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Xiaounlimited wrote:

XPJ38 wrote:

1/ I find the reversearrows odd... etc
I originally did that, but I wanted the arrows to purposely look odd. I personally have a grudge against reverse arrows (I break on them far too often), so to combat that I made it as jarring as possible. The gradient is a non-issue, IMO.
Ok np.

Xiaounlimited wrote:

2/ Why not put some colours to your ranks? Like you did with your score star recolour add-on and with the red letter D, the ranks X, S, A, B, C would be far more easily recognizable if there was some colour to highlight them (AFAIAC I first check the colour to know my rank, not the letter). X and S in gold, A in green, B in dark blue and C in purple? For SH and XH, I don't know.
I just used traditional osu! colours:


SH and XH are both white
Nice :)
this shit is awesome.
Hi Xiaounlimited

When I first used your Xi-Style skin a couple of years ago, I was hooked. Over time I tweaked it (Replacing the numbers and the sectionpass audio) but I loved the skin none-the-less.

Nexus... WOW. You did a absolutely AMAZING job on this. Really loving the voices for the countdown and has that...coolness imo.

Well done. Here is to more great skins from you in the future :D
Wooooaaaaa! I love this skin, the best I've seen :)
"The best of the best"! I love it too, 'cos it is not burn my eyes and i can play with it.
I usually take the osu default skin... but this is AMAZING O_O holy sh*t this is Awesome!
Amazing skin, hard to tell whether I prefer Xi-Style or Nexus now...
I can't play osu without this skin.
Great job. Just wow....
Thought I'd finally post up some thoughts on this amazing skin, and of course your high-quality skinning abilities.

It's always highly enjoyable to fall back from my usual see-through skin I made (compiled with some elements of other skins) and come into something like the Nexus skin which is a nice, flowing and eye appealing skin in comparison to some of the others that are on offer.

I hope you will continue to create these skins as they're all equally enjoyable, even with your disdain of the Xi-Style skin.
I want to use this for mixing. may I ???
I really like this background WelcomeToNexus..

Did you do it?
Hi, May i know how do i apply the skin after i downloaded the 4 items? What must I do to make them into 1?

hbhbenny647 wrote:

Hi, May i know how do i apply the skin after i downloaded the 4 items? What must I do to make them into 1?
Drag the files you wan to replace into the Nexus folder and overwrite them.

My setup--
I use all add-ons except the white hit circles.

Oh and I made you a spinner approach circle. Let me know if you use it in a PM, OK?

Awesome! :) But the picture says everything:

The mod pictures (hidden, flashlight etc.) are mixed. Can you try to fix it?
Hmmm I like the skin but he haves some problems! I'LL DOWNLOAD IT!

OsuMasterFTW wrote:

The mod pictures (hidden, flashlight etc.) are mixed. Can you try to fix it?
They are not mixed, they are just stacked, like in the default osu! skin.
This skin... actually it's the first skin I use, where I didn't change anything to be able to play properly.
It's perfect and I can just recommend it to everyone else! Use this skin - NOW! :3

(by the way - every skin of Xiao is very good, but this one is definitely my favorite)
awesome skin Xiao!
its so cool!!! :)
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