.ini file. Then download one, several, or even all of the other available skins, and look at what they do, comparing what you see in the game to the files in the folder. Then make a copy of the template skin folder, edit the skin.ini to fit your skin, and start playing around with the pngs in Photoshop or a similar program (You can't make a decent skin in MS Paint, sorry. You need something that can create transparent png files). Experimentation is the best way to learn your way around, and once you think you have something worth sharing (or if you really need help) zip up the folder (right click the folder and hit send to -> compressed/zipped folder), delete any files that you haven't edited (to save space) and post it in a new thread here as an attachment, with some screenshots. The skinning community (mostly me, sigh) will be happy to lend a hand.
copy from the template skin or draw something on a 256x256 palette using mspaint or something slightly better like GIMP or photoshop.

Place it in a folder in osu!/skins/ then choose that skin in settings.

ziin wrote:

using mspaint

ziin wrote:

Holy s- , ._.
Pretty simple stuff. First off you need to find some transparent .PNG images of characters that you want to put in your skin. There are plenty of them in anime image hosting sites. Here and here is an example.

For editing purposes, I just use Microsoft Picture Manager. Don't really need Photoshop or Gimp unless you want to make major changes to the pictures. Transparent .PNGs don't work well with MS Paint though.

Now all you need to do is just resize the images to fit osu!'s skinning requirements. Dimensions are basically ? x 767. '?' being a variable width and height set to 767 px. You don't want to set the width too high though 'cause the combobursts will span across the playing field and distract you. Try to choose images where the characters seem to pop out from the left and not cut off at the right side. Those with clean edges work best. Then do some cropping if required, save in .png format and you've got your own custom comboburst characters :D

Now just move them into the skin folder of your choice and rename them 'comboburst-0' or 1 and so on depending on how many you want to have in your skin.

I've uploaded some of my custom characters on imgur, all ready edited. Feel free to download and use them :D
I'm constantly adding more to the collection, so have it bookmarked and check back every now and then if you like them ^^
The maximum width is 500px. This was set a year or so ago because it's rather unneeded to have a comboburst span out to great lengths... However, that number is only hard-driven for beatmaps, so making your skin, should be, more or less, nothing to worry about as much. ;)

Those are really nice, salted_nuts! Those also work very well as nice renders too, whether they can be for avatars, user signatures, and even storyboards.
Truly Desired
so do i continue renaming them as comboburst-0, comboburst-1, comboburst-2 ... etc, or just all one number?
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