Full huion 420 active area to wacom CTH 480

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Hi guys, has anyone ever been able to get the exact coordinates of the full area size of Huion 420 (osu tablet) and put it in a Wacom tablet? I upgraded from huion 420 to wacom but I really can't seem to get comfortable with any change I make to the area size on wacom. So I end up using the huion instead of wacom. I hope theres someone that has settings of the full area size for huion 420 on a CTH 480 around here.

I want this area http://puu.sh/pKkdN/f3fb8fe6fd.png (huion).
To be the equivalent on a wacom cth-480

Screen Resolution: 1366x768
Osu! Resolution: 1366x768
top:0 bottom:5945
left:0 right:10590

i hope this helps :D
alternatively to the answer you already recieved you could lay a piece of paper over the huion tablet, mark the 4 corners of your active area, then lay it over the wacom tablet, choose tap input for active area mapping, tap the corners and you're done.
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