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beeboy had his scum partner voting him, town didnt really need me...
I should probably dissapear, again
at least im happy i read Frosty correctly for once.
Frosty deserves a formal apology from me

this game was so horrible :cry:

gg scum

rEdo wrote:

You guys suck. beeboy was literally screaming scum :(

Nice scum play from B1rd, I figured out you were mimicking what strong townreads were saying pretending you do the scumhunt too. I loved the D3 1v1 you had with your scumpartner, wp.

rEdo wrote:

God I won't trust town anymore, I was convinced that a beeboy lynch will happen if I let Jess flip town, but apparently Sakura got manipulated af and that snowballed too hard :p
I was trying to tell them but they wouldn't listen :(

Thanks, it was good playing with you. Seems I was right in thinking I should take you out early http://puu.sh/utd8y/32df616df8.PNG and seems I managed to correctly guess you had a PR :D

Well I'd like to attribute this victory to some mastermind plan. But seems town dug their own grave with Sakura completely failing with her reads, Hika pre-hammering for reasons yet unkown, and none of the other town players being strong enough to scumhunt effectively. I was thinking the game would end up 3 player LyLo.

B1rd wrote:

But seems town dug their own grave with Sakura completely failing with her reads
But yeah you're right.
It was 100% my fault.
Hm I read Sakura and Hika correctly, guess I didn't go into beeboy proper
Still not sure of abraker's meta, I should have trusted my gut read on him Day1 after his initial list posts. B1rd manipulated my read on him :)

Sorry I got busy in the last few days. I would have liked a no lynch simply because there were no unanimous town reads, so another flip might have helped us. Scum took advantage of the situation it seems like. I also forgot to look into rEdo's reads after he died :(
I know this will happen
But I am too bad to tell about everyone about my thought
I should really learn for it
this was a fun first mafia game
this game was kinda okay

I guess

I hate myself
I told Zexion I would share my strat when I got lynced... I'll be nice and tell him my strategy anyway.

I basically just wanted to be lynched day 3 by Sakura have the day end ASAP (I didn't respond or address a lot of what Sakura said to me on purpose) and have only Sakura benefit from my flip in terms of being scum read. (I literally self voted to claim scum idk how I didn't get lynched for that)
Then I kinda took that too far and Sakura ended up town reading me and I wanted to end the game ASAP to apologize to Sakura and I pushed abraker.

Honestly Sakura town read me out of good faith alone and nothing else so idk how much I think I deserved to win this game.
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