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It's my move and my groove, DJ moan Enetro.
When I attack you die back, Decay's only natural.
You contest against the best, you'll be surely depressed.
Cus I'll progress and you opressed, you'll be shown the deep rest.
You'll never wake, so much at stake, never a success
You can't touch my thread, can't be the head, neither can suck less.

I'm the next Einstein, you're an intestine, I'm the mean pro.
You rap like swine, our gap is wide so come at me bro.

Here now sunshine, my words are so fine,
You're high on my rhymes, cus my raps they combine.
They twist and entwine, defy guidelines to shine it's design.

You better bow down before the bright Blitzy

Bruh my diss, I'm joking ok just in case...

Also if you don't know about the intestine you should check out your name Enetro
Also attack, decay, release
DJ Enetro
These raps tho

I ain't bowing down, we are just equals
But if you insist then i'll give you the sequel
The freshman who's a fresh man is here
to put an exotic square stain on your career
I'm the OG DJ, you say "IDK"
because you are just another obstacle to waylay
You can't stand up to this lexical prowess thundering
above you - one word and you go blundering
It's checkmate for you, and your Aussie gang
Blitzfrog? I'd say blitzkrieg with a bang
And you say i'm intestines but that's a corruption
I'm touching your thread because that's my main function
If you wanna beat me, gimme some more vocab
because your dissess are mostly just drab

so ok
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Was that a verse? Or was that just an ugly swine
letting poop flow out of his fat intestines?
I'm an immortal, kiddy
And i'm about to to end your bloodline
So bow down before Blitz
And I'll extend your time.

I would punch you, but I don't hit puny girls
You can't even tell NZ from Aussie, you're a disgrace to the world
You think you've got checkmate? I don't think so
Get yourself a chair mate, cus you're high as f*** bro.

My rap is an emitter of flows
Nothing but excellent.
You're a bitter fourteen year old,
spitting your Enetro-excrement.
I'm the best at doing this,
I'm the real OG.
I'll fight you while I piss,
And I'll beat you see:
Your function is to call quits,
And I'm the MC.
You wanna rap against Blitz?
Start by hitting puberty.

Yo all for raps, no offense, we're friends
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Time to derail this thread
and steal the show.
Time to unleash my rhymes to the world;
Ready? Here we go.

I don't like to fight,
my rhyming style is smoother.
Hardcore rapping is not my highlight,
I rhyme for the world; my rhymes help soothe her.

I think of rhyming as poetry,
better than anything you two can come up with,
I think you two are thinking of rhymes in a hurry,
My rhyming will beat both of you in style, 'cause I have skills like a goldsmith.

"Who won?" Asks Blitzfrog? Well, isn't it clear?
My smooth style is undeniably the winner here.
Topic Starter
My raps are smooth, I make her groove.
I watched her move, and that thing grew.
I tried to stop, but out it popped.
It stayed up top and wouldn't drop.
She sees it now, I quickly bow.
She sends a smile, I'm immobile.
My heart beats hard, I look-lika retard
I'was caught offguard, so I said "Let's trade cards"
She glares at me, oh boy I'm dead.
I blame my stupid little head.
Then she held my hand and gently said
"Let's go in and get to bed."
DJ Enetro
Don't take this diss literally johnmedina999

First things first, let me agree with you
Because raps = poetry, the sweet thing to do
And plus, I'm nice with all the ladies around
But let's drop the bass now, broaden the sound
First things first: "johnmedina999"?
Are you a Muslim or something, going to that holy line
I'm a peacemaker, but not when it comes to raps
But this is just for fun, so I'm closing the gap
Blitzfrog and I can rap just as level as you
You think we're gone but we will come back out of the blue
Call me the amalgamate of kindness and Pitbull: you see,
I got the enthusiasm and feel the music happily

And true I have a crush, I get people with my moves *dabs*
So I don't need to get laid, just put them in the groove *whips*
My verse can be long, so of course let's do this *moonwalks*
And your disses stink, just like a fish dish *does a frontroll*

Aw yea. Can't wait for your guys' next verses
johnmedina won
Topic Starter

Meah wrote:

johnmedina won
Clear winner tbh
Not bad, not bad poetry.
I see you've a bone to pick with me.
Well, I'm all about increasing the entropy
So let me write you a symphony
About you, DJ E.
(I hope you don't take this seriously)

DJ Enetro, is that really your name?
I don't want to fight,
But you really need to step up your game.
I know mine sucks, but not worse than yours,
Enetro? I think you need to end it, bro.

I don't know much about you, you're new.
But I hope we can get along in the future, I really do.

Welcome to OT, the home of shitposting.
Where we spam threads, have fun,
And put Blitzfrog up for roasting.

I hope you'll enjoy your visit or stay,
And whenever you need help,
Just ask me; I'll help you find your way.

(Also thanks Meah, for backing me up,
But it really isn't necessary,
As the winner was clearly me.)

P.S. If you can contribute to finding PLANET//SHAPER samples in my sig, that would be great. No one is participating, and it makes me exasperate.
Topic Starter

johnmedina999 wrote:

Well, I'm all about increasing the entropy
You got me.
You got me good.
DJ Enetro
"Entropy" was the main basis for this username. Your raps are good.

Can anyone check out my rough draft of my beatmap?

Hydra by F-777

p.s. the only difficulty at present is meant to be easy
-Makishima S-
Who are you again? ^

[Taiga] wrote:

Who are you again? ^
what, you don't know the internet sensation DJ Enetro?
DJ Enetro
Lol thanks
Comfy Slippers
hello ot, im
never heard of the swift type

is that a new pokemon game????????
Comfy Slippers

Serraionga wrote:

never heard of the swift type

is that a new pokemon game????????
thank abraker's osuskills sig-thing for this cancer gimmick that ill force from now on
DJ Enetro
I'm furious + psychic
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