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Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I was feeling pretty bored and suddenly remembered that osu! had this "great option" to play with a BLAZING FIRE that covers up half your playscreen. And now I really want to have that experience again since I've always turned it off while it was still there l o l.

But it's already been removed last I heard, can I still change something in the stable or does fallback still have this feature?
hopefully not :worried:
You can add custom combo bursts to your skin and adjust how much combo you need and the order of combo bursts.
sadly you can't turn it off unless you revert your game back to 2012 or so version which is unusable with today maps and online is not working
It works but it looks out of touch. If it's for gameplay purpose, it'll be hard since it vanishes after one map. You need to refresh your skin with Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S in order to use it again.

You can do it on Stable Fallback, if you change the value of your osu!XXX.cfg. There's a variable "Combo Fire" that you can turn to 1.

It'll look like this, on a "recent map" : https://imgur.com/a/32fgv .

Hope it helped.

P.S. : It's not that bad in o!mania I guess...
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