Hitori Tori - perthed again (yambabom remix) [OsuMania]

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Toaph Daddy

juankristal wrote:

ew 100% hitsound volume (i dont mind it but people will ew after me).

Avoid having doubles with the same hitsound sample on both (unless you manually lower the volume of each to match the max, for example if you are at 100% volume for the hitsounds you should have a double with a clap on each note with 50% but not two claps with 100% since it would sound as 200%, that or either one clap at 100% and one note with normal hit). That being said you should probably split the hitsound samples whenever you have the chance. For example, if you have a double with one note having a finish and a clap you should split a clap in one note and a finish in the other. This isnt unrankable but every BN complains about it. I particulary dont care about the second one but the first one is kind of annoying so you might have to split it up or sort it up.all fixed
This diff is not easy, I would say its around a Normal. I guess we can nerf it out a bit to call it an easy or buff it slightly to make it a normal and change the rest of the diffnames accordingly. would rather buff slightly and change name

I think its better to change it a bit and keep it as a normal because the ending works well but its the part that should be nerfed, anyways I will go that path but if you want the other we can restart:

00:00:375 - For an easy in this section I feel its better to just follow straight up the melody, adding a note in 00:01:541 - here and 00:02:874 - here would do and moving this 00:01:874 (1874|0) - and this 00:02:374 (2374|0) - half a beat up. Keep doing it up until 00:09:708 - here and after that it works fine your way. even for a normal i'll take the suggestion

00:15:791 - Not a fan of this doubles for an Easy, they work well as sort of "break the flow" stuff but I feel they are hard to catch up as a new player. Perhaps this? I am not quite sure but in case you just dont want to make it all monotonous this could be an option: again, will take the suggestion even though i'll make it a notmal

keep in mind something should be done about 00:19:791 - too if you end up changing stuff. k

00:53:874 - This LN plays really weid as well given that you transition from the 1/1 jumptrill into a 1/2 rhytm which is also an LN. I would personally try something like this following a bit more of the synth instead of just the transition noise there: sure

By doing that you kinda get that momentum of the transition while not making it too confusing snap wise, still kinda challenging but more predictable as it follows a bit more strictly the melody you are following since a while.

01:14:374 - This one though works better, I guess its fine to keep.

01:47:041 - Dont really see why this ones are doubles tbh, I would just make this part full of single notes at least up until here 01:56:708 - where the music picks up. so this one comes from a suggestion kami made, since the first beats of each measure (at least to me) do make a more significant impact than the rest of the beats, and since its a normal, difficulty shouldn't be much of a problem for this i don't think.

01:53:708 - I dont know why I dont really like this transition that much. I mean, the... voice??? is kinda all over the place so its hard to make it work consistently but I came up with this and perhaps you like it so yeah: sure

I dont think doubles should be used after the transition either (like 01:59:041 (119041|0) - ). Also this 01:59:291 (119291|0,119541|0) - should probably be on column 1 but in order to do that I would probably make this 01:58:208 (118208|2,118374|1,118541|0,118708|3) - 4 notes a 2-1-3-4 pattern so the left hand has less stress from the previous pattern.same reasoning as before
Overall its pretty fine imo. I wouldnt personally use the 1/4 mini LNs in the intro but I guess its up to personal taste. I think just normal notes works fine.

What I would also suggest is considering we will likely end up naming this some sort of "hard" or something I think adding some minor SVs on this would help out a ton spread wise since the next diff after this one is loaded with SVs and its actually quite challenging. For example replicating something of the other diffs but a bit easier on notes like 00:00:541 (541|2,1041|2) - but not on 00:01:708 (1708|2,2208|2) - , replicating in here 00:22:541 -, 00:32:374 -, 01:25:708 - etc. maaaaaan thats more work i have to do. sure

00:53:374 (53374|3,53541|0) - Wrong hitsound sample? Shouldnt be drum sampleset? not sure but sounds weird fixed-ish?

00:58:541 (58541|2,58874|0) - Maybe use them as 1-3 instead of 3-1 so you dont overload the right hand in that early pattern. sure

01:52:041 (112041|3,112208|3) - Questionable AF. The last one might have to end on the white tick btw. I wont complain because I like but warning for other bns that will most likely not. sure

the rest seems overall fine imo for this diff

Going to post this before finishing the mod because I feel the changes I am suggesting for this 2 are either significant for you to do and to afterwards recheck (and it thus have a high priority so you can implement asap) or need an answer from you so we can develop it further. So I guess instead of wasting time I will just post this up here and probably finish the rest at one point during the week. thank you my guy, we almost there friendo

DDMythical wrote:

punctual narcissist


take everything i say with a pinch of salt

this is some jet set radio future shit dude

whtf i need to chart some of that soundtrack jet set radio is my jam

the logic for colour in your BGs offends me. Why is easy not green, normal blue, hard yellow, insane red and extreme purple.
this is minor but it was irritating me for 2 minutes like omgawriomgoargmo already explained but will say again, I made the bgs color match the difficulty based on how aggressive the color feels to me (subjective), which goes yellow -> green -> blue -> purple -> red

no sv-related modding here
they're good. tight
00:01:374 (1374|2) - same sound as 00:00:874 (874|1) - so why isnt this retaining the [12] chord? it would make the transition more logical. fixed
00:04:041 (4041|2) - Same thing here -- I assume this is a design choice but I think it's quite silly to not have it retain the same sound on the same notes for a quiet section with 2 main sounds. It will help make this section more interesting to play on the hands by splitting it into distinct sounds = distinct keys. also fixed, as well as some other things to make it more constant at the beginning
00:06:708 (6708|3) - above above
00:09:374 (9374|1) - above above
00:25:541 (25541|0) - Shouldn't there be an LN here? Your layering seems to define this sound as a long note leading into the next LN a-la at 00:17:541 (17541|3) - (also at: 00:12:208 (12208|0) - )
by that logic i would also have an LN here 00:22:874 - , which I do agree has a similar sound, but doing so would make that section a huge clutter, and I don't think its worth it there
00:34:708 (34708|1) - neat onehand trill usage for emphasis with the hands. I like it. thank kami for that suggestion
00:53:874 (53874|2) - This should be on 4; You define 00:52:874 (52874|2) - as the 'HEY' sound and it stops at that point. It would be logical to move the note from here so the 3rd column you dedicate to that sound feels isolated for it in this short segment. sure
00:53:874 (53874|1) - also this entire fucking section is cool dont know if you mean the transition or the whole of 00:43:041 - to 01:01:708 -
but i appreciate it

01:10:708 (70708|1) - This should be on column 3 as it is not the same pitch as 01:10:041 (70041|1) - : Pitch relevancy for the LNs here will give the chart more of a refined-technical feel which will tie in well with the svs. you got it
01:14:208 (74208|3) - This should be on column 1 so that column 1 emphasises the 'hey-hey-hey-hey-hey' thing.done
01:31:874 (91874|2) - Should probably be on column 4 for the pitch relevancy -- Note that this doesn't actually cause an issue with PR on 01:32:208 (92208|3) - because the emphasis for the significantly higher-pitched sound is shown through it being on the furthest column and by being the end of a minitrill between 414. This will create good emphasis for this higher-pitched sound. sure

01:41:708 (101708|2) - There is no logical emphasis for the 'thud kicks' in this segment. thud kicks are made relevant through the SV usage.
Could still emphasize them further by adding notes for them but I don't think its fully necessary

01:43:041 (103041|2) - Shouldnt this be a jump to emphasise the kicks? SVs did it to me, same reasoning as above
01:43:374 (103374|1) - ^ ^
(and so on until 01:46:708 (106708|0) - ) ^

01:46:708 (106708|1,106791|2,106874|1,106958|2) - This should probably be a left handed OHTrill.
-- It would emphasise the scratching more by having alternation on the same hand rather than across two hands and would seperate it from the later emphasis used for 01:56:874 (116874|1) - (which is more logical for its' sound) sure
02:01:958 (121958|3) - There should be a note here on 4. (There is a light drum sound that would make for a nice emphasis on the upcoming [13] jump.) fixed and changed SVs to work around it

02:18:708 (138708|3) - The sounds here aren't clean snare hits. They're kinda broken/stuttered. You could use 1/16th grace notes here to emphasise that but it isn't really necessary. Yeah probs not doing that partially for the sake of SVs and partially because its not really needed

02:29:708 (149708|2) - I have no experience with LN so i'm truncuating this segment is good trust me

02:58:208 (178208|2,178208|0,178208|3) - This is a hand but 02:59:208 (179208|1) - this isnt.
either both or neither both are jumps now
00:25:374 (25374|2,25541|2,25708|2,25874|2,26041|2,26208|2,26374|2) - This isn't really emphasising anything so i see no reason for a stack to be this long. oops, was just something i overlooked, fixed
00:29:041 (29041|2,29208|2,29374|2,29541|2,29708|2,29874|2,30041|2,30208|2) - Same here same as above

00:38:541 (38541|1) - Would probably put a note here at 2 so that a minitrill transition is created for emphasis and the pre-snare drum sound is emphasised.sure
00:45:374 (45374|0,45541|1) - the column these LNs are on should be flipped. (First should be on 2 and second should be on 1) because the pitch changes in that way. i must be crazy because i am hearing the pitch change from low to high :thinking:. will see if anyone else thinks the same
00:48:874 (48874|0,49041|1) - ^ i think its just that the first one is a chord so it does both depending on what note is more emphasized to each person, since to me in both cases it sounded like it was going from low to high, but can definitely hear how it could also be interpreted as high to low

overall this diff feels patternically more solid than extreme and i love the pitch relevancy usage thanks!
other diffs look fine but i only skimmed them
thanks for the mod! am glad you liked at least portions of the map/the set and am happy you gave your input on the pattern usage. Figured it'd help extreme for sure since that one used to be a mess of patterns that didn't make too much sense.

DDMythical wrote:

also some dumb shit:

ADVANCED: 03:01:041 (181041|0) - two timing points exist at the same time according to aimod oops. Fixed
alright, first IRC on the map, some hitsound problems, going to mod tomorrow in this post

23:16 Kamikaze: yo toaph got some time?
23:16 Kamikaze: we could irc on perthed
23:17 TheToaphster: sure thing my guy
23:17 Kamikaze: aite i'm gonna redl and test it first
23:17 TheToaphster: mmmk
23:17 Kamikaze: cold hands prob gonna B
23:17 Kamikaze: ayyy
23:18 TheToaphster: lmao alright
23:18 TheToaphster: ima play ctb in the meantime
23:18 Kamikaze: aite have fun
23:18 Kamikaze: healthy diet
23:22 TheToaphster: yes gotta have me my fruits
23:22 Kamikaze:
23:22 Kamikaze: hey I didn't lie
23:23 Kamikaze: ok time for lower diff
23:23 TheToaphster: lmao
23:26 Kamikaze:
23:26 Kamikaze: lol fuck my acc
23:27 TheToaphster: hey its an S tho
23:28 Kamikaze: I guess so
23:28 Kamikaze: gameplay wise both diffs are already fine
23:28 Kamikaze: so it'll probably not be a long mod
23:29 TheToaphster: sicknasty
23:31 Kamikaze: and also I went through my problems with gameplay already in that previous mod
23:31 Kamikaze: that I did a bit
23:31 Kamikaze: ago
23:31 Kamikaze: so it's kind of just a recheck
23:31 Kamikaze: lol
23:31 TheToaphster: yeye
23:31 TheToaphster: i would assume youre gonna check the newer diffs too?
23:32 TheToaphster: or nah?
23:32 Kamikaze: 01:06:624 - man if you'd be cruel you could put a note here
23:32 Kamikaze: well ofc
23:32 Kamikaze: I gotta check all
23:32 Kamikaze: i'm not fresh kebab
23:32 Kamikaze: *oops*
23:32 TheToaphster: ha u thought
23:32 TheToaphster: i dont really think that note is necessary
23:33 Kamikaze: yeah it
23:33 TheToaphster: plus that would be gay af
23:33 Kamikaze: it's totally not
23:33 Kamikaze: lol
23:33 Kamikaze: btw
23:33 Kamikaze: hitsound volume
23:33 Kamikaze: is too low
23:33 Kamikaze: on 50% music volume I can kinda hear the hitsounds
23:33 TheToaphster: fuck me god i age gu erkghnjaghe
23:33 TheToaphster: ill fix it
23:33 TheToaphster: theyre at 40 rn would it be better to put em at like 60
23:33 TheToaphster: or 70 or something
23:33 Kamikaze: I'll check for the values
23:33 Kamikaze: sec
23:34 Kamikaze: why tf do I not hear whistle
23:34 Kamikaze: lmao
23:34 Kamikaze: it's on my en
23:34 TheToaphster: i dont know
23:34 Kamikaze: d
23:34 Kamikaze: I click the note and nothing happens
23:35 TheToaphster: its kinda hard to hear for me but its definitely there
23:35 TheToaphster: and clicking the note definitely does something for me
23:35 Kamikaze: lol fuck on 70% I barely hear them
23:36 TheToaphster: jesus lmao
23:37 TheToaphster: is it just the whistle?
23:37 Kamikaze: yeah whistle is actually not hearable on 90
23:37 Kamikaze: in the less loud parts
23:37 Kamikaze: blending
23:37 TheToaphster: hmm
23:38 TheToaphster: ill find a hitsound to replace it see if that'll do anything
23:38 Kamikaze: for rest 90 works well
23:38 Kamikaze: maybe 80 if it's too loud
23:38 Kamikaze: and for the slow part maybe like 60 so it's not overwhelming
23:39 Kamikaze: i'll play the map with 90% hs volume and see if my acc gets better
23:39 Kamikaze: I use hitsounds for accuracy sometimes
23:43 Kamikaze:
23:43 Kamikaze: '_<'
23:45 TheToaphster: game crashed hold on trying to fix hitsounds
23:45 Kamikaze: oh oops
23:46 TheToaphster: yeah changing hitsound volume on so many timing points is a bitch
23:46 Kamikaze: I just do ctrl+a
23:46 Kamikaze: and change all
23:48 TheToaphster: wait what
23:50 Kamikaze: like go to timings
23:50 Kamikaze: click on one
23:50 Kamikaze: ctrl+a
23:50 Kamikaze: then change in audio
23:50 TheToaphster: oh i see, i was doing that
23:50 TheToaphster: its just that my computer is bad
23:51 TheToaphster: and takes 8 years to change that many timing points
23:54 TheToaphster: ok
23:54 TheToaphster: all hitsounds are changed to 90 with a new hitwhistle
23:54 TheToaphster: will update so you can check
23:54 TheToaphster: i think it should be more noticeable now
23:54 Kamikaze: aite, imma brb for a moment
23:56 TheToaphster: also dont mind the missing hitsound in the Normal diff i just caught it
23:56 TheToaphster: fixed it
00:10 TheToaphster: helu
00:10 TheToaphster: ?
00:10 Kamikaze: a oops I'm still brb hold on for a moment
00:11 TheToaphster: mmk
00:21 Kamikaze: ok sorry got hooked into voice chat
00:21 Kamikaze: because they started memeposting on our server
00:24 TheToaphster: gdi
00:24 TheToaphster: u got the update right
00:24 TheToaphster: with the hitsounds
00:24 Kamikaze: yea
00:24 Kamikaze: hmm
00:25 Kamikaze: I tried playing it
00:25 Kamikaze: I heard the hitsounds in the beggining
00:25 Kamikaze: but then I didn't hear them when LNs kicked in
00:25 TheToaphster: r they gud now
00:25 Kamikaze: before the teleports
00:25 Kamikaze: like idk
00:26 TheToaphster: i mean those should be arguably more noticeable lmao
00:26 Kamikaze: yeah
00:26 Kamikaze: they are
00:26 Kamikaze: but I'll look for something louder
00:26 Kamikaze: wait
00:27 Kamikaze: why is there a hitnormal in the folder
00:27 Kamikaze: that's completely quiet
00:27 TheToaphster: thats a good question
00:27 TheToaphster: i think i used it initially to work with hitsounds without the hitnormal
00:27 TheToaphster: and then forgot to change it back
00:28 TheToaphster: lemme do something hold on
00:28 Kamikaze: I also like how there are 5 backgrounds where only one is in png and they go perthed, perthed 2, 3, 4, 9
00:28 Kamikaze: lol
00:28 Kamikaze: ohh okay
00:28 TheToaphster: im gonna change my hitnormal with what i was using earlier as hitwhistle
00:28 TheToaphster: since it blends in somewhat well anyways and won't be a silent hitsound
00:28 Kamikaze: aite
00:29 Kamikaze: ok found a better one
00:29 Kamikaze:
00:30 TheToaphster: is that for whistle or normal
00:30 Kamikaze: oh waiy
00:30 Kamikaze: whistle
00:30 Kamikaze: I see that your sampleset is on drum
00:30 Kamikaze: in some spots
00:30 Kamikaze: 01:24:374 -
00:30 Kamikaze: example
00:30 Kamikaze: but like
00:30 Kamikaze: try to click on the small LNs here
00:30 Kamikaze: on 1
00:31 TheToaphster: why
00:31 TheToaphster: i can hear the hitsound just fine
00:31 Kamikaze: what
00:31 TheToaphster: i clicked on it
00:31 Kamikaze: I can't hear it because it's on drum sampleset
00:31 Kamikaze: lol
00:31 TheToaphster: i mean
00:31 TheToaphster: the drum whistle is another hitsound
00:31 Kamikaze: you have no drum hitsound in the folder
00:32 Kamikaze: though
00:32 TheToaphster: yeah so it gets the default
00:32 TheToaphster: theres a default hitsound for drum whistle
00:32 Kamikaze: wait lemme check it with default skin
00:32 Kamikaze: I'd recommend getting a drum hitsound though
00:32 Kamikaze: even if it's the default
00:33 Kamikaze: okay I hear it on default skin
00:33 Kamikaze: I need to replace my drum hitsounds lol
00:33 TheToaphster: ill change those to the soft whistle anyways because it sounds better anyways
00:33 TheToaphster: but like
00:33 TheToaphster: its there
00:34 TheToaphster: for sure
00:34 Kamikaze: yeah ik I just don't have it on my skin
00:34 Kamikaze: for some reason
00:35 TheToaphster: checked the others and changed hitsounds for that section so they were consistent
00:35 TheToaphster: other diffs i mean
00:35 TheToaphster: anyways
00:35 Kamikaze: coolio
00:35 TheToaphster: were there any other problems with hitsounds i should know about
00:35 Kamikaze: with that hitsounds that I sent you it felt okay
00:37 TheToaphster: ok updated
00:37 TheToaphster: hitnormal was updated there too
00:37 Kamikaze: aite, for now I think that's gonna be it, I'm getting kinda tired, I'll do some more digging tomorrow aite?
00:37 Kamikaze: said aite twice
00:37 Kamikaze: lol
00:37 TheToaphster: uhhh
00:38 TheToaphster: im not available for a vast majority of tomorrow
00:38 Kamikaze: I'll post on forums
00:38 Kamikaze: dw
00:38 TheToaphster: aaalright that should be fine then
00:38 Kamikaze: okay so gonna post the log for today, don't kd ofc
Here's a pass on SVs that nobody else is going to do. (Not requested by anyone)

I noticed you used a lot of 0.05x SVs. These are currently sped up to the lower limit of 0.10x, though a future update may also change this behavior (smoogi said this was on his task list, but that was a few months ago). Make sure this is what you want.

00:10:833 - The gap to 00:10:874 - is different than the gaps of the same size in the previous section such as at 00:05:333 - . Minor though. Image (Applies to Extreme only)
01:24:374 - Could make this effect stronger. I only noticed this because I went to into the editor, not because I actually noticed it. (Applies to Extreme/Insane)
01:52:041 - These 2 LNs could have the stutter effect of everything else that surrounds it, albeit with an increased overall length. Right now it feels smooth, which is a bit odd considering its placement in the song. (Mostly applies to Extreme. Effect is at least slightly noticeable in Insane/Advanced)

...that's it! Good job! owob (Everything else has been checked as well as reasonably can)
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Toaph Daddy

Ciel wrote:

Here's a pass on SVs that nobody else is going to do. (Not requested by anyone)

I noticed you used a lot of 0.05x SVs. These are currently sped up to the lower limit of 0.10x, though a future update may also change this behavior (smoogi said this was on his task list, but that was a few months ago). Make sure this is what you want.

00:10:833 - The gap to 00:10:874 - is different than the gaps of the same size in the previous section such as at 00:05:333 - . Minor though. Image (Applies to Extreme only) fixed to the best of my ability (the gap between the LNs is being picky and doesn't want to change much and increasing the SV values more would make them less impactful than i want them to be)
01:24:374 - Could make this effect stronger. I only noticed this because I went to into the editor, not because I actually noticed it. (Applies to Extreme/Insane) fixed
01:52:041 - These 2 LNs could have the stutter effect of everything else that surrounds it, albeit with an increased overall length. Right now it feels smooth, which is a bit odd considering its placement in the song. (Mostly applies to Extreme. Effect is at least slightly noticeable in Insane/Advanced) the LNs here make a very distinct sound and the difference in SV usage for those two was to help represent that a bit better

...that's it! Good job! owob (Everything else has been checked as well as reasonably can)
thanks! I really appreciate it!
I'm going to be out of the house for most of today, so I'll get to responding to the mod when I can, thanks!
With the mod above and stuff, we focused mostly on a lot of cleanup with hitsounds and minor still prevalent errors in layering. (90% of it was hitsounds though)

2018-01-11 04:19 Kamikaze: henlo it's the hitsound breaching squad
2018-01-11 04:20 Kamikaze: so two main things
2018-01-11 04:20 Kamikaze: it's 4:20 here
2018-01-11 04:20 Kamikaze: and 00:01:874 (1874|0) - and especially at the end of triplets like 00:11:374 (11374|0) -
2018-01-11 04:20 TheToaphster: nice
2018-01-11 04:20 Kamikaze: is it intentional that you're not putting a second hitsound?
2018-01-11 04:20 Kamikaze: I had the same issue in a map I modded earlier today
2018-01-11 04:21 Kamikaze: the triplets I feel like could finish with an additional W
2018-01-11 04:22 Kamikaze: 00:21:708 (21708|1,21708|2) - split the hitsounds between those two, don't keep two at one note
2018-01-11 04:22 TheToaphster: holup a second still workin with ciel's mod
2018-01-11 04:22 Kamikaze: aite I'll just write more, reply at your leisure
2018-01-11 04:23 Kamikaze: 00:42:708 (42708|1,42708|2,42874|2,42874|1) - lol
2018-01-11 04:23 Kamikaze: use view -> show sample name btw
2018-01-11 04:24 Kamikaze: there are some really weird inconsistencies in hitsounds around 45 second mark's part, like for example 00:49:708 (49708|1,49708|0,49874|2,49874|3,50208|3,50208|0,50374|2,50374|1) -
2018-01-11 04:25 Kamikaze: 00:53:708 (53708|3) - either one more F or idk
2018-01-11 04:26 TheToaphster: ok done ciel's mod
2018-01-11 04:27 Kamikaze: 01:08:374 (68374|3,68874|3) - first of all both C instead of W? And second, two notes?
2018-01-11 04:27 TheToaphster: okee the first thing you said is a mistake on my end
2018-01-11 04:30 Kamikaze: 01:14:208 - I feel like this could also follow the 1/4 rhythm at an expense of the LN to be consistent with 00:52:874 (52874|2,52874|1,52958|3,53041|2,53041|0,53124|3,53208|1,53208|2,53208|0) -
2018-01-11 04:30 TheToaphster: ok first one addressed, next one now uhh
2018-01-11 04:30 Kamikaze: I'll brb and give you some time to reply
2018-01-11 04:30 Kamikaze: I'll be reading what you write
2018-01-11 04:30 TheToaphster: second is fixed
2018-01-11 04:31 TheToaphster: third is fixed
2018-01-11 04:31 Kamikaze: fourth one is going to take a longer time to fix
2018-01-11 04:32 TheToaphster: yeah im going through the section and making sure its all good
2018-01-11 04:32 Kamikaze: some chords have two hitsounds
2018-01-11 04:32 Kamikaze: some have one
2018-01-11 04:32 TheToaphster: yeah im making it so its one on each chord with the hitnormal taking the other note in the chord
2018-01-11 04:32 Kamikaze: aite
2018-01-11 04:35 TheToaphster: okay fourth is fixed
2018-01-11 04:36 TheToaphster: fifth is fixed
2018-01-11 04:36 Kamikaze: up to what point did you fix it
2018-01-11 04:36 Kamikaze: the double hs
2018-01-11 04:36 Kamikaze: because I see some doubled hitsounds at 1:20 in
2018-01-11 04:37 TheToaphster: im up to working with the C and W one
2018-01-11 04:38 Kamikaze: 01:47:208 (107208|0,107208|2,107374|3,107374|1) -
2018-01-11 04:38 Kamikaze: intentional or nah
2018-01-11 04:38 Kamikaze: 01:48:041 (108041|2,108041|0,108208|1,108208|0,108374|0,108374|3,108374|1) - this looks especially weird because you have W WC on a double, then W W on a double and then normal W W on a triple
2018-01-11 04:38 TheToaphster: sixth is fixed
2018-01-11 04:39 TheToaphster: seventh is fixed
2018-01-11 04:39 TheToaphster: going through the eith one
2018-01-11 04:40 TheToaphster: ninth one ill get to after i go through this ending section
2018-01-11 04:40 Kamikaze: 01:48:708 (108708|0,108708|2) - normal W/C on extreme and W W/C on insane
2018-01-11 04:40 Kamikaze: in general you might want to just go through the entire map to remove doubled hitsounds
2018-01-11 04:40 TheToaphster: im trying to you keep giving suggestions as im going through it
2018-01-11 04:41 Kamikaze: alright
2018-01-11 04:41 TheToaphster: god i hate hitsounds
2018-01-11 04:42 TheToaphster: ok i can promise you the other four difficulties dont have any doubles
2018-01-11 04:42 TheToaphster: just saying
2018-01-11 04:42 Kamikaze: 01:56:541 (116541|2) - turn this into a 1/2 LN and move 01:56:708 (116708|2) - to 4 maybe?
2018-01-11 04:42 Kamikaze: yeah I saw on insane that it's better
2018-01-11 04:42 Kamikaze: but that one I mentioned was on insane
2018-01-11 04:42 Kamikaze: so I think there might be some single ones
2018-01-11 04:42 TheToaphster: ok still working on hs in extreme
2018-01-11 04:42 TheToaphster: sop
2018-01-11 04:42 Kamikaze: aite, I think that's like all there was needed for hitsounds tbh
2018-01-11 04:43 Kamikaze: I'll look for more stuff tho
2018-01-11 04:43 TheToaphster: alright lemme fix up extreme then and we can get to the actual non-hitsound stuff
2018-01-11 04:43 Kamikaze: 02:06:041 (126041|0,126083|1,126124|2) - vs 02:06:541 (126541|2,126583|1,126624|0) - hitsound wise
2018-01-11 04:44 Kamikaze: on top diffs there's not much to do non-hitsound wise luckily
2018-01-11 04:44 Kamikaze: if anything
2018-01-11 04:44 TheToaphster: phew
2018-01-11 04:44 TheToaphster: good thing i only suck at hitsounding
2018-01-11 04:44 Kamikaze: 02:16:208 (136208|3) - F or C?
2018-01-11 04:44 TheToaphster: or this would be a nightmare
2018-01-11 04:44 Kamikaze: dw hitsounding is hard
2018-01-11 04:46 Kamikaze: 02:16:708 (136708|3) - C
2018-01-11 04:47 Kamikaze: 02:17:624 (137624|0,137708|1) - swap hitsounds
2018-01-11 04:47 Kamikaze: 02:18:041 (138041|3) - C
2018-01-11 04:48 Kamikaze: 02:19:374 (139374|0) - C
2018-01-11 04:48 Kamikaze: 02:24:041 (144041|1,144208|1) - C's here? doesn't fit imo
2018-01-11 04:49 Kamikaze: 02:26:541 (146541|0,146708|1) - first one maybe second for sure C
2018-01-11 04:50 Kamikaze: 02:28:958 - this would kinda break the flow so it's not an important suggestion but there's potential for a minijack because of the stronger beat
2018-01-11 04:51 Kamikaze: 02:30:041 - this whole section has no hitsounds?
2018-01-11 04:51 Kamikaze: apart from normal note jumptrills
2018-01-11 04:51 Kamikaze: it really should have some
2018-01-11 04:52 TheToaphster: i mean it has drum normals though thats not particularly impactful
2018-01-11 04:52 TheToaphster: since i dont have a custom drum normal
2018-01-11 04:52 TheToaphster: fic ur god damn drum hitsounds my guy
2018-01-11 04:52 Kamikaze: yeah and I mean no sampoles
2018-01-11 04:52 TheToaphster: fix*
2018-01-11 04:52 Kamikaze: when there's a lot of claps
2018-01-11 04:52 Kamikaze: to be clapped
2018-01-11 04:52 Kamikaze: ImmeANT saMPLESSSSSSSSS my maNnnNn
2018-01-11 04:53 TheToaphster: holup lemme finish the whole double thing first
2018-01-11 04:53 TheToaphster: s;al kjgskl;ga jasfdklgdfhjaklgdadf hdf
2018-01-11 04:53 TheToaphster: u make me do so much work for fuckin hitsounds smh
2018-01-11 04:53 TheToaphster: hitsounds r bad
2018-01-11 04:53 TheToaphster: xd
2018-01-11 04:53 Kamikaze: do you want your shit dq'ed the first day??
2018-01-11 04:53 Kamikaze: no u DON'T???
2018-01-11 04:53 Kamikaze: ?!?!?!?
2018-01-11 04:53 TheToaphster: lmao
2018-01-11 04:53 Kamikaze: dw almost done with the mod on this diff
2018-01-11 04:54 TheToaphster: hitsounds are a myth made up by peppy to make mappers want to fucking kill themselves
2018-01-11 04:54 Kamikaze: 02:51:624 - 02:51:791 - 1/4 missing intentionally? can't remember
2018-01-11 04:54 Kamikaze: nibba I made hitsounds for my map in about 1 hour
2018-01-11 04:54 Kamikaze: and it's good
2018-01-11 04:54 TheToaphster: yeah but no one from stepmania likes hitsounds smh
2018-01-11 04:55 TheToaphster: anyways i am meming but i still dont like hitsounds
2018-01-11 04:55 Kamikaze: yeah same
2018-01-11 04:55 Kamikaze: tbh
2018-01-11 04:56 Kamikaze: for all I care all hitsounds could be assist tick from sm
2018-01-11 04:56 Kamikaze: I just need to hear something for timing and I don't like hearing keyboard
2018-01-11 04:56 TheToaphster: keyboard is perf for me tbh :ok_hand:
2018-01-11 04:56 Kamikaze: if the 1/4 suggestion gets added btw add in all spots in the outro, it sounds right
2018-01-11 04:56 Kamikaze: all for the diff
2018-01-11 04:57 Kamikaze: lemme know when you're done with all and updated, I'll redl then
2018-01-11 04:57 Kamikaze: watching ow with julie for a moment now
2018-01-11 04:57 TheToaphster: niga im still working on hitsounds its gonna be a hot second
2018-01-11 04:57 Kamikaze: that's why I said take your time imma brb
2018-01-11 04:57 Kamikaze: :^)
2018-01-11 04:57 TheToaphster: lmao
2018-01-11 05:03 TheToaphster: minijack is denied btw fuck that
2018-01-11 05:03 Kamikaze: fair
2018-01-11 05:03 TheToaphster: also what kind of sound should go in the teleport inverse section fucker
2018-01-11 05:03 TheToaphster: besides the claps ofc
2018-01-11 05:05 TheToaphster: because really all i have to do is add the claps there and then put in the wav file for whatever the drumnormal should be
2018-01-11 05:05 Kamikaze: yeah well just claps are aite
2018-01-11 05:06 TheToaphster: god these sections are always twice as long as i expect them to be
2018-01-11 05:06 TheToaphster: jes jisahg
2018-01-11 05:06 Kamikaze: lmfao
2018-01-11 05:09 TheToaphster: ok i think hitsounds have been fixed
2018-01-11 05:09 TheToaphster: gonna look at the actual mod stuff and then ill upload quick
2018-01-11 05:10 Kamikaze: okay
2018-01-11 05:10 TheToaphster: wait what sound are the 1/4s you are suggesting mapped to
2018-01-11 05:10 Kamikaze: hihats
2018-01-11 05:10 Kamikaze: thingy
2018-01-11 05:10 TheToaphster: hihats?
2018-01-11 05:11 TheToaphster: ok im gonna reject that if its the sound i think it is
2018-01-11 05:11 TheToaphster: because that would legitimately fuck the entire ending
2018-01-11 05:11 Kamikaze: lmao
2018-01-11 05:11 TheToaphster: because of the SVs
2018-01-11 05:11 Kamikaze: aite
2018-01-11 05:12 TheToaphster: updated
2018-01-11 05:12 Kamikaze: I mean yeah it would fuck it up with SVs but the rhythm is pretty weird otherwise
2018-01-11 05:12 Kamikaze: imo
2018-01-11 05:12 Kamikaze: idk
2018-01-11 05:13 TheToaphster: the thing with that is that I'd rather keep the same motif of SV i had for the initial portion of it and adding those in would probably mess it up a bit
2018-01-11 05:13 Kamikaze: yeah I can understand that
2018-01-11 05:13 Kamikaze: oh btw
2018-01-11 05:13 Kamikaze: I just noticed
2018-01-11 05:13 Kamikaze: your mp3 quality is worse than the ranked std set
2018-01-11 05:13 Kamikaze: and my 1k
2018-01-11 05:13 Kamikaze: how come lol
2018-01-11 05:13 TheToaphster: i swear i stole the mp3 from the standard set
2018-01-11 05:13 TheToaphster: and i have no idea
2018-01-11 05:13 Kamikaze: you have previews in the same point
2018-01-11 05:13 Kamikaze: so you can clearly hear it
2018-01-11 05:13 Kamikaze: do you have the std set?
2018-01-11 05:14 TheToaphster: yeah
2018-01-11 05:14 Kamikaze: switch between them a couple of times
2018-01-11 05:14 TheToaphster: thats the reason i mapped the song lmao
2018-01-11 05:14 Kamikaze: and hear the diffrence
2018-01-11 05:14 TheToaphster: no yeah i can hear it
2018-01-11 05:14 Kamikaze: lmao
2018-01-11 05:14 TheToaphster: its not a lot but its noticeable
2018-01-11 05:14 Kamikaze: yeah
2018-01-11 05:14 Kamikaze: might wanna fix that up
2018-01-11 05:15 TheToaphster: ah fuck thats a lot of stuff to do if i want to just snag the standard set's mp3 because the offsets are different
2018-01-11 05:15 TheToaphster: which means id have to move every single SV, which my computer is fucking garbage at doing that
2018-01-11 05:15 Kamikaze: ctrl+a move by selected offset
2018-01-11 05:16 TheToaphster: yes im aware
2018-01-11 05:16 TheToaphster: like i said
2018-01-11 05:16 TheToaphster: my computer is garbage at that
2018-01-11 05:16 Kamikaze: if you'd have trouble with doing that then I can do it just send me the osz with the new mp3
2018-01-11 05:16 Kamikaze: I can do it lol
2018-01-11 05:16 TheToaphster: my game will freeze for like 30 seconds to a minute and a half just trying to highlight em all lmao
2018-01-11 05:16 TheToaphster: and alright hold on a sec
2018-01-11 05:17 Kamikaze: yea I can o that in like 10 seconds
2018-01-11 05:17 Kamikaze: gimme the new offset and I'll send you the timing code on discord
2018-01-11 05:18 TheToaphster: alright im getting the .osu for the newly imported mp3
2018-01-11 05:18 Kamikaze: aite
2018-01-11 05:18 TheToaphster: wait i would need to do this for all 5 diffs right
2018-01-11 05:18 Kamikaze: yeah
2018-01-11 05:19 Kamikaze: but lowest diffs are one line
2018-01-11 05:19 TheToaphster: well only the bottom diff
2018-01-11 05:19 TheToaphster: the other four have a bunch
2018-01-11 05:19 Kamikaze: still, prob less than extreme
2018-01-11 05:20 TheToaphster: well yeah ill send you the top 3 since those are easily going to attempt a homicide against my computer
2018-01-11 05:20 TheToaphster: the other two i can likely handle
2018-01-11 05:20 Kamikaze: aite
2018-01-11 05:31 Kamikaze: welcome to osu
2018-01-11 05:31 Kamikaze: accidentally went off osu for a moment
2018-01-11 05:31 TheToaphster: wilkommen ins osu
2018-01-11 05:31 Kamikaze: witaj w osu
2018-01-11 05:31 TheToaphster: how 2 say in polish
2018-01-11 05:31 TheToaphster: waow
2018-01-11 05:32 Kamikaze: btw update the description, bold out that people need to redl for new mp3
2018-01-11 05:32 TheToaphster: o yea will do real quick
2018-01-11 05:34 TheToaphster: ok done
2018-01-11 05:34 TheToaphster: will probably re-word that later but w/e
2018-01-11 05:34 Kamikaze: okay
2018-01-11 05:36 Kamikaze: ok extreme diff is done
2018-01-11 05:36 Kamikaze: for sure
2018-01-11 05:36 TheToaphster: nicu
2018-01-11 05:36 Kamikaze: are you sure that all hitsounds are consistent between difficulties?
2018-01-11 05:36 Kamikaze: sampolewise
2018-01-11 05:36 TheToaphster: yes?
2018-01-11 05:36 TheToaphster: i think so?
2018-01-11 05:37 TheToaphster: i used each of them as a guide for the others
2018-01-11 05:37 TheToaphster: so
2018-01-11 05:37 TheToaphster: they should be
2018-01-11 05:37 Kamikaze: but I mean with the changes made toay
2018-01-11 05:37 Kamikaze: today
2018-01-11 05:37 TheToaphster: i probably have to edit the LN section at the end though because there aren't claps in it
2018-01-11 05:37 TheToaphster: everything else should be fine though
2018-01-11 05:37 Kamikaze: aite, do that then
2018-01-11 05:37 Kamikaze: (I honestly don't wanna recheck the hitsounds lmao)
2018-01-11 05:38 TheToaphster: yeah other than the LN section everything should be fine regarding hs
2018-01-11 05:39 TheToaphster: especially the whole double hs thing
2018-01-11 05:39 TheToaphster: which i meticulously looked into for the bottom 4 diffs
2018-01-11 05:39 Kamikaze: alright, sweet
2018-01-11 05:39 TheToaphster: just didn't get around to the top one for some reason
2018-01-11 05:39 Kamikaze: I'll check the hitsound files and lower diffs in a moment
2018-01-11 05:42 TheToaphster: insane hitsounds fixed
2018-01-11 05:42 Kamikaze: one file replacement, normal-hitnormal had a lot of empty space at the back
2018-01-11 05:43 Kamikaze: will send on discord in a sec
2018-01-11 05:43 TheToaphster: mmk will do
2018-01-11 05:43 TheToaphster: advanced hitsounds fixed
2018-01-11 05:44 TheToaphster: replaced
2018-01-11 05:44 TheToaphster: workin on hard and then easy and then ln hitsounds will be handles
2018-01-11 05:44 TheToaphster: handled*
2018-01-11 05:44 Kamikaze: see, ranking is hard my ue
2018-01-11 05:44 Kamikaze: dude*
2018-01-11 05:45 TheToaphster: Hard fixed
2018-01-11 05:46 TheToaphster: and normal is now fixed
2018-01-11 05:46 TheToaphster: updating
2018-01-11 05:47 Kamikaze: okay, now checking normal and har together
2018-01-11 05:47 TheToaphster: mmk
2018-01-11 05:47 Kamikaze: spread and layering wise
2018-01-11 05:48 Kamikaze: 00:53:341 - are you sure about he split jumptrill on hard?
2018-01-11 05:48 Kamikaze: maybe just make a standard one
2018-01-11 05:48 TheToaphster: yeah u right
2018-01-11 05:48 TheToaphster: was looking at normal at first and was like
2018-01-11 05:49 TheToaphster: that is not a split jumptrill nor is it fast enough to be too difficult and got confused
2018-01-11 05:49 TheToaphster: btw switching 00:53:841 (53841|2) - to column 2 to avoid the minijack right there
2018-01-11 05:49 TheToaphster: and obviously moving the note after it to column three
2018-01-11 05:49 Kamikaze: coolio
2018-01-11 05:51 Kamikaze: 02:07:675 - I think two jumps woul be okay here in normal but 34 12/ 12 34
2018-01-11 05:51 Kamikaze: 02:13:341 - 2 notes in normal and 1 in hard
2018-01-11 05:51 Kamikaze: delete from normal?
2018-01-11 05:52 TheToaphster: mmk
2018-01-11 05:52 Kamikaze: 02:16:008 (136008|3) - idk about that note, the sound is diffrent, might wanna emphasize on that
2018-01-11 05:52 TheToaphster: how would i do that
2018-01-11 05:52 TheToaphster: for are you just talking about hard
2018-01-11 05:52 Kamikaze: delete the note
2018-01-11 05:52 Kamikaze: lol
2018-01-11 05:53 TheToaphster: o ok then
2018-01-11 05:53 TheToaphster: that works
2018-01-11 05:53 TheToaphster: lmao
2018-01-11 05:53 Kamikaze: lmao
2018-01-11 05:53 Kamikaze: 02:18:341 (138341|0,138508|1,138675|3,138675|2,138841|0) - in normal, I think I'd prefer single notes here in like 4132 pattern
2018-01-11 05:53 Kamikaze: so almost same as hard
2018-01-11 05:53 Kamikaze: but no jump
2018-01-11 05:53 Kamikaze: s
2018-01-11 05:53 TheToaphster: yeye
2018-01-11 05:53 TheToaphster: done
2018-01-11 05:54 Kamikaze: ok
2018-01-11 05:54 Kamikaze: I think
2018-01-11 05:54 Kamikaze: that's all
2018-01-11 05:55 TheToaphster: o
2018-01-11 05:55 Kamikaze: update and I'll redl
2018-01-11 05:55 Kamikaze: to do last checks
2018-01-11 05:55 TheToaphster: updated
2018-01-11 05:57 Kamikaze: alright
2018-01-11 05:57 Kamikaze: all should be goo
2018-01-11 05:57 Kamikaze: d
2018-01-11 05:57 Kamikaze: time to get the irc log and post
2018-01-11 05:57 TheToaphster: ayyyyyyyyyy
2018-01-11 05:57 TheToaphster: awwww yeaaa

With that being said, all the issues I had have been resolved, so it's time to go!

20:00 TheToaphster: oh
20:00 TheToaphster: my
20:00 TheToaphster: fucking
20:00 TheToaphster: god
20:00 juankristal: well shit
20:00 juankristal: those 100s at the end
20:00 juankristal: that was interestnig
20:01 TheToaphster: i just didnt want to release late
20:01 juankristal: lmao
20:01 juankristal: shall we perthed again then?
20:02 TheToaphster: plus my skin makes it hard to see where those finish when its that slow
20:02 TheToaphster: anyways hello
20:02 TheToaphster: yeeee
20:02 juankristal: actually oops
20:02 juankristal: i picked your diff for a tourney
20:02 juankristal: LOL
20:02 juankristal: so they will have to face changes on advanced
20:02 juankristal: :D
20:02 TheToaphster: g jkadfsghljiasderhl
20:02 TheToaphster: lmao
20:02 juankristal: lemme redownload and we go
20:02 TheToaphster: as gih;jeryhaui;g
20:02 TheToaphster: anyways
20:02 juankristal: nnever
20:02 juankristal: smh why is hard green and normal yellow
20:03 juankristal: anyways
20:03 juankristal: lets go fast boi
20:03 juankristal: i hope stuff is fine
20:03 TheToaphster: because yellow is always easier than green smh
20:03 TheToaphster: it should be
20:03 juankristal: yellow is like harder in general
20:03 juankristal: like smh you play wow
20:03 juankristal: mosters that are ez are green levela
20:03 juankristal: and yellow is like average
20:03 juankristal: orange is ded ded
20:03 juankristal: red is fuck off
20:03 juankristal: and skull is omawea mo
20:04 TheToaphster: nah fam yellow just gives off a happier vibe to me mango
20:04 juankristal: :thinking:
20:04 TheToaphster: which makes it easier than green
20:04 juankristal: okey thats it
20:04 juankristal: gratz
20:04 TheToaphster: anyways
20:04 TheToaphster: if you didnt see
20:04 *juankristal is editing [ Hitori Tori - perthed again (yambabom remix) [Normal]]
20:04 juankristal: mhm?
20:04 TheToaphster: the irc mod by kami
20:04 TheToaphster: like 2 or 3 hours were spent on hitsounds
20:04 TheToaphster: so i sure hope theyre fine lmao
20:05 juankristal: thats amazing
20:05 juankristal: because I hate hitsounds
20:05 juankristal: and I hate checking them
20:05 juankristal: so I usually not do it
20:06 juankristal: only thing I think I have to say about NM
20:06 juankristal: is that 00:43:008 (43008|2,43008|3) - that double bugs me a bit
20:06 juankristal: because no double here 00:53:675 (53675|0) -
20:06 juankristal: but the last one makes sense because
20:06 juankristal: 1/2 afterwards
20:07 juankristal: so up to you if that makes sense and you might want to remove the first double, its fine anyways
20:07 TheToaphster: yeah i think there was initially a double on 53
20:07 TheToaphster: but kami said that i shouldny have it because 1/2
20:07 juankristal: yeah it was a different pattern too
20:07 juankristal: I remember poking that thing out as well
20:07 juankristal: i think its fine as it is but maybe you also find that first double weird and want to delete it
20:07 juankristal: in any case its nbd
20:07 TheToaphster: i could probs get rid of the first double since there isnt really a crash or snare or anything
20:07 juankristal: ye
20:07 juankristal: but there is a
20:07 juankristal: h i t s o u n d
20:08 TheToaphster: yes i k n o w
20:08 TheToaphster: what do i dooooooooooooooooo
20:08 TheToaphster: should i just put both hitsounds on the one or get rid of the clap entirely
20:08 juankristal: :thinking:
20:08 juankristal: lemme see if i see anything else
20:09 TheToaphster: ok actually ima just get rid of the clap
20:09 TheToaphster: doesnt really sound right anyways
20:09 juankristal: gottem
20:09 juankristal: :^)
20:09 TheToaphster: also what tourney did you use advanced in?
20:09 TheToaphster: the aus tournaey?
20:09 juankristal: aus/nz
20:09 juankristal: ye
20:09 TheToaphster: tourney*
20:09 juankristal: otherwise I wouldnt tell you
20:09 TheToaphster: ah
20:09 juankristal: LMAO
20:09 juankristal: *lol
20:09 TheToaphster: yeye i feel
20:09 juankristal: thats my only thing for NM
20:09 juankristal: the rest seems fine
20:10 TheToaphster: sicknasty
20:10 juankristal: other than yellow
20:10 juankristal: :angry:
20:10 TheToaphster: hah fuk u
20:10 TheToaphster: although hmmm
20:10 TheToaphster: now that i look at it
20:10 TheToaphster: i might change
20:10 juankristal: :o
20:10 TheToaphster: yeah i probs will
20:10 TheToaphster: it doesnt flow into blue quite as well
20:10 TheToaphster: but its probs better anyways
20:11 juankristal: blue + yellow best colors
20:11 juankristal: always
20:11 TheToaphster: alright fixed
20:13 *juankristal is editing [ Hitori Tori - perthed again (yambabom remix) [Hard]]
20:13 juankristal: 01:21:841 - divide the LN here?
20:14 TheToaphster: i think its safe to stay, even though the pitch change is a bit more than the others, since i kept the synths connected when it was only a pitch change before
20:14 juankristal: mmh
20:15 TheToaphster: hey do u have a link to like a forum post or anything for the aus tourney
20:15 TheToaphster: or does that not exist
20:15 juankristal: t/672369
20:15 TheToaphster: sicknasty thanks
20:16 juankristal: 02:01:508 (121508|3,121675|2,121675|1) - would likely do a 3-12 on this
20:16 juankristal: so basically moving it to the left
20:16 juankristal: I think the vocal sort of change there on the red tick
20:16 TheToaphster: sure
20:16 juankristal: so it makes sense to like change the column anchor
20:16 juankristal: also balances the left hand a bit
20:16 juankristal: plus it avoids doubles repetition
20:17 juankristal: tho it creates one afterwards but fuck it
20:17 juankristal: :3
20:17 TheToaphster: ye sounds fine
20:17 juankristal: i find the bells so fucking high in volume
20:17 juankristal: holy
20:18 juankristal: compared to the rest at least
20:18 juankristal: same with hitnormals
20:18 TheToaphster: how are the hitnormals at all loud
20:18 TheToaphster: theyre the quietest hitsound i used lmao
20:19 juankristal: the drum hitnormals
20:19 juankristal: like from 02:08:341 - here everything looks super high
20:19 juankristal: in the previous diff too but ew my ears
20:19 juankristal: fuck hitsounds tbh
20:20 juankristal: its fine probably its just me
20:20 TheToaphster: so do you want me to just lower the hitsound volume from0 02:28:008 (148008|2) - to 02:28:008 (148008|2) -
20:20 TheToaphster: to 02:51:008 -
20:20 TheToaphster: sorry
20:20 juankristal: nah
20:20 juankristal: I am just paranoid I think
20:20 juankristal: because I am using 100/100
20:20 TheToaphster: mmmmk
20:20 juankristal: if prot sees this
20:21 juankristal: i will be in problems
20:21 juankristal: :^)
20:21 TheToaphster: lmao
20:21 juankristal: but she will fix the hitsounds if they are an issue which I hope they arent
20:21 TheToaphster: shhhhhhh
20:21 TheToaphster: i dont think they
20:21 TheToaphster: are
20:21 juankristal: thats pmuch it for the hard too
20:21 TheToaphster: or at least i would hope not
20:21 TheToaphster: ayyyy
20:21 juankristal: tbh there isnt anything wrong with the lower diffs imo
20:21 juankristal: or at all on the whole set tbh
20:21 TheToaphster: lmao
20:22 TheToaphster: bless mods and remapping entire sections tbh
20:24 *juankristal is editing [ Hitori Tori - perthed again (yambabom remix) [Advanced]]
20:24 juankristal: 01:00:508 - missing a double?
20:24 juankristal: 01:00:841 (60841|2,61008|0) - same
20:25 TheToaphster: yes
20:25 TheToaphster: fixed
20:25 juankristal: owob
20:25 TheToaphster: am good at mapping promise
20:25 juankristal: hey took me a while to figure out what were those doubles following
20:25 TheToaphster: lmao
20:26 juankristal: 01:02:175 (62175|2) - is that whistle intentionall
20:27 TheToaphster: not intentional
20:27 TheToaphster: fixed
20:28 juankristal: 02:29:258 (149258|3) - :thinking:
20:28 TheToaphster: ok that was to follow the clap
20:28 juankristal: I would have done just doubles on the LNs
20:29 TheToaphster: i can change it if its bad
20:29 juankristal: yeah I see what you did
20:29 TheToaphster: will change
20:29 juankristal: if you want to do it that way
20:29 juankristal: you would probably need both LNs to be on the same hand
20:29 juankristal: so it works like a trill
20:29 juankristal: easier to read and whatnot
20:29 juankristal: if not just doubles on the LNs and boom
20:30 TheToaphster: yeah ill just do the doubles
20:30 juankristal: aright
20:30 juankristal: and before moving on
20:30 juankristal: i had one question here
20:31 juankristal: 01:05:175 (65175|0,65175|1) - what are this doubles following
20:31 juankristal: like during this whole section
20:31 TheToaphster: they are like a little crash?
20:31 TheToaphster: if you can call it that?
20:31 juankristal: o
20:31 juankristal: i see
20:31 juankristal: thats like a static
20:32 TheToaphster: like i dont know how to call it
20:32 juankristal: it sounds like static
20:32 juankristal: imo
20:32 TheToaphster: yeah that
20:32 juankristal: 01:10:008 (70008|2,70008|3,70008|1) - also this triple is intentional?
20:32 TheToaphster: i noticed that when i was just looking it over
20:32 TheToaphster: changin back to double
20:32 juankristal: missing double here then 01:18:508 (78508|0) -
20:33 juankristal: and technically here 01:19:841 (79841|3) -
20:33 TheToaphster: mmmk
20:33 TheToaphster: fixed
20:33 TheToaphster: sure
20:33 juankristal: 01:23:341 (83341|2,83841|0) - also triples
20:33 juankristal: i think i got them right
20:33 TheToaphster: fixed
20:34 juankristal: alright thats it for this diff
20:34 TheToaphster: naisu
20:34 juankristal: before moving on let me take a break to go some snack
20:34 juankristal: B)
20:34 juankristal: *get
20:35 TheToaphster: mmmk
20:36 juankristal: alright bck
20:36 juankristal: that was faster than expected
20:36 TheToaphster: welcome back
20:36 juankristal: so insane
20:36 *juankristal is editing [ Hitori Tori - perthed again (yambabom remix) [Insane]]
20:36 TheToaphster: ye
20:37 juankristal: 00:17:841 (17841|2) - would move to 1
20:37 juankristal: right hand is overloaded a bit
20:37 TheToaphster: aight anchor avoided
20:39 juankristal: would probably check the things I mentioned from the previous diff
20:39 juankristal: actually
20:40 juankristal: tho it seems like it has a different emphasys
20:40 juankristal: so maybe not
20:41 TheToaphster: well it has the same sound emphasized i think, but since i wanted to differentiate insane from extreme instead of doing doubles for the sound i made it a minijack anytime the static sound came up
20:41 TheToaphster: so that there is still a difficulty increase from advanced
20:41 juankristal: ye
20:42 juankristal: 01:04:341 - same here?
20:42 juankristal: i mean that idea continues here?
20:42 TheToaphster: it should yeah
20:42 juankristal: if it does
20:42 juankristal: 01:05:008 (65008|3,65175|1) -
20:43 TheToaphster: moved
20:43 juankristal: 01:06:341 (66341|2,66508|0) -
20:43 TheToaphster: fixed
20:43 juankristal: owob
20:45 juankristal: 02:17:591 (137591|3) - :thinking:
20:46 TheToaphster: it makes a sound right there
20:46 TheToaphster: like
20:46 TheToaphster: theres a snare thing
20:46 juankristal: mmh
20:46 juankristal: also unrelated: 02:16:008 (136008|1,136008|0,136008|3) -
20:46 juankristal: this cant be a triple right
20:46 TheToaphster: yeah sure
20:47 juankristal: double at most
20:47 TheToaphster: moved 02:16:008 (136008|1) - to 02:16:175 -
20:47 juankristal: would delete 2 also
20:47 juankristal: or that
20:47 juankristal: workd
20:47 juankristal: d
20:47 juankristal: probably needs a double 02:16:175 - here too then
20:47 TheToaphster: also switched the hitsounds because the clap should still go on 02:16:008 -
20:47 juankristal: wait
20:47 juankristal: did I just asid the same
20:47 TheToaphster: wait no other way around
20:47 TheToaphster: yes
20:48 TheToaphster: is fixed my guy
20:48 juankristal: owob
20:49 juankristal: this song is so cool
20:49 juankristal: tbh
20:49 TheToaphster: thats why i mapped it
20:53 juankristal: oh well
20:53 juankristal: i was trying to do some weird stuff on the LN section
20:53 juankristal: but its probably not worth it
20:53 TheToaphster: naaaaaah i think the ln section is aight how it is
20:53 juankristal: ye
20:54 juankristal: i like it
20:54 juankristal: its just that I wanted it having a bit less LNs to make it more tricky but its tricky anyways
20:54 juankristal: tbh idk
20:54 *juankristal is editing [ Hitori Tori - perthed again (yambabom remix) [Extreme]]
20:54 juankristal: we close boi
20:54 TheToaphster: ayyo
20:54 TheToaphster: 1 difficulty left
20:54 juankristal: brb fuc
21:03 juankristal: alright lets do dis
21:03 juankristal: LEROOOOOOOOOOOOY
21:03 TheToaphster: aight
21:05 juankristal: not sure but perhaps 00:31:841 (31841|1,31925|0,32008|1,32091|0,32175|1) - flip
21:05 juankristal: unless the anchor is intentional or the pattern just looks ugly after the flip lmao
21:05 TheToaphster: suuure
21:05 juankristal: actually no
21:05 juankristal: dont do it
21:05 juankristal: i am dumb
21:05 TheToaphster: i dont think it was fully necessary but its fine if it avoids the anchor
21:06 TheToaphster: o ok
21:06 juankristal: it just creates another on the 1st column
21:06 juankristal: it doesnt make sense to move that around
21:06 TheToaphster: i mean that anchor is visually pleasing anyways
21:06 juankristal: if this 00:31:508 (31508|1) - note could not be anchor thats it
21:06 juankristal: but I think its fine as it is right now
21:06 juankristal: w/e
21:07 TheToaphster: yeah no i had the same idea but making that not an anchor messes with the rest of the pattern
21:07 juankristal: ye
21:10 juankristal: 01:08:841 (68841|0,68841|3) - that should be a single I think?
21:10 TheToaphster: u right
21:11 juankristal: 02:20:258 - missing a ntoe'
21:11 juankristal: or maybe not
21:11 TheToaphster: fixed
21:12 TheToaphster: nah i agree with you
21:12 juankristal: probably same here then 02:22:925 -
21:13 TheToaphster: sure
21:14 juankristal: 02:17:675 (137675|1) - also hitsound should be ded ehre
21:15 TheToaphster: u right
21:15 TheToaphster: fixed
21:18 juankristal: also the ending here
21:18 juankristal: 02:50:008 -
21:18 juankristal: 02:50:175 - shouldnt this double be in 02:50:341 - here?
21:18 TheToaphster: yes
21:18 TheToaphster: fixed
21:19 juankristal: alright update
21:19 TheToaphster: should i put it in pending or does that not matter
21:19 juankristal: shouldnt matter but do it anyways
21:21 TheToaphster: hold on its stuck at 11% gonna reset osu
21:21 juankristal: k
21:22 TheToaphster: ok updated
21:25 juankristal: interesting i just noticed
21:25 juankristal: no kiai on normal?
21:26 TheToaphster: theres no kiai section on any of them
21:26 juankristal: oh
21:26 juankristal: i am blind
21:26 TheToaphster: lmao
21:26 juankristal: i mean
21:26 juankristal: with so much green
21:26 juankristal: what can somebody expect
21:26 juankristal: :V
21:27 TheToaphster: :VVV
21:30 juankristal: well
21:30 juankristal: seems like we are good to go?
21:30 TheToaphster: should be
21:30 *juankristal is playing [ Hitori Tori - perthed again (yambabom remix) [Extreme]] <osu!mania> |4K|
21:34 juankristal: hitting late like a champ
21:34 TheToaphster: lmao

Shima Rin
Tag 'sv' is no need because actually you can not search tag less than 3 words.

You may simply call a QAT to delete this tag for you. It's easy stuff.
Topic Starter
Toaph Daddy
Can't you search in the game client using the tags with stuff less than 3 characters? If so the tag "SV" actually is useful, at least in the game client
Shima Rin

TheToaphster wrote:

Can't you search in the game client using the tags with stuff less than 3 characters? If so the tag "SV" actually is useful, at least in the game client
Yeah you are on the point. Tags within 3 characters are not able to be searched lol.
Topic Starter
Toaph Daddy

Tofu1222 wrote:

TheToaphster wrote:

Can't you search in the game client using the tags with stuff less than 3 characters? If so the tag "SV" actually is useful, at least in the game client
Yeah you are on the point. Tags within 3 characters are not able to be searched lol.
Maybe not on the website, but the tag can definitely be used in-game. Plus other ranked maps have used tags like this, like LeaF - I
I would actually encourage people to use LN/SV/jumpstreams or stuff like that as tags in all honesty. I feel it would make life easier for some people who are just looking for specific content.

juankristal wrote:

I would actually encourage people to use LN/SV/jumpstreams or stuff like that as tags in all honesty. I feel it would make life easier for some people who are just looking for specific content.
While I have little to no clue about mania, I find this idea extremely cool. And it could apply for Taiko/Standard as well if you are looking for a very specific type of map: stream-y, jump-y, etc. etc.

I wouldn't really place then in the tags as their usage is different from what we are trying to achieve, yet maybe create a separate characteristic for it (like "type"?).

Anyway, congrats!

(Also, juan, LNs are gya)
LNs are not gay smh

juankristal wrote:

I would actually encourage people to use LN/SV/jumpstreams or stuff like that as tags in all honesty. I feel it would make life easier for some people who are just looking for specific content.
ya as long as people judge mapping objectively for either player or mapper
SV too lame!!
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