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Great skin imo. This is one of the nicest looking skins i've seen so far :D hitsounds are nice too
I recommend this skin for DT, however, higher BPM 240+ may be harder to read

overall i do like it
bless you for making it a .osk file ❤ლξ˘❥˘ჴ
Awesome work! Keep going! ^_^
Clean and... WOW! :D
This skin is gorgeous, one of the best I've actually ever seen, the only gripe i have in this skin, is the mode selection thing, if you make mode-osu-small an empty pixel you can get rid of that little dot where your mode is on song select screen. But other than that I really really love this skin great job :)
Hello. The skin is really awesome btw. Oh, I think it will be nice if the click and back sound of the menu will be the same in the game. ^W^
woah i thought nobody made this yet *^*
you did an awesome job!! o/
Hi Anns
Muy buena piel, limpia y perfecta
This skin is actually so good! i know this is late but it can literally replace ur main skin
I totally forgot about this skin, but oml, Im so gratefull to find it again! It's amazing, so clean, so clear and so good.
You made an amazing job!
Great choice and composition of font, colours and individual elements! You have created a clean, consistent and authentic skin with a design, that reflects the MM vibes very well! I am going to give it a try!
I absolutely adore this skin! So clean, modern and I was screaming when I first saw it. Only just got into Mystic Messenger recently and I already love it!

EmmyJay19xx wrote:

I absolutely adore this skin! So clean, modern and I was screaming when I first saw it. Only just got into Mystic Messenger recently and I already love it!
Glad to see people are still enjoying this skin 3yrs later!
Been meaning to get back into playing it, but in the mean time... this skin has aged well. Still really enjoy using it
Me encantó la skin, se puede jugar cómodamente y por la forma en la que está hecha da ese toque de agilidad, aparte de ser de MysMe me enamoró la skin, muy hermosa <3
Sin duda una de mis favoritas
Looks Nice!
very noice:D great for a mystic messenger fan like me^_^
hey the link doesnt work for me can you add a mirror?
thanks in advance!
i really dont know if you are around, or play osu anymore. but i did quite enjoy the skin you made. very relaxing. i thank you for your time and creation
Good skins!
This my videos your skins

Thanks in advance
It's been years since you first posted this, but I just wanted to say I adore this skin's hitsounding. It has one of the more pleasant hitsounds I've come across, seriously. The glass shattering hitsound for combo breaks? *chef's kiss* I love the overall aesthetic too. Really well-done IMO. I've been using this for over a year and I haven't switched back since
I've been using this skin for years now and have never been able to find a better skin. It's so clean and I just love everything about it, you did an amazing job with this skin seriously!
can you add the bad ending song when we loss?
This skin is so clean it is one of my favorite skins
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