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L i n k
I've been playing osu! for about 3 months and I've been able to beat 5 star maps and I'm getting real close to beating 6 star. My rank is around the 200,000's.
Should i just be playing maps that i can beat or challenge myself to beat harder maps?
Try first getting scores to increase your rank and accuracy, by the time if you are good as you said, you will be able to beat them too in a short time.
Sandy Hoey
Im guessing that those 5 star maps are just passes. Looking at your other plays, you should focus on some lower level maps to help you improve faster so that you can beat those maps eventually with good scores. Maybe play something around 4 star or even lower if you cant get A on those. Your acc is pretty low for the maps you are playing now. Whatever difficulty you end up playing, play it until you can get S on them with good consistence. Don't completely stop playing the harder maps though if you think they are fun
Ech times when you think that passing 5 - 6 * map on a C is good with 80% acc... I did the same...
I improved way faster when played my level maps not the hardest one I can pass.

By saying my level I mean maps that I can do 300< combo, these maps increase my rank, and I slowly learn.
If I want to learn not improve rank I play maps that I can do 100< combo. Anything less than that is useless way above my level and I learn nothing.
You're rank 232k, your level is 2*~3*.

[Gaia] wrote:

You're rank 232k, your level is 2*~3*.
Basically this. You don't improve by spamming maps that are too hard or you need tons of tries to FC it. Take it slow, FC some stuff and slowly adapt to a higher difficulty. I'm still playing 4-5* maps while there are tons of #50000s who spam 5* maps over and over again. Guess who is improving faster and having more fun c:
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