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I agree that TWC map pool should be way harder than before, but not in this scale lol. In Group Stage we already have maps of 6 to 7 star difficulty, so most of the mid and low seeds would have a hard time handling them and could be simply thrown out. :o

TWC 2017 GS = TWC 2016 Semifinals
Yeah imo a good difficulty increase from one year to the next is move all mappoold up one week and make a harder mappool for grand finals (same difficulty not same maps) So groups stage mappool this year would be equivalent to Ro16 mappool last year, Ro16 would be equivalent to last year's quarterfinals ect. But as it is currently the group stage is more like semi-finals from last year. At this rate we could expect to see grand finals difficulty in quarterfinals? I don't even want to know what insanity would be in grand finals mappool with that progression, technical 11 star maps?
yo just wanna clarify something about the new freemod rules

it says that at least 1 player from each team needs to have mods on, so does that mean if the map has "HD/HDHR" written behind a map (in this case being Der Wald), only one player from the team needs either HD or HDHR on and the other two can play with nomods?
Fujin Rumble and Epidermis got updated, please update if you didn't already!
Tfw I'm completely dead but I still see one of my maps in the pools
Oh boy, here we go again. 2017 Compilation incoming
i'll be following this one from a distance, good luck to all participants
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wiki updated! give it a bit to populate!
funny that the goal of the initial version of scorev2 was to stop people from using no finisher skins when in the tiebreaker even more people are gonna use them than before lolol

Catgirl wrote:

funny that the goal of the initial version of scorev2 was to stop people from using no finisher skins when in the tiebreaker even more people are gonna use them than before lolol
that's the truth :( rip
Score V2 Top Ten Anime Betrayals
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Team Support Profile Banners are up for sale! http://store.ppy.sh/store/product/192

All money raised goes into funding the prizes for the podium winners. If your supported team wins the world cup, you can even keep your banner a bit longer!
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and wiki has been updated! give it a bit to populate
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R.I.P osulive T^T
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the wiki has been updated!
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and again me, with another update. fancy
Just wanna say this pool is over the line and i really feel bad for the players in this one.
Just my personal perspective on this twc.

The main purposes of twc should be
A. A place for some of the best players of taiko mode to compete in a FUN and fair way
B. A place for players to watch some of the best taiko players compete

Right now, it doesn't really do these very well.

A. I know there have been plenty of comments that the mappool is way too hard, and it's unfair and unbalanced. I do have to agree with this. The problem isn't just that the maps are hard though, and that players can't pass them. The winning team is still proven to be better. The problem is that, it isn't fun at all. Yes, this is a competition showcasing amazingly skilled players, but it's also a game. Balancing a mappool around the very best players or the goal of "the hardest maps that are still passable" results in a pool nobody likes. People don't play taiko to memorize maps just so they can have a chance of passing them. They play to enjoy the game. Probably. If players are literally unable to pass a map without practicing it, or even unable to pass even if they do, it just results in frustration, and people quitting taiko. Someone I know was frustrated enough to do so. For example, HR Freedom Dive. Only one player, the #1 global taiko player passed it in the Taiwan vs Japan match. It's just... not fun. The mappool should be at a level where most players, playing for the first time, could at least pass. And that's what I would honestly prefer; if maps were revealed on the day of the competition. Then it would actually be a test of reading and skill, rather than who practiced and memorized the pool most.

B. Second, while hard maps are cool and all, do you really think the audience wants to watch people struggling just to pass, or giving up in the middle? It's not fun to play, and it's not fun to watch.

It's fine to have some insanely hard maps, for the groups that can play them. But please, also balance it with more reasonable maps for everyone else, because at its core, osu! is a game. And games are meant to be fun.

Sorry for the wall of text. :?
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