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Upon downloading the skin (If you do) Please check in the skin's folder the "Ratio Folder" this contains the elements of the skin that need neccessary both down and up scaling to suit each resolution needed. Includes 16:10 16:9 and 4:3

>Unable to create a preview video myself so here's a review video produced by the guys at osu!skins. If you're looking for skinning advice or anything of the such head on over to their discord server, it's a bit edgy but friendly and fun.

16/2/2017 - Skin Released
Official Forum created,added more preferences including song selection menu and spinner-approach-circle
Added Ratio's folder - 16:9 song selection created 4:3 song selection and ranking panel edited slightly
count123,go,scoreentry(HD only), ScoreV2 Mod Icon skinned

Main Menu
Song Select
Mod Icons
Standard Gameplay
Pause Overlay
Failed Background
Section Pass
Ranking Panel

v1.2 - https://puu.sh/u8cjj/9a40bcb2df.osk
v1.3 - latest https://puu.sh/uuIlp/65e8f9f4ee.osk
If you're using firefox or having issues downloading, try rightclicking and using "Save Link As"
This is great.
ooOooo! Fancy!. I like it!! :):)
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