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I main Bastion

Shanarun wrote:

Heya ^-^
Type : Collab
Size : 500x500
Text : Blond haired Boy (Left) -> Ezi ; The Girl ->Shanarun ; Other Guy -> Wollekan
Image :
Border : /
Extra : If possible could you please erase or cut all the writing out? Feel free to edit the image as you think it fits, and please keep it in one picture if possible

Thanks in Advance! c:
Your picture is too small !
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My Waifu Kotori

Yo ! Full rez here -> , sorry now i'm really back !
Heya ^-^

To cancel my other request, here is a new request with a better picture :)
Type : Collab
Size : Dont know which Size would fit, it's your decision, maybe a large complete one, and 3 splitted basic avatars, if it's possible c:
Text : Blond haired Boy (Left) -> Wollekan ; The Girl ->Shanarun ; Annoyed other Guy -> Ezi
Image :
Border : /
Extra : Wollekan's Name Dark Green (but not too dark); Shanarun's Name Light Blue; Ezi's Name Dark Purple (but not too dark) please

Thanks in Advance! c: (again)
@Shanarun please go here to see your request~

Text : Welcome to my userpage
Image : ... x-2016.jpg
Border : Square
Extras : make it cute :)
Je souhaite un logo avec écrit aqua, en minuscule comme dans ce genre : ( c moi qui l'ai fait ya 2 ans rt ) avec une fille en fond :d, de préférence blonde, un peu dans le style du logo ci dessus.
Hi @Mikasuu go there to see your request~
- Mewpix -
Type : Normal / Collab
Size : 500x500
Text : foxii
Image : <3
Border : Square
Extra :
@foxii please go there to see your request!
sorry for the bump+double post combo;; we still take request, dont be shy ask away~
Hello Mina

◾Size: Signature: 650x150
◾Image Source: ... 1920x1080#
◾Text: Who questions my ability ?
◾Border: Whichever you prefer :)
◾Border Type: Normal
◾Animated Text: Y
◾Extra : Thank you, and good luck with your GFX thread!
Parkour :)

Hey~ again :3

- Avatar: Single
- Image link:wanna a special kawai pic which ever you choose just want it with blue effects
- Text: Parkour
- Border Type: Circle with border
- Size: 128x128
hey @Parkour, click here to see your request!
Type : Collab
Size : 128x128
Text : Put Chika as Meep, Honoka as Chai
Image :
Border : Square
Extra : make it moe c: and cheery
if possible add in them holding hands, if not its fine c:

Type: Avatar
Size: 500x500
Text: 500kbps
Image: ... 3972bb.jpg
Border: Square
Extra: I'd mainly like her face to be close-up

Thanks in advance! ;)

hope you like it
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My Waifu Kotori

Sorry i got some exams DD: hope you enjoy it ! i did my best for the hands

My Waifu Kotori wrote:

Sorry i got some exams DD: hope you enjoy it ! i did my best for the hands
owo thanks! do u have a 500x500 version? if not its fine xd
edit: also you flipped the names XD chika is the one to the left and honks is right, should've been clearer sry uwu
if its not too much work for ya could you redo the naming?

Type: signature
Text: Welcome to Hell
Border: No Border
Bonus: Up to you ^-^
I main Bastion

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