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Frostings wrote:

People were questioning my vote and so I explained it after people already had votes on him for similar reasons that I had
I must have missed something. Who was questioning you?

Frostings wrote:

I was under the impression beeboy was being town read by many
Where did this come from?
It's not my responsibility to read the thread for you. Everyone should do that themselves.
^ sometimes it helps to quote if someone has missed something that you've said, otherwise if you didn't say it then you don't have to worry of it

Anyways I still am sure I didn't say bboy was town
It was one of my main points in my post p/5822470, sometimes you can miss small thing, but you can't of missed that. It just shows that frosty didn't bother to read it properly.

Firstly, I think beeboy is suspicious. The first reason maybe isn't objective but it's been a personal tell of mine that have achieved results in the past: everyone usually jokes at the start, but when someone continues a jokes past its worth, or continues to act not serious, that is an indicator that that person is scum. And that's what he did with the whole 'I'm mason' thing. The other reason is that he pretty much was a fence sitter the whole first day, and the second day he hasn't done much except jump on bandwagons of already suspicious people. This seems like typical scummy behaviour.

So about this day 1 bandwagon analysis, it would seem typical if there was one scum on it, and one scum off of it, since IMO beeboy was a fence sitter for no good reason, and frosting inserted himself for no good reason, I think that the scum team is most likely beeboy + frosting
So to recap my point about beeboy, he hasn't really done much, I mean he's asked a few questions but his posts just seem superficial without any serious conviction for finding scum. Read his ISO and you will see what I mean. He hasn't gotten his hands dirty and he's pretty much stayed in the sidelines.
Considering I have townreads on quite a few people already, that just intensifies my focus on any scummy behaviour on the remaining people. Like, I may make mistakes sometimes, but I'd be extremely surprised if none of my scumreads were scum.
Also, idk maybe a few people have townread beeboy, ok looks like it's case closed then :roll:
somebody say something
Sakura I waited. You never said anything. Why?

No ones saying anything because we are clearly waiting for bboy n Sakura.
Oh thanks for saying that. I neglected to read the last two pages and thought everyone decided they'd rather be a lurker.
Not in a mood to read anything today. Prod dodge. Waiting for tomorrow.
Forget to answer this

Hika wrote:

Jess you literally summarized D2 thus far and didn't even do it properly.

Why wouldnt I want people to think I'm town?!!!!
Isn't that the point of mafia? For us to find the scum and to prove everyone's innocence?!
It just my thought about your action
also sorry for make everyone get headache
Im still on Limited Activity but i found some time so i decided to put a post out, however it ended up being a Wallpost/Case kinda thing.

So i'm currently reading through everything that's going on and the back and forth between Frosty and Hika, Hika pretending to be confused sounds very legit, but then I ask this question, is there any possible proof that she's doing this? Idk where Frosty got that this could be a townslip from Hika, so we need to re-examine the turn of events that led to that confusion.

First of All:
Back in D1 Hika claimed VT unprompted, this has always been one of the most wtf momments that i've been wondering up until my post about the setup on D2, why does she care so much about claiming being VT if she's town that leaves scum with less night targets when PR Hunting, or they could be WIFOM'd by her claim.
Then with the post that caused actual confusion:

Sakura wrote:

Only possible setups atm are 3 and C, if rEdo's telling the truth then we're on C, Hika that claim came out of nowhere.
Was there any doubt those were the 2 possible setups? i even colored them and everything with the tracker flip.
What's important here is that there is no VT on either of those 2, It's something that's been boggling my mind, why would Hika think a VT would counter anything in there. Which is another reason why i thought she was claiming something else other than VT, the only place you see VT is on 1 or B.
Next in the mod's setup post:

Zexion wrote:

After signups and before the game starts, I will choose randomly one of {A,B,C,1,2,3} and that will select which roles will appear, and after that it will be filled with Vanilla Townies and a Mafia Goon until we have a 7 town, 2 scum setup. The assignation of roles will be totallly randomized as well. (Meaning, I don't get to choose anything by myself).
Regardless, the only vanilla role that appears on these 2 in the table itself is Mafia Goon.
In addition, let's look back at one of Hika's posts during D1 when the thing about Masons with bee was going on:

Hika wrote:

Oh my fucking lord I'm stupid this is a matrix 6 setup wtf.
This implies she knows what a matrix 6 setup means and the fact that Masons arent in it. Then this happens: p/5812168
Another thing bothering me about Hika is that back in D1 she said:

Hika wrote:

anyways, why would i sit here and not say anything @sakura. i'm clearly going to express my reads when i do see something out of the ordinary, and i do think the fact that you think I'm literally going to 'wait for a slip' is totally weird
And from there she only got a suppsed very high scumread on Dawn that she didt push too hard (As she says) and a conf town read on rEdo after everyone else was conf towning him for his claim: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Not to mention she said:

Hika wrote:

Sakura you're my townread.
because you voted Jess.
And that read seems to have vanished into thin air ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ while soft defending Jess from abraker back in:

Hika wrote:

Jess isn't scum though. She just plays like that all the time @abraker
Now here's some questions for Hika:

Hika wrote:

This doesn't even work here.
Literally everyone else was pushing him harder than me.
So?, Scum are more likely to not push hard a wagon when the town is doing that job for them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hika wrote:

I didn't know he was town, he was the scummiest person playing at the moment, and he was even playing anti town!
And you didnt push the "scummiest person playing at the momment and being even anti town" hard? i mean Jess is also the scummiest hammer ever and also even playing anti town and you're doing nothing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hika wrote:

Why do you keep looking at me when Jess has given more bs reasons
Why me > Fry me, You're deflecting, and since your supposed defense is that Jess has given more bs reasons why arent YOU looking at her.

Hika wrote:

No matter what you say, me and rEdo are confirmed town. These are MY reads.
So we're midway through D2 and you only got a grand total of 1 town read? and it's even the safest town read?

Hika wrote:

Keep pushing me as not town and I might have to vote you because you'll just suddenly turn to scummy for me :^)
what's with the sudden OMGUS threat? Am I also going to suddenly turn to scummy for you as well? :^)

I think rn the team is Hika/Jess

Now something about bee is that he likes to joke around a lot, plus i've never seen him use his mason fake claim as scum, however i've also never seen him do it in an Open game.
I'll be doing a votecount and deliver prods in a few hours. Sorry for the inconveniences.
I didn't say I had only two reads? I said I was also reading bird town.
And where did I say you were scummy anywhere??? @sakura
also vote me if you think I'm scum then?
You're looking too hard into my posts. Jess isn't cleared, I just can't give her a scumread if she doesn't post anything important because I can point fingers at you guys, who are already saying things and speaking up.
Also my :^) face is clearly a joke. Why the hell would I vote my town read for thinking I'm not town. If they think I'm not town, cool, they think I'm not town and I know my role. And if somehow I end up getting voted, I know who pushes me the hardest and I'd hope my town reads would figure out who scum is.
Also I finally understand a Matrix 6 setup thanks to you!!!
And if you don't believe I was genuinely being stupid then thanks! I take it as a compliment. I thought he filled our roles based off of the chart, obviously but in a different way until your explanation in stupid people terms helped me figure out I can't counter claim anything even though Dawn flipped. Scum wouldn't be smart to fake claim or CC a confirmed town because it would bring them too much attention. I however, am not scum so it didn't even bother me at the slightest. I made a small mistake I reading the setup.

Also, I'm looking through rEdo's reads to see who he's scum reading instead of pointing fingers and thinking hard on a stupid CC.
Also heads up, I'll have a list of reads when I get more posts from bboy.
Ooh look, did anyone notice how Jess has two pages of ISO to read?
Love it.
I would love to call attention to Hika getting focused only on my thinking she was faking confusion about the setup, and proceeding to ignore all the other points and my questions.
I will concede however that i may have misinterpreted her calling her and rEdo conftown as a full reads list, but still she doesnt mention reads anywhere so that's her own fault for me misinterpreting it.

Anyway that's all from me today, i'll be back in full tomorrow.
Totally answered your questions. If you don't like it, sorry... I don't give answers to please you or anyone else, I give answers to rationalize my thinking in the current moment.
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