Aya Hiroshige - The Shining Road

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Ok double checked on those notes and they are fine, so yeah Bubbled~
Thanks for applying that minor mods to my diff, it's better now.
Ok, go for ranked ~
-That spinner circle goes pretty off center when spinning which doesn't look too good, also it disapears when spinning on test. Is that intended?
-You might want to move the first offset forward on all difficulties so Taiko doesn't have so many notes before it
-Ahhh only 2 standard difficulties :P

Dunskin's Taiko:
-End the kiai time somewhere on the map?

00:35:874 (3) - lower from the HP bar if possible
00:38:062 (4) - goes off the edge of the screen
01:03:062 (2,1) - I am guessing you wont change this anti jump~
01:05:249 (2) - would look nicer if centered between the 2 sldiers
02:34:380 (1) - kind of an odd shape but ok
03:01:697 (1,2,3) - lower from the HP bar
03:33:260 (3) - ^ (especially for sliders)

The maps look good but try and center a few of your patterns more, they don't look good going pretty far into the HP bar etc
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the ki for the taiko is on a fine point and the hp bar hits are minor so I'm really not wanting to change them
and the offset thing shouldn't be a issue but if it really is I guess I could fix that but I'm not really wanting to change the patterns get back to me on the starting offset tho.

Requested Taiko_BG and mod:

Volumen up to 80%. 50% is too low.
04:00:135 - Kiai Time End

Hit circles:
Ai, ai, ai. Seams like we have some big note problems.
Two solutions for that, use more big don's in the kiai time as in the non-kiai time sections.
Or, use more in the non-kiai section, because you forgot some of them.
Here two examples:

01:08:062(58) - big note
02:16:880(55) - big note

Can't say more about it. Overall it's fine.

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kds for the BG but I'm not changing the sound lvls and I really don't mind the taiko how it is now thanks for the BG tho.
-The timing points on taiko should be fine as they are as all the notes before it still follow the timing correctly, and fine the kiai can stay like that if that is how you want it
-Fixed the main offscreen/HP Bar notes, the other minor ones can stay
-Fixed all of the spinner issues (thanks for the help jericho~)

Everything looks good now and only some minor changes so..

Also congrats on 0 pending for the first time in ages :P

Genre wrote:

Video Game
As I know Sonic X is an anime...

lepidopodus wrote:

Genre wrote:

Video Game
As I know Sonic X is an anime...
Oops, I just saw Sonic...and.....yeah....fixed :P
Just mention that the kanji in hit100 is "渴"(means thirst) , not “喝”from ouendan :?
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