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I've had this idea in my UP for a long time now so I'm gonna try it out here:

I forgot to say, I am active in mapping from monday to friday, saturday and sunday I prefer to play some games with friends so, understand that! :)

  • Modding
  1. NM 2/2 M4M 0/2
  2. First of all, I am noob modder.
  3. If your map is quite a long map ( 4 minutes or more ) I might not accept your request at the first moment but let me check your map and I will answer you
  4. I can mod ctb maps in this order [Overdose>Rain>Platter], if you want salad or cup to be modded I am not correct person, but I can still try it!
  5. I will mod anything tbh, but will tell you if I don't like the song or I have some problem in real life
  6. To do:
  • Guest Diffs

  1. I can do cup, platter, rain or overdose, but in this order overdose > rain > platter > cup
  2. I must like the song to map it
  3. I prefer TV size c:
  4. I only map for ranked
  5. To do:

So yeah, lets give this a try
Hey NM,


Sorry but it's an pretty easy mapset so you don't have to mod it if you can't :p

Thanks in advance!
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