Hitori Tori - perthed again (yambabom remix) [OsuMania]

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Toaph Daddy
This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at 7:21:13 PM

Artist: Hitori Tori
Title: perthed again (yambabom remix)
Tags: SV breakcore
BPM: 180
Filesize: 7724kb
Play Time: 03:12
Difficulties Available:
  1. Advanced - 4Key (3.11 stars, 1655 notes)
  2. Extreme - 4Key (4.25 stars, 2316 notes)
  3. Hard - 4Key (2.22 stars, 1110 notes)
  4. Insane - 4Key (3.57 stars, 1988 notes)
  5. Normal - 4Key (1.82 stars, 772 notes)

Download: Hitori Tori - perthed again (yambabom remix)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
The most fun you'll ever have while playing bad stutter SVs

Featured in the finals mappool of SOFT 2, and too many other tournaments to list here

NOTICE: Redownload if you had the map before 1/10/2018 for the new mp3!

This is really out of my expection!
I think I am really a genius!

4/25/2017 - No changes made to yam ba bom difficulty, new rough difficulty added, diff name will eventually change. second difficulty will be subject to edits soon
6/22/2017 - Added a third difficulty, unfinished at the moment, also will be getting nerfed (mostly the SVs, since they are still mostly the same from the highest diff). No other changes
6/28/2017 - Finished notes, took out all SVs in the lowest difficulty. Took out some and editted some SVs in the second difficulty. Should be ready for mods? Still need to hitsound all three difficulties as of right now (they currently have silent hitsounds).
7/16/2017 - Added more bad hitsounds, a bit more than half way done with the second diff, all diffs should be done soon though, juan
7/16/2017 - Difficulty 1 is now below 2*, Difficulty 2's hitsounds are fully completed
7/19/2017 - All Difficulties are now hitsounded, only thing left to do now is get mods. Are you happy I'm making progress, juan?
7/26/2017 - Applied edits from "booty"'s mod to Difficulty 2
7/27/2017 - Applied my own changes to Difficulty 2's SVs to make them cleaner and slightly easier so as to make the SVs easier to handle than Difficulty 3. Difficult 1 now OD6 HP6, Difficulty 2 is now OD7 HP8, Difficulty 3 is now OD8 HP8. Countdown removed...sorry it took this long lol
8/1/2017 - Applied the edits from Envory and TheNewBungPing's mods
8/10/2017 - Started on Diff 2's SV edits and got some sexy af backgrounds for the lower difficulties (thanks Cursetyl)
8/15/2017 - Made some finishing touches on SVs in Diff 2, still need to rework patterning in the beginning
9/6/2017 - Finally finished Cursetyl's mods for "Blocko plz etc etc etc". Should have his other mods addressed soon
9/21/2017 - Cursetyl's mod is done (Difficulty names subject to change becuase Normal Hard and Insane feel boring)
10/15/2017 - Changed around some of the hitsounds in Insane, hopefully they sound better, will edit the hitsounds in Normal and Hard to match soon
10/15/2017 - Fixed the hitsounds in Hard and Normal, changed some LN patterns toward the end of Normal
10/28/2017 - Applied Kamikaze's first set of mods, waiting on updates
10/30/2017 - Some more fixes from Kami, will likely be creating another difficulty between Easy and Advanced
10/31/2017 - Applied changes to Advanced (Now Insane) and created two slots for new difficulties named Easy and Advanced to be done soon
11/06/2017 - Started work on the new Advanced difficulty, have not touched hitsounds for either Easy or Advanced
12/11/2017 - We're back to doing this, Advanced notes placed, Easy map should be finished soon, only need to hitsound both + SV Advanced
12/12/2017 - Easy notes placed. SVs for advanced still need to be done as well as hitsounds for both new diffs
12/15/2017 - Easy and Advanced hitsounds completed! All that's left is to add the minor SVs to Advanced and we will be ready to go! Update: Advanced SVs almost done now, just gotta get an idea for the main part while keeping it from being too difficult. Update 2: DONE. All difficulties finished, now just waiting on a couple more mods then bn checks
12/16/2017 - Just made some small edits to the SVs in Advanced because I realized some small mistakes I made
12/28/2017 - Small edits to SVs in Insane, wanted to make the beginning slightly less boring. Also fixed Extreme's diff name lol.
1/3/2018 - hitsounds in Easy, Normal, Insane fixed. Working on Advanced and Extreme
1/6/2018 - Applied hitsound changes as suggested by juan (thank god i didn't have to do anything for Extreme phew). Updated map to fit juan's first mod. Updated map to DDMythical's mod
1/10/2018 - IRC mods done by Kamikaze to fix hitsounds and any other glaring problems. Bubbled!
1/16/2018 - IRC mods done by juankristal to make any last minute adjustments necessary. Qualified!
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