how long should i play osu for?

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so im just wondering if i should start playing osu for 4 hours a day, i normally play 30mins - 1hour
what would you guys recommend?
(>inb4 "9999999999999 HOURS xDDDDDD)
9999999999999 HOURS xDDDDDD
Okay. Let's be honest here.
I play about 2-3 hours a day. I used to play about 5 a day for a week or two but realized that was just too much and I wasn't getting anything out of it.
Now, it's just better because I can have enough rest / improve / wait for the next day to play again / have enough time to study... etc.

It just depends on how long you want to play tho.
About 2-3 hours a day is optmal
But the real question is how long do you want to play. 'cause if you don' t want to play more it's not optimal anymore. And if you want to play 10 hours then it's OK as well.
I would say more sessions and less time each session.

E.g. 1 hour each session, 2~3 sessions a day separated by good amount of break time
1-2h if you want to see good progress
more doesnt hurt either
idk I just play osu! when I feel like it man, it's a game after all
Playing osu for longer sessions as opposed to shorter and more frequent sessions is actually better for improvement, but this can change between people, however me myself and many other people who have talked to me about this have found playing for longer is better for improving and they started getting noticeably better afterwards. Im talking 4-5 hours
You should quit while you can
Don't play at all
Quit before its too late
When sometimes I'm not rly feeling it, I play for like 10 minutes just to see if my skills haven't decayed and there will be times that I'll play osu! for hours coz, maybe, I have nothing else to do. If you wanna play, just play and if you don't wanna play, don't force yourself to play.

Plz enjoy gaem.
Depends, I myself need to play at least one hour just to get warmed up. So it would be kinda wasted effort if I would play for less than 2 hours. Other people are ready to go in 5 minutes but can only play for an hour before they start getting exhausted.
It also depends on what you want to do. Improve fast? Play 3-5 hours a day. Just have a little bit of fun? 1 hour every 2 days seems fine.
Play for 3-6 hours
If you don't want to be the next Cookiezi you can play 5 minutes a day. Seriously it's a game, play as much as you want.
You "should" play for however long you feel like – it's just a game. If you're hellbent on becoming a top-ranked player for whatever reason, I suppose I'd recommend devoting virtually all of your free time to the game. :roll:
Game sucks, I just keep with it to get up to date with the new weeb music
Play as much as you can, except when you cant concentrate or if playing more will cause long term damage to your hands.

M3ATL0V3R wrote:

Play as much as you can, except when you cant concentrate or if playing more will cause long term damage to your hands.
it even depends on the frequent of your sessions.

You become better if you have 2x 1 hours sessions a day, let's say 1 hour in the morning, 1 hour in the noon than playing 4 hours straight in a row.

The easier it is for your brain to make the neuro pathways in your brain stronger and creating new ones, the faster you'll improve.

This is why "PLAY MORE" is a quite dumb advice for becoming better.

Also: If you keep playing maps that you can already full clear or maps that are all super familiar in terms of rythm, jumps, streams etc. you won't learn something new.

Let's have a look on how sprinters do exercise in order to become better for their next competition.

When they practice sprinting 100 meters, they gonna exercise 150 meter sprints, so they push theirselves further. You can adopt the same thing in this game.

Instead of playing your usual AR9 CS4 maps, create some custom made maps from those, that you can play well but can't quite full clear yet, let'S say maps you can play around 94%-98% and incerase the AR or/and the CS just slightly, NEVER TOO MUCH!, let's say from 9.0 to 9.2-9.4 and the CS from 4 to 4.4-4.6.

On your very last session of the day, you gonna play these practice maps and nothing after that, let your brain adjust and rewire over night and you gonna realize the next day that you are way better in playing AR9 CS4 maps.

As a conclusion:
You can improve faster than most of the players at your ranks by only investing a percentage of the time they spend in order to improve if you exercise SMART
i play 3.5 hrs on average i think, once or twice a week
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