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Do you enjoy solving puzzles? Working with other people? Crying out in frustration?
If you said yes to at least two of those, you should sign up for this competition!

[Signups are CLOSED!]



This is a competition in which players compete in teams to solve a selection of puzzles before the other teams do,
or to at least solve the most by the end of the time limit. This thread is both for giving expressions of interest, and also to ask questions.
This post also holds the leaderboard, which will be kept up to date during the competition.



Q. What size teams will there be?
A. Players must form a team of 2 to 4 people (preferably 3).
Larger teams will be asked to split, and solitary players must at least find a partner.

Q. When does the competition start?
A. Signups will be likely stay open for 1 to 2 weeks, depending on how much interest this receives.
I will let players know in advance when the start date is confirmed.

Q. How many puzzles? How long is the time limit?
A. There is 8 to solve, and players are given 2 weeks to solve as many as they can.
If progress is particularly slow, the time limit may possibly be increased, but I doubt that will be necessary.

Q. What will the puzzles be like? How are they solved?
A. Each puzzle comes in the form of an image. They are not connected to each other; they are all separate to solve,
and can be solved in any order. The solution to each puzzle comes in the form of a single word.
Guessing the solutions will not work as I will also be asking for a short summary of how they are solved.

Q. Will teams need to use the internet to solve them?
A. Yes, I doubt any player will already know everything they need to be able to solve all 8 of the puzzles.
Some puzzles require knowledge that not everyone has, and so research will be very helpful.

Q. Where will the players communicate?
A. There is a Discord server for this competition in which each team also have their own private room and voice chat.
After signing up, I will invite the team to the server.
Please make sure that you have Discord if you are participating in this event.

Q. Are there team captains?
A. Yes, each team will nominate a captain. The player with this role is in charge of organising their team,
and will be the main point of contact between the staff and all of the players.

Q. I don't think I'm any good at puzzles :( Should I still join?
A. When it comes to this event, what's more important than ability is determination.
If you're the kind of person to give up as soon as you realise how difficult something is, or when you get stuck,
I'd advise you to sit out of this one. However, if you're the kind of person who doesn't give up,
and who enjoys a challenge, this event is for you, regardless of puzzle-solving ability!

Q. I bet the puzzles will end up being impossible to solve, right?
A. These were all designed by me over the span of a few years, and I am not a professional puzzle designer!
This means that yes, there could possibly be some awkward leaps in logic at some points, and perhaps the designs won't end up
being the most user-friendly, but I have tried my hardest to make these puzzles very much possible to solve.
I have had multiple groups of people beta-test them, and while most were unsuccessful, each puzzle was able to be solved!
If most teams end up completely stuck at a certain point, I am happy to provide hints to keep things moving along.

If you have any other questions, feel free to message me or simply post it in this thread!



Each member of the winning team will receive 1 Month osu!supporter!
Thanks to Vaporwave for providing the prize :D



[Click Me!]


Sign Up [CLOSED!]

/!\ Before signing up:
- Make sure you and your team are willing to put in the effort that this event requires! Teams that end up doing nothing or
quit right away are a waste of time and effort, especially when there's people that actually want to give this a go.
- If your team has two incredibly skilled puzzle-solvers, perhaps consider forming two teams with those two players as captains.
It will balance out the teams a little, and who doesn't like a little bit of friendly rivalry? ;)
- Make sure the other members in your team are aware of the above the above points, and the rest of the information on this thread.

To sign up, please use the following format.

Team Name: (please keep this appropriate)
Team Captain:
Team Member 1:
Team Member 2: (delete this if team only has 2 members)
Team Member 3: (delete this if team only has 3 members)


Final Note

This is my first time organising something like this. I have no idea what to expect in terms of the amount of people that will sign up, or the amount of time it will take to solve the puzzles. I at least hope that enough people end up being interested so that this event can go ahead, so please, spread the word! If you know of anyone else that might be interested in joining, send them the link to this thread!

Good Luck!
This is a really cool idea, hopefully it goes well :) have fun for everyone participating! Good luck :D
Interesting, might get myself a group if I find some time between SOFT and stuff.
lf 2 friends
Hey there. I'm up for this. If anyone is looking for an additional group member let me know.
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If any of you are having trouble finding a group to join, I recommend doing what these people are doing above^

Post that you're looking for a group here, and one might invite you if they're also looking for extra members. Or perhaps you can form your own group made from other people also looking for a group!
looking for juan on my team *nah jk* looking for a group btw.
by the looks of it signups are actually open so I'll bite the bullet

Team Name: :thinking:
Team Captain: Hydria
Team Member 1: Raveille
Team Member 2: Abraxos
Crying out in frustration?
sure my man

Team Captain: Frustration
Team Member 1: spoonguy
Team Member 2: shadowsnoop
Team Member 3: FelipeLink
Haha i have no fiends so i cant do this D:
Team Name: Spastix
Team Captain: sparxe
Team Member 1: Sam020305
Team Name: Dumb Faggats
Team Captain: Yellyfish
Team Member 1: B E P I S
Team Member 2: Shoegazer
Team Member 3: Quick Draw

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The four teams above have been added.

Also, there's is now a prize for the winners of the competition!
This is some good shit right here

Team Name: Maccas 24 Nuggets for $9.95

Team Captain: CrumpetFiddler

Team Member 1: RipJang

Team Member 2: Vaporwave

Team Member 3: StickInTheWind

CrumpetFiddler wrote:

This is some good shit right here

Team Name: Maccas 24 Nuggets for $9.95

Team Captain: CrumpetFiddler

Team Member 1: RipJang

Team Member 2: Vaporwave

Team Member 3: TBD
God we're beautiful.
Team Name: We Invented PGP
Team Captain: fartownik
Team Captain2: rEdo
Team Name: Daletto's harem
Team Captain: Daletto
Team Member 1: Minisora
Team Member 2: - Zayin -
Team Member 3: aroret
Team Name: crippling depression
Team Captain: energis
Team Member 1:I_am_BAKA
Team Member 2: energis
Team Member 3: ItsUberrr
Team Captain: Chalwa
Team Member 1: CptSqBany
Team Member 2: Venix
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