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check my last post to see what is open
also read rules before posting please

rules last updated: december 16

this queue is not based on any guarantees, just post and i will mod maps i find interesting
sorry :(

- Demetori
- Foreground Eclipse
- Imperial Circus Dead Decadence
- Undead Corporation
- Draw the Emotional
- Vermillion-D Alice Syndrome
- Release hallucination
- s09m

- maps of metal songs and songs by the artists in the box above will take priority

- no english music

- nightcore is not allowed. get out

- please try to have some mapping experience before posting in this queue, maps that are riddled with overlaps and poor rhythms will not receive mods

- M4Ms are usually a guaranteed mod, but the above rules still apply.

- if requesting an M4M, I mod first. if you mod first the m4m will be ignored.

- history -
- total mods -
(from first mod to latest mod)
Bold have been ranked or loved
1. Shinkou wa Hakanaki Ningen no Tame ni ~ Jehovah's YaHVeH by [-Crissaegrim-]
Bold have been ranked or loved
1. Gabriel Drop Kick by Not Tomori
2. 99 by IceKalt
3. Level One by HeyItsSins
4. Yomi yori Kikoyu, Koukoku no Tou to Honoo no Shoujo. by T r i s t a n
5. Tsubomi (Long Version) by bor
6. furioso melodia by XDLok
7. C18H27NO3(extend) by fufu-
8. Lachryma<Re:Queen'M> by Kroytz
9. Gabriel Drop Kick by AtoNiik
10. Shiny Ray by gottagof4ast
11. Apocalypse 1992 by SCANDiO
12. Saikyou Mushiba Koujishi Kussakuchu by Voltaeyx
13. Owari to Hajimari no Oto by fattypikachu
14. Shiny Ray by gottagof4ast
15. Kikoku Doukoku Jigokuraku by MBmasher
16. This Guy Moaned At Least This Loud (Jurassic Park) by Nihs_Nooj
17. Clash on the Big Bridge (danooct1 8-Bit Remake) by FruityEnLoops
18. Within the Massive Stream by [Nemesis]
19. Reality Check Through the Skull by Zel
20. -BWW SCREAM- by Arutsuki
21. sweets parade by gary00737
22. Kimi no Yozora Shoukaihan by newton-
23. KNOCK KNOCK by CharmCaster
24. Six Years on Dope by ayygurl
25. days by Verissan
26. Gekiai no Yobigoe ga Dekiai no Kyougoe wo Kurau by Gus
27. Defenders of Bu-Tik Palace by Catshy
28. Deadlocked by walter85
29. The Violation by [Nemesis]
30. Strike by MrKOSIEJ
31. Youyou Bakko ~ Who done it ! ! ! by [-Crissaegrim-]
32. Sora ni Utaeba by DivineEngima
33. Seijouki no Piero ~ The MadPiero Laughs by Jean-Michel Jr
34. The Sun, The Moon, The Star by hohol54
E n d
Hey! Good luck with your queue mate
Trying my luck with a NM please
There are a lot of difficulties, you can choose whichever diff feels the most comfortable for you to mod
there is a big difference between a 10 min map and a 1 min map tho...
If you hafta choose one mod Hard pls thanks

NM request
Title: Mob Choir - 99

You can choose the diff you ant because you dont specify your preferable diffs ^^

Thanks in advance and have a nice day^^
NM request!

Thanks :)
Sakurauchi Riko

requesting NM
thank you
Mapper nm request, thanks! :D
hi. its a new version .NM. Fred.
Topic Starter
NM is open
Abe Nana

NM request

thank you :3
NM request:
(not pushing for rank, just need feedback for improving my mapping)
Hello! NM request! ^-^


Thanks! :)

NM request, thanks a bunch~~ :)

Topic Starter
closed for now, opens march 6
i use timewarp
i have modded your map. Here is mine :D
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