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Blitzfrog is the man who posts,
Lots on OT.
He's here to tell you his name, so bow
Down to his feet.
He be dropping verses and flowing
Sick with the beat.
So be prepared to challenge him because,
It ain't a small feat.

He be posting threads,
On beds,
So sick that you're dead.

You see this man,
He's on fire and he's
burning the land.
And ill be rising like a phoenix and,

Ain't seein this comin so rock and roll
Cus the mutual,
Be coming so fellows behold,
The mighty lord,
Respect me and ill, let you follow,
This ain't a troll,
It's a goal,
For you to chase like a dog.(dolg)

Stefan my boy,
You got no choice,
But to lock up this thread.
Because all the people will be
Spamming their heads,
Off their neck.
Cus I rek,
Like heck,
I tore up their neck,
They're like a deck,
Of cards,
Some bark,
Cus half of 'ems dark

So follow my advice,
This will suffice,
As it shows the device,
In my mind,
A super machine,
Running chaotic and mean,
So remember me,
I'll spare thee,
From my clogs,
So quickly blog,
Rap it on vocaroo with this song in the background.
I legit don't get the point of this.
Zheng Jiang

Fizzn wrote:

I legit don't get the point of this.
This post makes more sense than 100% of anything you post
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